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Real Madrid - Atletico 29.09. Free fixed tips



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Real Madrid is unlikely to play with Atlético for the second time as he played with him in the UEFA Super Cup in Estonia, when he lost 2-4, while completely deserving of his four goals conceded, showing extremely weak football in defense, which parties "creamy" many have long been seen. The start of the championship showed that those problems were not accidental and now Real Madrid has six goals conceded for six games, which is not exactly what it needs for the "royal" club. But there were no more such failures, so there is a hope that Real Madrid will not miss this much.


Yes, and Atletico for starting six rounds in the Example scored just eight goals, which is twice as much as in the one mentioned above duel. Defense is already from year to year in the usual rhythm, practically not missing. Better than the Madrid "mattress" now behind plays only Villarreal. So here the game of guests will be in their familiar style, with a greater emphasis on defense and a boring game. And that match in the UEFA Super Cup, it is more the consequence of the first match after the rest and the incomprehensible game of Real in defense, now there will be neither one nor the other.

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Closing the game of La Liga in the seventh round will be a game between the "Real" and "Atletico". The teams crossed at the beginning of the game year, when they were fighting for the UEFA Super Cup, in which the victory went to the matresses - 2: 4. What can we expect in the upcoming game? We'll figure out.


"Creamy" show good performance in general, but in the extreme confrontation they suffered a devastating loss of 3-0 from Sevilla. So far, "Blancos" are the second, after all, it turned out 13 points - 4 wins, world and losing under the total score of 12: 6.

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"Mattresses" spend the season clearly worse, as the team experienced a decline in the very beginning. So far, the players of Semion 11 points and the total score on goals 8: 4. But the team was able to collect their thoughts and win in three rounds in a row.


Forecast for the match "Real" - "Atletico", TB0.5 from the guests. Now the "blancos" went to the "black streak", especially in the game of defense. Most likely, that "Indians" can please with a goal.

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The arrival of Diego Simeone in the club changed the history of Atletico, because it is with the Argentine coach that all the achievements of the team are connected. Atletico gained his style, began to achieve results not only in the domestic arena, but also in European competition. Now many people put "mattresses" on a par with Barcelona and Real in the list of applicants for success in the championship and the Champions League. In the current season, Atletico did not do without losses, taking the third place in the standings after six matches. Atletico is only 2 points behind the leading Barcelona, ​​which is a miser considering the upcoming tournament distance.


Atletico's composition looks powerful and balanced, the club management not only keeps all the team leaders in the lineup, but also regularly works on strengthening the composition. So, in summer Atletico joined his ranks with several experienced and masterful football players - Arias, Rodri, Adan, Lemar, Gelson Martins and Kalinich. Each of the newcomers is able to become an important part of the team from Madrid

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In this match, bookmakers give a slight advantage to Real Madrid, assessing the victory of the "royal club" for 2.20. The success of Atletico is estimated for 3.72, and the draw for the match is 3.34. The chances of winning by the teams are equal, and only the factor of their field inclines quotes in favor of Real. Popular total bets on the effectiveness of the match have the following figures: "total more than 2.5" for 1.91, "total less than 2.5" for 1.99.



Starting in 2015, out of seven home confrontations with Atletico Real Madrid won only two. As you can see, the felling in the Madrid derby is still for us, and the visiting team in this match looks even preferable. The probability and the outcome of the match that will suit both teams in terms of result is great.

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Bet: Victory Atletico or draw (X2) - 1.77.


In the coming Saturday will be a few qualitative fights in the next, already the seventh round of the Spanish regular season. In one of these will converge Real Madrid against Atlético, both teams come from Madrid. The event can be safely called central for the whole day. The battle in the English Premier League between Liverpool and Chelsea can compete.

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The time of collection at the screens is 21:46 Moscow time. It is worthwhile to clarify that the teams have already met this season. Zaruba was held in the framework of the European Super Cup in Tallinn. Teams then decided to please all fans with productive football, but the winner was "mattress". If we talk about the bookmaker line for the reporting match, then the "all-knowing" put the hosts favorites. Let's understand what the guests have to offer.



Among the passing week, our heroes of today dumbfounded the whole football world. Few could predict that in the battle with Seville, "creamy" lose with a score of 3: 0. Everything was decided in the first half. André Silva before the match was eating something motor and by the twenty-first minute was able to draw a double. The final point at the end of the first forty-five minutes was put by Ben Yedder.


Such a result can be considered sensational against the backdrop of the games that Yulen Lopetegi wards have given the day before. "Galaxies" managed to devastate beat Standard, Levante, also suffered Roma and Espanyol. "White" is desirable not to lose points in the near future, since Barcelona has forgiven a couple of punctures from the metropolitan team and does not intend to again show sympathy.

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"Indians" started the season with a victory in the Super Cup, but the results of the team quickly faded. I remember the pockets from Celta, the world with Eibar. In the championship league team Diego Stimeone looked bad in the match against Monaco, but the "mattress" still managed to win with a close score of 2: 1. After the European Cup victory, "red and white" cheered up and finally began to show results.


"Mattresses" after the triumph of Monaco defeated Getafe in enemy territory with a score of 2: 0, followed by the destruction of Huesca. The Indians once again sharpened their bows and learned how to take scalps from their enemies. Simeone still returned the team the old victorious tactics - a quick way out of the defense and a reliable back line.

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Forecast for this match

The "cream" has some problems with the staff - it will not be able to play Isco and Krvajal. "Mattress" in the summer showed that they are not only able to play with their elder brother on an equal footing, but also to win it in point disputes. In such a situation, you can put a bias on the guests.

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Bet - Madrid Atletico will not lose.


The Madrid derby will close the Saturday game evening of the 7th round of the Spanish example. Real Madrid will take on Atletico.


These teams met at the start of the season, when the "mattress" won the UEFA Super Cup - 2: 2 after the main time and 0: 2 in overtime. I wonder what awaits us in the Examples?

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In the new season, Real gives a good result, but there are questions about the team play. Especially they got out on Wednesday, when the wards Lopetegi on the road lost to Seville - 3: 0. But in general, in the framework of the championship "creamy” scored 13 points for 6 rounds - 4 wins, a draw and a defeat, while the total score was 12: 6.


In turn, Atletico performs a little worse, because the team had a very difficult start. As a result, in 6 matches, the wards of Diego Simeone scored 11 points - 3 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss, and the total score was 8: 4. However, now the "mattress" began to move and won the last 3 meetings - 1: 2 with Monaco, 0: 2 with Getafe and 3: 0 with Huesca.

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Bookmakers are more inclined to win Real, but is it reasonable? In fact, the "mattress" is now in great shape and ready to win, but the "cream" has a slight decline. And in the defense the hosts do not shine, so that the guests already score a goal ...


Free match prediction Real Madrid - Atletico Madrid: Atletico scores. Bookmaker William Hill offers a coefficient of 1.4 for such an outcome.

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The central match of La Liga the next Saturday will be a duel between Real Madrid and Atletico. Bookmakers in this pair on the side of "creamy", but you should pay attention to the fact that Atletico after a not very successful start has noticeably recovered, shows a good football, and most importantly, stopped missing goals. In any case, fans of Spanish football are waiting for a real spectacle called the Madrid derby.

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Real Madrid has already managed to lose twice this season. First in the match for the European Super Cup "creamy" in extra time lost to their future rival, Atletico. And in the last round of the La Liga, the "kings" could not do anything with the activity of Sevilla, which in the first 25 minutes of the match twice scored in the gates of Courtois, thereby showing the vulnerability of the team Valverde on the defensive.

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Three wins

And Atletico in the last round of the Spanish championship was stronger than Huesca, La Liga's rookie was crushed with a score 3-0, goals in that match on the account of Grismann, Partey and Koke. Before the victory over Huesca "mattress" on the road confidently dealt with Getafe and defeated in a difficult match of Monaco 2: 1. In the standings of La Liga, Atletico on the third line, losing Barça and Real Madrid is only two points.



Atletico scored the form, the team Simeone again defensively defensively, plays compactly and at maximum uses the speed of their attacking players. Given all this, there is no doubt that the team Lopetega in the upcoming game will be a big problem, Real Madrid is extremely difficult to score three points on Saturday. Our free forecast for this meeting: Victory Atletico with odds +1

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Experts of the informational and analytical site Bookmakers.rf gave a forecast for the match of the 7th round of the championship of Spain Real Madrid - Atletico Madrid, which will be held at the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu stadium on Saturday 29 September, beginning at 21:45 (MSK).



This is the central match of the next day's game in the Spanish La Liga and bookmakers put it on the home team, assessing the likelihood of winning Real Madrid in almost 50%. This week, wards Julien Lopetega suffered a major defeat at a party at Sevilla with a score of 0: 3, conceding only goals before the break. It was their first loss of the season, but the rival of Real Madrid - Barcelona, ​​too, lost, so they continue to share with each other first place, gaining 13 points each. Real Madrid lost only for the second time since early March - during this time he spent 18 matches. And he suffered both defeats at a party at Sevilla. And in his field the Royal Club has not lost since January 13 - then he lost with a minimum score of 0: 1 to Villarreal, after which he won ten victories and twice again tied. In half the meetings, he scored a minimum of four goals.

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Atletico on Tuesday defeated Huescu 3-0 on his home field - before the break, Grismann, Parti and Koke foreshadowed the outcome of the fight, and now divides the third place with Alaves, gaining 11 points - just two less than Real Madrid and Barcelona. Wards Diego Simeone lost only one of the last eight matches. But on a visit they have won only three of the nine previous matches of La Liga, having lost four of them. And only one game on this stretch of Atletico scored more than one goal.



Last season, both matches between these teams in the championship of Spain ended in a draw - 0: 0 on the field of Atletico and 1: 1 on Santiago Bernabeu. Real Madrid won at Atlético just one of the last ten matches in La Liga, having suffered four defeats and five draws. And in his field can not win from him in December 2012 or five games in a row, losing three of them. Will the series be interrupted this week?

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Experts site Bukmeker.rf put on the victory of Real, believing that the effectiveness while it will be below average. In the bookmaker office 1xStart predict a draw 1: 1 (coefficient 6.00). In second place in popularity, the victory of Real 1: 0 (coefficient 7.50). Bets on total less than 2.5 goals are accepted with a coefficient of 1.95.



the victory of Real - 2.08, a draw - 3.41, the victory of Atletico - 3.65.

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