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Long-term bets - How to play it safe

Long-term bets - How to play it safe


You've probably come across the term "Ante post" in online gambling, but you know what it means? The term derives directly from horse racing and means a bet on a particular horse placed long before the start of the race. This is long-term bets. The prefix "Ante" means "before" and briefly Ante Post is seen as a long-term bet. While the roots of these bets in horse racing today they already found in most sports.

In the long-term bets you place your bet before the start of the race. If we talk specifically about football betting - it long provided most of champion of a country or medium bowl. Popular among bettors football are long-term markets such as World Champion, winner of the Champions League and Champion of England. These three championships attract bets well before the start of the meetings. Usually bookmakers represent odds for the next World Cup immediately after the finish of the last based solely on the current state of the team.

Evolution of long-term bets

Thanks to the extraordinary development of online gambling, no longer need to go back into the past to understand the concept of long-term bets. Even if you've never encountered horse racing easily find everything about Ante Post betting. The long-term stakes are quite attractive for most people, especially when it comes to major championships or popular football championships. Over time the bookies are beginning to offer more diverse long-term bets - such as a scorer, relegated team, Top 6 teams in the league, most efficient team and many others. You can choose between different enough long-term markets and find one that best satisfies your needs.


Some bookmakers offer insurance for long-term bets. For example, in horse racing, if you bet on a horse and he fails to run your money can be returned. Always make sure you review the terms of these bets offered by your bookie to make sure it is on this insurance. As for sports betting, your money may be returned or be compensated if the team or player does not participate in the race. For example, if you bet on England for the next World Champion Soccer, but the team fails to qualify, you'll likely get back the stake. Long-term bets usually return and delaying the race. Of course, the rules vary from bookmakers and sports, so read carefully.

Advantages and disadvantages of long-term bets

The advantages and disadvantages of this type of bets are rooted in the same thing. Since long-term bets do not have a clear picture of form movements and other important parameters, the odds are usually much higher, simply because the bet is risky. The ability to bet in advance of an event can increase the interest in the tournament itself, and when the launch nears - to support another team in order to minimize the risks.