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Bayern Munich - Werder Bremen

Bayern Munich - Werder Bremen


Group Bayern Munich:

Goalkeepers: Neuer, Ulrayh, Stark

Defenders: kohlrabi, Lam, Bern, Benatiya, Rafinha, Tashcha Kimi

Midfielders: Alonso, Thiago Alcântara, Douglas Costa, Robben, born Vidal, coma, Goetz, Ribery

Forwards: Lewandowski, Mueller Green

Injured: Badstuber

Outside the group (back to training) Martinez Boateng



Bayern is located in a series of 11 consecutive wins against Werder Bremen, which is second all-time Bundesliga table, and next month the two teams will compete for a place in the finals of the German Cup.

Bayern are an absolute favorite in the match and to cover present in great shape veteran Kladuio Pizarro missed the match because of muscle injury. 37-year-old Peruvian is a living legend of both clubs in recent matches his team did not stop marks (five goals in three games).

Werder is the team beaten myunhentsi most - goals 26 times. Only Gladbach has scored more goals (120), goals Bayern from Werder (119). Expected Bayern Werder causing most grief - 48 defeats for the team from Bremen and 189 goals conceded.

"Bremen Town Musicians" are №1 in another ranking against Bayern - they opened the score against this opponent goals 42 times. In nine cases, however, Werder Bremen conceding a defeat.

The last two victories for the visitors came to Munich in 2004 and in 2008 - 3: 1 and 5: 2. The last four clash here but go completely under the dictation of the champions - won with 6: 0, 5: 2, 6: 1 and 4: 1. We believe that the trend will continue.


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