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Shakhtar Donetsk - Dynamo Kiev 21.07 Free fixed tips

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In Odessa at the stadium "Chernomorets" in a duel for the Super Cup of Ukraine Donetsk Shakhtar and Kiev Dynamo will compete. This year the rivals held 3 full-time meetings. In one of these matches the victory was won by the "miners", the remaining two meetings remained for the "Kievites". I wonder who will be stronger in the upcoming game of opponents and win the trophy?


Last season, Shakhtar registered a gold double, having won the Championship and the Cup of Ukraine. In the final cup match, the wards of Paulo Fonseca outplayed Dynamo with a score of 2: 1. It is also worth noting that after leaving the vacation, the team from Donetsk held 5 friendly matches, in which they won 3 wins and painted two world matches.

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Dynamo, in turn, fell behind the "miners" by 2 points and took the 2nd place of the tournament table of the Ukrainian Premier League. During the summer training camp Hachkevich's team played 7 control matches. In these meetings, the "Kievites" won 5 victories and painted 2 world ones.


Bookmakers in the impending confrontation on the side of Shakhtar, although they give on his victory a very high ratio. However, at the training camp teams acted fairly efficiently, so it would be wise to put on goals in both directions.

The next season of the Ukrainian Premier League starts on the next Saturday in Odessa. There, in the Super Cup of Ukraine, two strongest teams of the country compete. In such matches, the Miners win more often, but the people of Kiev will try to break this tradition.

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The current champions and owners of the Cup. Paulo Fonseca will build a new team. Miners conducted several training camps, where they probably played several tactical schemes for the new season.


The same can be said about the Dynamo. Wards Alexander Khatskevich also replenished with several new players. Basically, these are legionnaires from South America. Usually football players from there do not get accustomed to the model of the game of Kiev. But maybe it is the Belarusian mentor who can harmoniously fit Latinos into his tactical schemes?


Donetsk Shakhtar has not been accustomed to winning in finals. Last season, the Miners won only two of the six matches against the Kievites in the Super Cup and the Cup final. And this time they will be the main contenders for winning the trophy.

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On Saturday, connoisseurs of Ukrainian football will be happy, because they are waiting for a super-cup match, in which "Shakhtar" will fight with "Dynamo". We remind you, in the past game year, the Donetsk team took the trophy - 2: 0. Will the Kiev team win back? See the forecast.


"Miners" again won the "gold" of the championship, and in the Champions League looked good. Football players Fonseca actively preparing for the new season, and conducted 5 friendly rounds - 3 wins and two "dry" draws, which indicates a fairly good form of the club.


"White-blue" finished the season second, because they scored only 2 points less. Team Khatskevich so far without any effort, and it is hardly worth waiting for him. The team also on the run - 5 victors and twice divided points, and the total score for this time is 19: 4.

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Forecast for the match "Shakhtar" - "Dynamo", P1. Donetsk club is stronger, and with this there is no point to argue. If the game does not happen anything supernatural, then the victory will get the first team.


The football season begins in Ukraine, on the next Saturday Donetsk Shakhtar at the stadium "Chernomorets" in Odessa will compete with Dynamo Kiev in the match for the country's Super Cup. Bookmakers in this pair on the side of the miners, but also for the Dinamo "omniscient" leave good chances for a positive outcome.


Fonseca remained

Paulo Fonseca remained at the helm of the Donetsk Shakhtar, which is very important. The club sold to Manchester United Fred, as free agents left Srna and Ferreira, until a clear future for Bernard and Azevedo. From purchases: oponik Micon from Corinthians, left midfielder Palmeiras Fernando, center forward Kayode and Moraes. It can not be said that the team at Fonseca will be new, but the restructuring in the camp of "moles" is obvious.


Multiple purchases

Dynamo Kiev also went to the transfer market in Brazil, buying left-back Sidle at Atletico Paranaence and Che Che Chep at Palmeiras. Left the team Antunes, Hacheridi and Moraes, it is not clear what will happen to Mbokani, Rotan and Gusev. In general, there are no big changes for Dynamo, Khatskevich remained at the helm, there is a feeling that the people of Kiev will again concentrate on the fight for second place, after all, even taking into account Shakhtar's losses, the "miners" have better reinforcement, and the backbone of the Donetsk team looks more powerful .

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Kiev Dynamo in local skirmishes can impose on Shakhtar a fight and even win, but when the motivation of the "miners" is at the maximum, there is little chance for the team in the capital. The upcoming fight is the first in the season, the guys missed the big football, they will do everything possible to win. Our free forecast for this meeting:


Donetsk Shakhtar again finished the championship with the "gold" of the ULP, and in the Champions League he showed himself worthily. For the new season, "miners" are already preparing for more than 3 weeks, and managed to spend 5 sparring. It is noteworthy that the players Fonseca never lost - 3 confident wins (10: 3) and 2 zero draws.

But Kiev Dynamo only 2 points behind Shakhtar last season, so that again satisfied with the "silver" ULL. In the new season, the Dynamo players have not yet been reinforced, and it is unlikely that it will be especially. However, now wards Alexander Khatskevich show excellent football - 5 wins and 2 draws (total score was 19: 4) for 7 sparring.

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On the eve of the match, bookmakers are slightly inclined to the side of Shakhtar, as the composition of Dynamo is inferior. However, the current form of Kiev makes you think. Nevertheless, the Brazilians are still more technical, and it is not clear what is the defense of the Dynamo, so I will put on the "miners".


Free forecast for the match Shakhtar Donetsk - Dynamo Kyiv: "Shakhtar's victory in the match". The bookmaker office Pari-Match offers this outcome a coefficient of 1.66.

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On the coming Saturday, a strong wind will blow out around the globe. All this is a consequence of the fact that a new football season will begin in Ukraine on the reporting day. Traditionally, it will be a match for the Super Bowl of Ukraine, in which the Kiev Dynamo against the Donetsk Shakhtar will also traditionally clash. Do not believe it, but we can once again apply the word "traditionally", because similarly with last year the match will be held in Odessa at the stadium "Chernomorets".


Of course, bookmakers on the side of the "miners" who dominate the domestic arena, like Putin in the presidential race. "Omniscents" perfectly realize that in the first official match of the season a miracle can happen, and the Belarusian coach of the Kiev team to turn water into wine. The likelihood of such a thing exists, so let's go on an exciting analytical journey.

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Many teams changed the main coaches this summer, but the Donetsk team managed to keep Paul Fonsec, who built a competitive team. It should be said a couple of words about the transfer policy - Fred left, but his decision is understandable, because he now stands for Manchester United, also left the "mine" Ferreira and Srna, can leave Azevedo and Bernard. Compensate for this loss of blood can only be through a transfer vaccine.


The leadership managed to sign the OPF of Micon from the Brazilian Corinthians, Fernando, Moraes and Kayode. It is noteworthy that Moraes moved from the camp of the worst enemy, and perhaps he will combine important tactical information. As we understand, the Portuguese specialist will again need to rebuild the team, for the losses are very painful. And how to play a replacement is difficult to say, everything will show the time.

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Dynamo Kyiv

"White-blue" also did not stint and sent scouts to the Brazilian transfer market. As a result, the team was enlarged by a left-back from Atletico Paranaense Sidkli, an opener from Palmeiras Che Che. Indeed, the surname of the second can colorfully describe the entire transfer policy of the capital club. The management gave Moraes, perhaps the seated hoshe who will ever realize that selling one of the leaders to the main rival is a bad thing.


There are no global changes in the composition, and therefore Alexander Khatskevich can continue building a dream team. That's only last season in the regular season could not really show the strength, and without strengthening the composition of Kiev again on paper loses the Donetsk club. An important moment can be a victory in the Super Bowl, then the guys such as "Oh, we can win" - and will start winning.

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Forecast for this match

If we talk about single matches, the Kiev team can sometimes impose a fight on the opponent, but for global purposes the capital club loses to the miners for a year now. In such a situation it is difficult to determine the winner, therefore we recommend to hold favorites.


Bet - The Miner will win the Super Bowl.

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On Saturday, the next football season starts in Ukraine. By tradition, the match will begin for the Super Bowl, which will take place in sunny Odessa. At the stadium "Chernomorets" in the battle for the trophy the best teams of the country Donetsk Shakhtar and the capital Dynamo will come together.


The main transfer news for the two irreconcilable clubs was the transfer of Moraesha from Kiev to the camp of "moles", and for free. In Ukrainian football, this Brazilian fully came in 2012 and spent three good seasons in Donetsk Metallurg, after which he moved to the capital. Really a full-fledged player of the basics, he never did, so this fuss is not too clear with his transfer, they say, how could Moraesh go to the enemies? Firstly, he is not a pupil of Dynamo, and secondly, I have no doubt that he will be more interested in working under the leadership of Paul Fonseca.


If separately for Shakhtar, then, it is clear that the main loss was the departure of Fred to Manchester United for almost 60 million euros. The long-term captain of the team Dario Srna left to play in Cagliari, and Facundo Ferreira liked the Portuguese Benfica. They signed the "orange-black" Kayode on a permanent basis, Maicon from Corinthians, and Fernando and Marcos Cipriano are clearly taken for perspective, although Fonseca stated that the progress of these two young players is amazing, and he is ready to give them a game practice.

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"White and blue" finally said goodbye to Vitorin Antunes, who left for Getafe, where he spent the last season on loan. Well, the epic with Zhenya Hacheridi ended, the defender went to PAOK.


The team has been strengthened by two Brazilians, champions of this country for the last two years: Danilo, nicknamed Che Che came from Palmeiras, and Sidclay previously represented Corinthians.


Miner before the start of the season held five control meetings with rivals of good level, in which he won three wins with two draws. Dynamo also did not lose in the summer, however, the opponents of the Kievites were not the strongest.

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In the teams a lot of changes, and this is the opening of the season, so do not expect a productive match. Especially since Shakhtar, in my opinion, will not have enough speed, Tyson will not play on Saturday, he just left the vacation. Dynamo in the trucks obviously studied defensive tactics, Hayskevich's wards had fun only in a duel with the Chinese Tianjin and amateurs from the Austrian Telfs. I think that the Kyivans pay much attention to the defense of their goal and in the meeting for the Super Bowl. Dynamo in recent years is not so badly playing with Shakhtar to be a noticeable underdog in a duel in a neutral field. Also, the people of Kiev are extremely motivated to interrupt the hegemony of the "moles" and win at least one trophy from them. So I try "white-blue" through the bottom, and the most likely outcome is a draw in regular time.

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