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New York Red Bulls - Columbus 29.07 Free fixed tips



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Despite the departure of the head coach of the club Jesse March and produced during the season forced personnel castling, red and white continue to gain steadily points. Recall, July 9, Red Bulls on a guest lost in the regional derby of New York City (1: 0).


But then, already under the leadership of Chris Armas, the New Jersey state club scored two home victories over Sporting Kansas City (3-2) and New England Revolution (2: 0). And in the very last guest match with DJ United the only goal scored by Bradley Wright-Phillips in the 2nd minute brought red and white three victory points (0: 1).

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This game was held in the past mid-week, that is, the shadow favorite of the championship race of the Eastern Conference held one of its reserve meetings. And that's why Red Bulls is now much closer to the leading team of Gerardo Martino:


Atlanta 44 (22), New York City - 43 (21), New York Red Bulls - 41 (20), Columbus - 33 (22) ...

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As you can see, today, with lost points, Atlanta occupies only the third position, giving way to New York Red Bulls and second to New York City. And now, in the last weekend in July, rivals of red and white will hold guest fights, while Chris Armas's squad in its Red Bull Arena will host the fourth club of the East Columbus.


In its original status - this is the central match of the day's game. But, in fact, with the beginning of summer, the main club of Ohio has already started a very protracted game crisis. As a result, in the last six matches, black and yellow earned only six points (33%). Here are two home victories over Real Salt Lake (2: 1) and Orlando City (3: 2). But outside of their arena team Gregg Berholtera loses all in a row, including, in the last two games, Los Angeles Galaxy (4: 0) and New York City (2: 0).



In recent years, the club from Ohio has become a very convenient opponent of the owners of the "Red Bull Arena". After all, in the last four matches, the red and white won four consecutive victories (2: 1, 1: 0, 3: 2 and 2: 0). And so the team of Chris Armas was named by the experts as a pronounced favorite of the upcoming meeting: P1 - 1.70, P2 - 5.30.



With all due respect to the team of Gregg Berholter, it is unlikely that she in this match has a chance even for a draw. The rival is very strong, plus the red and white are now extremely motivated by their championship race with Atlanta United and New York City. And therefore here the net victoria of the hosts is a completely natural result.


Our forecast is the victory of New York (P1) for 1.70.

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"New York" looks good in the last bouts, but so far the team of Chris Armas has not conquered the top of the table of the Eastern Conference. In the asset of the "red bulls" now 41 points, which is two less than their neighbors in the city and three less than the first "Atlanta", Handicap by the standards of the MLS is insignificant, which can be overcome in one duel. In his field, the Armeza team demonstrates the killer results - here already five opponents of the "New York" were leaving the Red Bull Arena without glasses.

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"Columbus" in the Eastern Conference is right behind his current opponent, giving him eight points. Overcome such a distance is still possible, but for this team Greg Berghalter must obtain three points in a full-time meeting. In the last round, "Columbus" beat 3-2 at home "Orlando City", the victory went to the owners afterwards and with blood - goals for 88 and 92 provided the team with a victory for Berghalter.



Match of the first round ended in a 1: 1 draw

In the last five home games, "New York" scored 15 goals

Only in one of the last four meetings, "New York" scored in the gate of "Columbus" less than two goals

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"New York" looks great in recent meetings, right now the "red bulls" have the opportunity to change the "Atlanta" at the top of the table. "Columbus" though keeps among the leaders, but has obvious problems in the defense - 11 goals conceded in the last five matches are a vivid confirmation.


The team of experts of the site AllProSports is inclined to confident victory of the owners, but as insurance offers the following forecast - the individual total of "New York" is more than two goals. In the Betting League, such a bet can be placed with a coefficient of 2.15.

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So, tomorrow in MLS there will be another round. I will try to make out a few matches. Houston because of KK disappointed us in the last round, but pleased Galaxy again. Let's start with the game in New Jersey, where New York Red Bulls will take Columbus.


"Red bulls" in recent times are very pleased with their game. They won 6 of the last 7 games in the MLS, losing 0-1 away to the derby. Very, very competently the team plays on the back line. In 4 of these 6 victories the team scored upward in a dry, and is the best by this criterion. I remember taking the "bulls" from New England through the bottom, and then the team scored up on class 2-0. Without straining, an excellent game on the defensive, and in the attack act soundly. According to the goals scored, they have no problems. In MLS the 4th team is on this indicator. Are now on 3 positions with 41 points in the eastern conference, having on the game less than the City, which have 43 points. Those. still ahead, and they are one of the main contenders for going to the playoffs.

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Columbus is also good in principle. The team has 33 points in 22 games and is on the 4th position. But it is there only thanks to the home indicators. Away only 9 points and only 2 wins in 10 games, and they scored 3 guests at a party, only 3! This is the worst figure on the tour, Colorado and then twice as many scored. But "kru" and misses a little too. Wards Berhaltera there is nothing to oppose to his rivals in the attack, that's losing often, and on the class. Sense of favorites to tear and throw no. They will score their own pair of three goals and bring it to the end. Only once the "kru" missed more than 2 goals - and this was a game with Galaxy 0-4, and then the 4th goal was scored by 90+.


As a result, the team plays a very small and low-penetrating team. And the "bulls" are powerful in the game, and are in great shape, when as a guest Columbus plays very badly. The hosts will score their first few goals and make it to the end. I will assume another victory for the hosts on the class.

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