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Montana - Levski, forecast, 02/11/2015

Montana - Levski, forecast, 02/11/2015

Levski can increase their lead at the top of Group A before Litex after the wrong step lovchanlii Friday against Pirin (1: 1). Levski takes first place with 25 points. Litex Ludogorets split second with 24 as the Blue Razgrad and have a game in hand.

Sofia residents are unbeaten in 7 matches in which conceded only two goals.

Because of the lack of offensive power this season, Levski have learned to take advantage of static situations as they they brought the points thanks to which the top - one at the visit of Botev (1: 1), 3, visit Litex (2 1) three at home to the Black Sea (1: 0).

Blue also learned to close matches - season did not allow turn have four wins with 1: 0 and only twice have won with two goals difference. This season in the top flight have not made three goals once.

Now the Blues will face the team of Montana, who this season out point of Ludogorets in the same stadium, and now will be motivated to do it again against Levski.

The match could take place as instructed by coaches with specifics on poor terrain.

"It is normal to us bother terrain. Maybe it's a little better now, but there could not be perfect. You have to adjust our game to these conditions, "said Levski coach Stoycho Stoev.

The hosts will play a very motivated, and if the land the stadium "AUGUSTA" is not good, it will help them.

After three consecutive losses, which failed to score, however, Montana does not look like the team that can stop the strongest series leader Levski.

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