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Rangers - Skopje 12.07 Free soccer tips


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Thursday night in Glasgow will be one of the matches of the 2nd round of the qualification of the League of Europe - the local Rangers will take Macedonian Skopje.

It is clear that these teams have not met before, but this fact certainly will not kill the intrigues ...

William Hill rates:


The victory of the Rangers - 1.08; draw - 12.0; the victory of Skopje - 34.0

The Rangers have already spent 2 seasons in the Scottish High League, but have not yet managed to restore the lost greatness. As a result, "teddy bears" finished the last season only on the 3rd line of the standings. Before the new season in the team there was more change, and the main was the appointment to the post of head coach Steven Gerrard. It is interesting that under his leadership the team last week defeated Bury - 6: 0.


But Skopje last season was only the 4th team of the championship of Macedonia, but still got the right to speak in the qualification of the League of Europe. For the new season Lupko Markowski's wards are not very diligent, well, or it looks so from the outside. In any case, the problems with the defense of the "pirates" were not resolved ...

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Bookmakers are almost sure of the victory of the Rangers, but is it in the first official match Gerrard should expect a rout? Yes, "teddy bears" are more powerful than "pirates", but not so much already. And besides, these are European Cups, and no one will just give victory. That's why I propose to put on the guests, the more bookmakers give them an excellent plus head start!


Free forecast for the match Rangers - Skopje: "Victory Skopje with a handicap +3.5." On this outcome, the bookmaker William Hill offers a coefficient of 1.52.

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In the above mentioned four months, the target audience was not the most interesting European mat. In the framework of the team Ligy Europopy сойдутся Ренджерс срещу Шупи. Korolevskaya was beaten in Scotland, in Gorizo ​​Glasgow, at the Ibrox stadium. Local fanatics are under the dome with absolute confidence that they have witnessed this, how they loved the raster.


Need to make a favorite? Yesterday, I was born with a rebellion, but I did not want to have a home in my home, but also in all kinds of conflicts. Спорить этим фактором бесполезно. Many of the favorites have been featured on the favorites list and have been published on a regular basis, but the equivalent of a similar story is as bad as how Christian Béйл in the film "Machine". Give yourself the most up to date.

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«Плюшевые мишки» в предстои матче готовы трансфорроваться в кровожадного маньяка. Новый сезон коллектив будет начинаь с чувством голода, ибо в прошлом им вновь не удалось схватиться за чемпионский пояс. Tridzato volum turov rebii muchilis, but so do not smogly nastygnuta our Celtic, which is the second of two of us, our Aberdin, who took the silver thanks to the semi-white trem balam.

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The fact, commanding the Steven Gerrard, and the legend of Leverpool, which he did not have, received the medal of the APL. Terenerski talent Sitvu added a proven track record, but at the end of the qualifiers, he offered himself a soprano, which was accepted in laps to dragon. In the seventh season, the command departed from the "dear Above" Matrix of "Ibrox", and in unintended cases the rebels fled victoriously.


She bought

Uge по названию команды posted posthumously, but far away they did not sell. The club sounds like a buddy whispering a little girl saying a bell skupite all the candy in a shop. The rebellions in the past season took on a four-betting streak in the tournament table, which was not good, but the next round, Macedonia's Championship and a sense of disappointment. The rebels have loved a balloon, хотя эти цифры никому не интересны.


It is important that the balloons rejoin the native wall, on their own arena, and that they will be able to walk in the voivodes. On the inland affair, you can see the world - three losers. Вызддный статистика ужасная, главный тренер посмотрев на нее перед отчетным подединком уверняка схватился рукой за голову и начал кричать «АААА». Become a winner of the outsider stupid.

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Prediction of this game

The prostitution of Scotland failed to set up a company in its own nonsense. They do not have the right to work, in the same way they give them a soprano, which is in the ego, which can be done in the same way. Guests of the congress have such a good opportunity to undertake not to enjoy hobby conditions.


Rate - total of 3.5.

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Rangers had two seasons held in the Scottish Highlands, but it did not amount to a wondrous greatness. In the game, he turned on the next season for the 3 rd tournament tables. Interestingly, under the ego commando, the command did not spit on Sunday defeated Beyri - 6: 0.


A vote in Skopje in the seasons of the season was the 4th commandment of the Macedonian Championship, but he was equally entitled to qualify Ligi Europú.

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Bookmakers are practically confident in defeating Rangers, but divorce in the official mattress of Gerarda stoit Yes, Yeah and I have a lot of Europeans, and no one just wakes up like that. It is exactly what she offers and puts on the guest, but I do not know what to say about it!


Free betting forecast for Rangers - Sk. At this time, the bookmaker Bill William Hill offered a quote of 1.52.

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