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Poland - Ireland 11.09. Free fixed tips



Free fixed tips


Poland extremely absurdly held the World Cup 2018, showing its incompetence. Apparently, the players just decided that they already won, and it's not necessary to play. As a result, Adam Navalka left his post, and his place was occupied by Jerzy Bzhenczek. And with the new coach the Poles played a little better, but their problems in the attack are still visible ...


Ireland did not take part in the last mundiale, because in the playoff qualification failed to beat Denmark. After qualification, "guys in green" began to take a little, first of all it concerns the game on the defensive. So, in 2018, Martin O'Neill's wards began to constantly miss (though also stably and score), but before that they missed much less, because all of their game was built from defense

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The national team of Poland took part in the World Championship, but it completely failed. The wards of Adam Navalka took the last place in the group, and as a result the coach left his post. And if during the selection the Poles showed a good game in the attacking manner, then on the munidal they simply did not know what to do. And now they have not come to their senses yet ...


At the same time, the national team of Ireland failed to get to the World Cup, as in the playoff qualification lost to Denmark. After that, the wards of Martin O'Neill bit "moved" and started to let things go. However, in their defense I will note that they themselves began to act more quickly in the attack ...


On the eve of the fight bookmakers are more inclined to win the national team of Poland, although the national team of Ireland can also surprise. In any case, the houses of the Poles pass a little, and the Irlandians in principle, little scoring and missing. So I expect a sufficiently defensive football, which will not bring many goals.

Free fixed tips

Free forecast for the match Poland - Ireland: "Total less than 3". On this outcome the bookmaker William Hill proposes a coefficient of 1.62.


As part of a friendly match, Poland's national team in Wroclaw will face the Irish team next Tuesday. Future rivals a few days ago started in the new UEFA tournament, called the League of Nations, and started several differently. If the Poles can rejoice at the outcome of the Bologna match, the "green" failed their duel, played at the Cardiff Stadium.

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After the World Cup

The World Cup for the Polish national team was unsuccessful, the "white eagles" managed to win only once in three meetings and this duel did not solve anything for future owners. After Mundialya, Poland changed the mentor, now leads the team of Brzeczek, and the first official match for this specialist did not come off, the Poles did not lose to the Bologna team of Italy, that meeting ended in a draw 1: 1.


Failure for failure

But the national team of Ireland failed the starting match of the League of Nations, losing to Welsh team 1: 4 in Cardiff. In that game, the "dragons" were 2-0 in the 18th minute, the only thing that was enough for "green" - a goal of prestige, scored in the 66th minute. Before the official duel, the Irish thrice in 2018 held friendly matches, won only Americans 2: 1 with two defeats from the Turks and the French.

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The national team of Poland did not lose its fighting capacity, this thesis confirmed the match against the Italian team, which ended with a score of 1: 1. For sure, the Poles in front of their fans will be active from the first minutes of the match. Our free forecast for this meeting:

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National teams of Poland and Ireland were offended that they were not invited to walk on the reporting day in the League of Nations and the guys decided to organize and hold a friendly match. The battle will take place in Wroclaw at the stadium "City". Both teams take part in the national league, and to improve the results in it our today's heroes decided to spend extra sparring instead of a well-deserved rest.

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The national teams started in different ways at the tournament from UEFA. The failure of the "green" plays not the least role in the fact that they are clearly outsiders in the reporting match. It is necessary to agree with the bookies, but do not forget that this is a friendly match and unexpected things can happen in it. Let's try to eradicate all the failed results and find the winning bid.



Already how much was said about how colorful the Poles failed the World Championship. Last one match in three group sparring was able to win our today's heroes. "White Eagles" flew in black in the Russian Federation. Such a failure provoked the bosses, and they invited a new coach to the steering wheel, a man with the typical Polish name Břechek came to the bridge of the sinking ship.

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The coach had to debut in the match against another loser of the current times - the Italian team. The battle took place on the territory of the mafia, in Bologna. The visiting tourist was not afraid of authorities and took a 1: 1 draw from the enemy arena. "Psheki" are considered a promising team, and in sparring against not the strongest Britons, the guys have to win.



The "green" failures have become a way of life. You can remember the recent starting match in the League of Nations, which the guys lost to the Wales team with a score of 4: 1. Cardiff massacre began sadly for the Irish - in fact, instantly the guys missed two goals. What happened next can be placed under the 18+ limit. Guys in the 66th minute managed to just score a goal of prestige, which had no weight.


In 2018, the British were not particularly active. You can remember three friendly matches. Of these three comrades, only one survived: the battle against the American turned out to be successful. There were also defeats from France and Turkey. The figures are terrible, it's hard to believe in the situation in which the guests will come to Poland and will be able to defeat the local "eagles".

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Forecast for this match

In the fighting capacity of the "gulls" can not be doubted. The failure on the Russian fields motivated the coaching staff and the players themselves to approach the rivals more responsibly. This time, they will come to the British, who, despite their involvement in the creation of football, they themselves are rarely going to go to it.


Bet is the victory of Poland.


Drawing a draw with Italy, the Brezecka team partially returned the faith of the fans to their national team. Now Poland will have to examine the difficult Ireland. What forecast did the experts prepare?

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Debut of Ezhi Brechek at the coaching post was definitely a success. Poland, which failed the World Cup 2018, had to be rehabilitated for this failure. The Italian team does not belong to the weak teams, but the Poles played against the "Azurra's Squadry" in its arena. In this meeting, a slight advantage was on the side of the hosts, but the "white-red" quite worthy of playing the match, forcing the Italians to recoup. As a result - a duel in Bologna ended with a score of 1: 1. Now Břechek from Poland will hold the first match at his home stadium.


In the national team of Ireland is a completely different situation before this fight. The team has not changed the coach for a long time. Martin O'Neill has been in charge of the Green Army for five years. But Ireland, unlike Poland, the first round of the League of Nations completely failed. Wards O'Neill with a devastating account gave way to Wales - 1: 4. Although nothing foreshadowed such a collapse of the guests.

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Nevertheless, Martin O'Neill retains his post deservedly. Ireland with him, as a rule, is selected for the final parts of major football championships. Even in the qualification for the Russian championship, the Irish took the second place, but lost in the playoffs of Denmark. After that, Ireland played three friendly matches, which lost to Turkey - 0: 1 and France - 0: 2, but defeated the USA - 2: 1.



Poland won only two of the previous six friendly matches.

Ireland can not win on the road for four consecutive games in which the "green army" scored only one goal.

In the internal confrontation between Poland and Ireland, there is no advantage in any of the teams. Teams alternately defeat each other, trying not to lose at home. Poland in the last seven matches with Ireland in his field won four times and three more games brought in a draw.

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After the success in Italy, the Polish team could relax a little in a friendly meeting. If you believe the statistics, as a rule, "white-red" does not attach much importance to success in friendly matches. But now - this is not the case. Břeccek's team deserved compliments after the draw in Bologna, but after a failure in the World Cup any unsuccessful result of Poland, even in a non-status match, will be perceived painfully. Nevertheless, the Irish, after a failure with the Welshmen, certainly will pay much attention to the defense.


Our forecast is less than 2.5 for 1.76

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On Tuesday, the game of the next round of the League of Nations will take place, in which Poland will fight with Ireland. Opponents crossed in 2016, and then the Poles were successful - 2: 1 and 1: 1. Will the Irish get back? See the forecast.


"Red and white" took part in mundiale, but could not leave the group. Moreover, Navalka players finished last, so the helmsman was fired. If you take the selection, the team showed a good game, but at the tournament itself was lost.


"Vikings" did not qualify, because they stumbled from the Danes. After the squad, O'Neill reconsidered her strategy of the game, and now tries to act in a more attacking manner.

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Forecast for the match Poland - Ireland, TM3. The hosts are considered the favorite, but after all, the guests are quite successful. It is best to pay attention to the number of goals, because it is unlikely that the confrontation will be pleased with the results.


Friendly match Poland - Ireland will be held on Tuesday, September 11 at 21:45 (MSK) at the stadium Meiski. In this game, the favorite is Poland, which bookmakers predict the victory with a difference of not less than two goals. At the last World Cup, the Poles took the last place in their far from the most difficult group. Moreover, after two rounds they lost the chances of reaching the playoffs and the victory over Japan in the third match did not change anything for them. Now Poland is preparing for a new major tournament - the European Championship 2020. True, there still need to be selected. One option is to win in his division in the League of Nations. It will be difficult to do this, given that Poland is in the top division. Nevertheless, she finished the first match with a good result, playing a 1: 1 draw against Italy. Poland won only three of the last ten matches with the same number of draws and four defeats. And in four meetings on this segment, she did not score a single goal. In friendly matches she recently won infrequently: only two of the last nine such fights were won by her. True, Poland also rarely lost - only three times in the last 17 matches with seven wins and seven draws. It is noteworthy that in the last three friendly matches of Poland, more than three goals scored, although before that in none of the five previous matches of such a plan were more than two goals scored, and in four cases the performance did not exceed one goal.

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Team Ireland at the World Championships in Russia did not play, and the League of Nations, where she performs in the second division, started with a major defeat from Wales 1: 4. Ireland won just one of the last six games, losing four times. And out of ten previous comradely fights, she lost half, winning only in three cases.

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Poland lost just one of the last eight matches against Ireland, but also won only twice, and in five meetings a draw was fixed. Analysts Site Bukmekers.rf believe that in the upcoming game the winner will be identified and it will be Poland. In this case, everything can be solved by one precise blow.



the victory of Poland - 1.56, the draw - 3.95, the victory of Ireland - 5.89.

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the victory of Poland; total less than 2 goals. In the bookmaker office 1xStavka predict Poland's victory with the score 1: 0 or 2: 0 (coefficients 4.50 and 5.50 respectively). Bets on total less than 2 goals are accepted with a coefficient of 2.40.

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