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Torino - Roma 19.08. Free fixed tips



Free fixed tips

Tournament: Italian championship. Serie A. 1st round



On the eve of the new kalchoe draw before the coaching staff of the second-ranked Turin club, the task of qualifying for the Europa League in the 2019/2020 season is set. After all, according to the results of each championship, pomegranates are consistently ranked in the top ten, however, until the sixth-seventh position, there is always a shortage of points.

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So, for example, three months ago, in the previous Serie A draw, the team of one of the most experienced experts of Italian football, Walter Mazzarri, once again took the ninth place, losing six points to the seventh European position of Atalanta.


In thirty-eight games, the grenade won thirteen victories and suffered ten defeats (54 points). And the best players of the club in the season ended were the Serbian playmaker Adem Lyayich (average score - 7.21), as well as the Spanish striker Iago Falke (7.12). Unfortunately, only two football players Torino earned a positive average score above 7.00.

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In the current summer off-season, the Turin club spent 40 million euros to strengthen the composition. New players of the team of Walter Mazzarri were Senegalese striker Milan Mbai Niang (12 million), French midfielder Monaco Swahilo Meite (10 million) and some other players.


However, compared with the closest rival of Torino - the capital Roma is just a drop in the ocean. But, here there is nothing surprising, because "the Roman wolf" from year to year takes part in the Champions League. And so the financial possibilities of the "jallorossi" are on a completely different level.

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For two and a half months of the functioning of the summer transfer market, Roma spent 163 million euros. The most expensive signings of red and yellow were the Czech forward Sampdoria Patrick Schick (37 million), the French defensive midfielder of Seville Stephen Nzonzi (26.7 million) and the Argentine playmaker Paris Saint-Germain Javier Pastore (24.7 million). At the same time, goalkeeper Alison (62.5 million) and central midfielder Raja Nenggolan (38 million) went to other clubs.



Despite the completely different "weight categories", all fights of the current rivals on the home arena of pomegranate were held in a stubborn struggle (1: 1, 1: 1, 3: 1, 0: 1). For example, in the season 2016/2017, the hosts of the "Stadio Olimpico" were stronger. But in the previous championship the victory with the minimal score (0: 1) was celebrated by the "Roman she-wolf". And now the guests are once again called the experts favorite by the new meeting: P1 - 3.40, P2 - 2.05.

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Already at the start of the new season we received another confrontation of pomegranate and red-yellow. And now you can not doubt that the upcoming battle of the teams of Walter Mazzarri and Eusebio Di Francesco will be held in a bitter struggle. Undoubtedly, here our choice is obvious.


Our forecast - both teams will score (yes) for 1.65.


August 19 at 19:00 at the stadium "Olimpico" will match the first round of the Italian Serie A, in which Torino will play with Roma.

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Torino, defeating Genoa last season championship of the Italian Serie A 2: 1, with 54 points finished in the ninth place of the table CA. For the inter-season period, "burgundy" took part in 5 control sparring, of which the players from Turin lost only one game with Liverpool 1: 3. For the current year, the bulls held 10 matches in their field, of which 6 wins, 3 losses and 1 draw. At the 1/32 stage of the Italian Cup, Torino defeated Kazenka 4-0.


Roma fought in the 38th round of last season and beat Sassuolo 1-0, for the last championship, the "wolves" scored 77 points and finished on the 3rd place in the CA table, reaching the group stage of the Champions League. In the summer, the Romans played 2 friendly matches (a victory and a draw) and 3 MCH matches, which ended with 1 victory and 2 losses. On a visit for 2018, players of Rome played in 14 games, in which there were 7 wins, 3 losses and 4 draws.

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In the past season, Roma twice beat Torino 1: 0 and 3: 0. In this season, the "wolves" set themselves the task of fighting for medals, the bulls on their background look more modest, so the Romans have excellent chances to score points in Sunday's game. Bet: Roma does not lose - F2 (0).


Forecast: F2 (0) with a coefficient of 1.57

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In the coming Sunday, the football table will still be covered, Saturday booze smoothly flows the next day. The battle between Torino and Roma is expected within the framework of the first round of the elite Italian championship. The event will be held in Turin at the "Stadio Olimpico", the local audience is ready to fill the stands in order to support the pets in the hard struggle with the favorite.


The Romans seem preferable in this gladiatorial battle, the "wolves" last season went far into the woods, knocking Barcelona out of the Champions League. Now the fans want, at least, the continuation of the banquet. "Bulls" in words also dream to achieve heights, but the season after the season goes no further than sounds. Let's try to understand, but can the owners kill the favorite coefficient?

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After the arrival of Walter Mazzarri in the game team is not very much changed, the Italian specialist was considered a lifebuoy, but no miracle has not yet been committed. Management poured a lot of green into the composition - came Nyang, Rincon, Bremer, Izzo, Maite. Obi, Gomis and Barreku left. The composition is completed well, but for the current Italian teams is the minimum rate.

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Walter Mazzarri can boast of good results in the control matches - a victory over Chapecoense, Nice and defeat from Liverpool. Also it is worth remembering that the "bulls" have already played one official duel in the frames of the Italian Cup against Cosenza. Already by the name of the opponent we can predict that the final score was 4: 0 in favor of our today's heroes. The only solid advantage over the favorite is the home arena.



Romans not so long ago made an excellent transfer - from Seville passed Nzonzi, which was actively interested in Barcelona. "Wolves" in the transfer window lost the main keeper Alisson, who moved to Liverpool, also sailed the long-standing leader Nainggolan. The leadership managed to sign the long-suffering Pastora, Kluivert, Shik, Santon and Defril.

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Composition of future guests only became stronger. "Yellow-red" in summer received an invitation to the International Cup of Champions. In two of the three matches of this event our heroes of today lost. Offenders appear Tottenham and Real Madrid, but managed to beat the Catalan Barcelona itself. "Blue-garnet" released far from the main composition, which affected the final result.


Forecast for this match

Alisson has left, and goals at the gates of the Romans will come. The keeper was the mainstay of the defense's reliability, now we should expect an increase in the throughput of the "wolves." The hosts increased significantly and are ready to give the fight to the favorite.


Experts of the information and analysis site Bukmeker.rf gave a forecast for the match of the 1st round of the Italian championship Torino-Roma, which will be held at the stadium of Olympio (Stadio Olimpico Grande Torino) on Sunday, August 19, starting at 19:00 (MSK).

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In this game bookmakers give preference to the guests, assessing the probability of winning Roma just below 50%. Last season, the capital's club took third place in the championship of Italy, which allowed him to enter the group stage of the Champions League. At the finish of the season, Roma issued a series of seven unbeaten games, winning five of them. In these seven matches, she missed only two goals and five times left her own gate intact. On a visit, Roma won the last three matches with a total score of 5: 0. And she does not lose on the foreign field for 11 consecutive meetings, having won seven wins and four draws. In 7 out of 11 of these matches, including the last four, Roma did not miss.

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Torino in the last season took ninth place, gaining 54 points. In the last two games, he won with the same score 2: 1. In the last three matches, the Bulls did not lose and scored exactly two goals. They lost only two of the previous ten matches, having won five wins and three draws. But at home Torino won only three of the seven previous fights with the same number of defeats and one draw.



Last season Roma won against Torino both matches in the championship of Italy - 1: 0 on the road and 3-0 at home, but lost in the Cup of the country - 1: 2 in his field. In general, in recent years, the Romans had a great advantage over the Turinians in personal meetings. For example, of 17 last official fights against Torino Roma won 12 and suffered only two losses. True, both losses occurred in the last two seasons.

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Forecast for the match Torino - Roma


Analysts of the site Bookmakers.rf believe that Torino's chances in this game are underestimated and he at least will not lose to Rome home match. In this case, you can put on the victory of the home team with a handicap (+0.5). In the bookmaker office 1xStart predict a draw 1: 1 (coefficient 6.50). In second place in popularity, Roma 2: 1 win (coefficient 8.00). The odds for winning Torino with a handicap (+0.5) are accepted with a coefficient of 1.77.

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victory Torino - 3.45, draw - 3.53, victory of Roma - 2.09

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The Roman club in the debut season Di Francesco defended his right to be in the Champions League, but still took a small step back, finishing the season on the third line. In summer, the situation of the past seasons was repeated again - Roma again released several leaders. Hardly anyone thought that the leadership of the wolves would hold Nainggolan or Allison with all their might, and when Palotta at one of the meetings stated directly that the Belgian will go to Inter Milan and Alisson to Real Madrid it became obvious that the vector of development does not change. Palotta later tried to correct the situation (saying it was just a joke and no more), but a couple of weeks later Nainggolan rejoined Spalletti, and Alisson left though not to Real Madrid, but to Liverpool. But the leadership of Roma retained at least Florence, the saga of the extension of the contract which lasted more than one week.

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It is worth acknowledging that the money received was invested in newcomers, among which are the world champion Nzonzi, Pastore, Brian Kristant and Justin Kluvert. But if Nainggolan and Alysson brought the result to Roma here and now, but a number of newcomers were bought explicitly for the future, and expecting from the same 19-year-old Kliuvert the momentary result is at least naive.

Torino also increased (at least by its standards and ambitions) - in the last days of the transfer window, the Mazzarri team got hold of Dzadzu and Soriano, and Armando Izzo was bought from Genoa. And if you consider that the Turin club has kept Belotti, at the base of Torino now can appear the main attack of the Italian team - Belotti-Dzadza. Also worth noting is the acquisition of a young midfielder of Monaco Sualiho Meite.

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Torino in this game will not be able to count on Ansaldi, serving a disqualification as a result of last season. It is also unlikely that Dzadza will appear on the field, which only on Saturday passed medical examination and completed its transfer. Roma's composition is optimal.

Torino is still directed by Walter Mazzarri, whose football seriously depends on the level of understanding of tactics by the players. Mazzarri topped Torino in the course of last season, and during the second round the Turin club was unstable and regularly alternated successful and flawed intervals. A full pre-season will help Torino achieve more automatism, which can affect the result. Roma may need time to rebuild after the departure of Nainggolan and a large number of transfers. The place of the Belgian will be occupied by Pastore, for whom this role in the center of the field is not the most convenient. I think that against Roma, Torino has no bad chances to start the season with a set of points.

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"Bordeaux" in the last draw of Serie A took the ninth place, typing in 54 bouts 54 points and behind the seventh "Atalanta", which got the right to compete in the qualification of the League of Europe, six points.

In the home arena, the bulls earned 30 points out of 54 overall, having won eight wins, six draws and five losing games (all teams from the first eight).

In the off-season, wards Walter Mazzarri conducted five control matches. In four of them, they took the upper hand and did not miss their own goal, and lost only in one game - Liverpool with a score of 1: 3.

"Torino" has already managed to hold one official match this season. In the third round of the selection of the Italian Cup, he defeated the Serie B "Cosenza" - 4: 0.

This Victoria club from Turin extended its unbeaten run in official matches to four games.

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The Romans finished on the third line of the Serie A tournament table last season. In 38 meetings they scored 77 points, but lagged behind the champion by 18 points.

The away games of the last Italian championship took the "wolves" 42 points out of 77 common (12 wins, 6 draws and one defeat).

Eusebio Di Francesco's team played two control games in the offseason, and also took part in the MCC, where she lost two games (Tottenham Hotspur 1: 4 and Real Madrid 1: 2) and won one match (Barcelona - 4: 2).

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In official fights, "Roma" does not lose five matches in a row. The last defeat of the Roman club took place in the semifinals of the Champions League (April 24) from Liverpool - 2: 5.

Last season, the "yellow-red" beat "burgundy" in their field with a score of 1: 0, but before this meeting, "Torino" in home games did not lose to "Roma" for four years in a row.

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Bookmakers in this meeting prefer the guests: the victory of "Roma" - 2.10, the victory of "Torino" - 3.50, and the draw - at 3.60.

The "bulls" experienced mentor and a good composition, but still the Romans now have a class higher, and much more. Most likely, the "wolves" in the starting game of the championship should take three points.

Our forecast is the victory of "Roma"

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