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Match 1/8 finals of the 2018 World Championship Belgium-Japan will be held on Monday, July 2 at 21:00 (MSC) at the stadium Rostov-Arena.


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In this game, bookmakers are considered the favorite of Belgium, believing that she will win with a difference of not less than two goals. Roberto Martinez's wards have won all three matches in the group stage - Panama 3-0, Tunis 5: 2 and England with a minimum score of 1-0 with Adnan Januzai's decisive goal. Now they have an excellent chance of reaching the quarterfinals, given that the rival, frankly speaking, is by far not the strongest. By the way, initially it was assumed that Belgium as a winner of its group in the 1/8 finals will play with Poland. However, in Group H, in the first round, two unexpected results were recorded: the Poles lost to Senegal, and Japan won 2: 1 from Colombia. As a result, Poland after two rounds lost the chances of reaching the playoffs, and the Japanese took the second place, ahead of Senegal only in the number of yellow cards. The samurai team went into the playoffs at the Fair Play indicator, rolling the ball in the middle of the field for over four minutes at the end of the meeting with Poland in the third round of the group stage - according to all the canons of fair play. You can understand the team that does so in the account. But Japan lost to Poland 0: 1 and yet did not go ahead, because her such result suited. Many at this point would like to see the face of Japan coach Akira Nishino, if Senegal in a parallel meeting with Colombia still equalized the score in the last seconds of the confrontation. But the Africans could not and with Japan will now play. Experts of the site Bookmakers.rf believe that the Asian team will not be able to compete with Azar and the company and will lose in the best case for it with a difference of two goals.


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For the whole history of performances at the World Championships the Belgian team met six times with the teams from Asia, losing only one match - Saudi Arabia in 1994. In the remaining five fights, she won three times and twice played in a draw. And Japan won only two of the nine matches of the World Championships against the European teams, having drawn three times and lost four times. Each other, Belgium and Japan in the world championship have already played - in 2002 they were in the same group and then their meeting ended in a draw 2: 2. The last match between them took place last year. It was a friendly match, which ended with the score 1: 0 in favor of Belgium - the only goal in that game scored Romel Lukaku.


the victory of Belgium - 1.41, the draw - 4.60, the victory of Japan - 8.74.


Free fixed tips

The victory of Belgium with a handicap (-1.5). In the bookmaker office 1xStart predict the victory of Belgium with a score of 1: 0 or 2: 0 (coefficient 6.00). Bets on winning Belgium with a handicap (-1.5) are accepted with quotation 2.264.

In the coming Monday, residents of Rostov-on-Don will be able to witness one of the matches of the 1/8 finals of the World Championship. On the lawn "Rostov Arena" will come national teams of Belgium against Japan. One of the strongest European teams will face the representative of the Asian region. On the post to this blockbuster is clearly observed superhero with supernatural forces and a tight cognac.

It is not necessary to talk about favorites again, even a person who is not connected with football understands that the nominal owners are obliged to win. This line is clearly traced in quotations from bookmakers. Our experts would already recommend running to the bookmaker's office and betting on the favorite, but the coefficient for this outcome is so insignificant that it will simply be a shame to close people for such a choice.

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"Red Devils" is already on which a major forum come in the rank of one of the favorites. Neither at the previous European Championship, nor at Mundiale, which was held in Brazil Azar and the company never managed to become the first. It seems that under Roberto Martinez the whole hotbed of star players has blossomed. Such a conclusion can be made for the game that the Belgians showed on the qualification and in the group stage.

In the first two rounds, the "devils" cooked in their own cauldron, Panama and Tunisia teams scoring eight goals in two games. In the final third round, our heroes of today met with the national team of England, where the fate of the first line was decided. Despite the chic subtitle, the very content of that action turned out to be scant and only thanks to one goal the team of Martinez celebrated the victory.


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"Samurai" has already held the championship with dignity, few people hoped that the representative of the Asian region will leave the group, Akira Nishino and his wards still leaked into the playoffs. Such a result can already be considered an achievement, especially given the fact that not very wide-eyed guys were weaker than Senegal, but managed to snatch a point in the in-duel duel by playing a 2: 2 draw.

Despite all the skepticism, it is worth noting that the "samurai" managed to give the championship one sensation - in the first round they beat the Colombians. Togada South Americans went to the field are not rested and did not have time to wake up, as they turned out to be in the minority, it also decided the outcome of the confrontation. It seems that the way of the Japanese ended prematurely, because they do not have the resources to resist such a strong opponent. It's like giving a hand hamster against the Hulk.

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"Devils" is stronger than the opponent in everything, we mean only football characteristics. Asians have already adequately presented the nation in the Russian fields and it is possible to prepare with a calm soul for the holiday. In such a situation, a confident victory of the Belgians is expected.

The bet is the victory of Belgium with the odds of -1.0.

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