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Japan - Poland 28.06 Free fixed tips

Free fixed tips



The News for Japan

The Samurai are enjoying one of their finest World Finals starts. The team has 4 points, but is still not sure about continuing into the next phase. 1 point against Poland will be enough for Japan. Even a loss can rank them ahead, but then things will depend on the outcome of the other match between Colombia and Senegal. Akira Nishino has no problems in her composition.

The news in the camp of Poland

The Poles were definitely disappointed with their performance at the current World Cup. The team has already prepared their luggage for the home after losing in its first 2 games and remaining without points. The only comfort for a "Polish band" would be a strong performance against Japan, which would lift their self-esteem before being taken. Adam Navalka has no problems in his composition, so he will be able to rely on the best of him, not excluding changes in the usual lead line.

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Japan vs Poland

A glance at the statistics of direct clashes between these two teams shows us that Poland has had two losses from Japan so far. The Samurai won 5-0 in 1996 and 2-0 in 2002, both of which are controls. But now the bet is much bigger. Tension will undoubtedly be in the Japanese camp that will be looking at at least the point. Poland, for its part, will hope for a strong end to its participation in the World Cup, as the team can confuse things for the Asians. The meeting will be interesting, and our opinion is that Poland will wake up in this game and will show at least some of its full potential, not losing this game. A double chance of winning for the Poles or a draw is our primary forecast, and under 2.5 goals is our other guess.

And another twenty dance to feel and wonder - this is Poland is out, as well as the neighbors of Germany. . for the analysts remains the material for analysis and dissection, but we must be in a hurry with the vertigo of the World and here we put Valdi VivaldiTotev and his Last Waltz .... in honor of a Polish band and its conductor, Robert, yet so much money was bursting for people, at least a little return, and to rejoice the fans on the stands and the fans who were struggling to take pictures of which of the most beautiful

Forecast 2, co. 2.94, bet 10, tipper tzapurko

It's a very crazy group this one. The Poles had to be favorites, or at least they were set up, but they failed altogether. It is a shame in teams such as Japan, Senegal and Colombia, not to write a point. But it's interesting for fans. Here, the Japanese have stepped up to jump over the band and do nothing if they do not show their real face. It is clear that the Europeans are leaving, but with what kind of eyes they will land on their native land. I will give them a chance in this last game, although I never liked their game. Forecast: 2

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Forecast 2, co. 2.93, bet 10, tipter Pettt

The month is coming to an end And I'm acting badly Today I decided to play 3 games from the last two groups of the world qualifications. For the first date of today I still understand the match between Japan and Poland The Japanese have done very well so far and have a four-point asset by registering one Victory and one draw today meet Poland who have no points in their assets so far they send them back at home and this match will play it for honor I guess the goals will be in big amount of this match As the hosts will try to score and the guests play for fun

Forecast +3.5, coe. 3.55, bet 10, typist tqnata

Segunda, in the twenty-eighth, at 5:00 PM (MSC), was the third round of the Championship Peace 2018 between the Japanese and Japanese nationalities. Game played at Volgograde on the field of the Volgograd Arena. Prediction of Matches Japan - Poland by эксперта Footballtips Дина Карра вы можете прочитать ниже.

Free fixed picks

The national team of Poland did not live up to the expectations of its own fans, since it did not score points in the previous two rounds and already does not even have a theoretical chance to enter the playoff stage. Mentor Adam Navalka has not managed to establish a general concentration, and the leader of the Poles, Robert Lewandowski, looked at the background of the rivals extremely unimportant.

The Japanese are on their way to the next success, as they managed to achieve success in the match against Colombia and did not lose to Senegal. Coach Akira Nishino, of course, is happy about this coincidence, so in a certain scenario will go to a draw.

According to preliminary estimates of most football analysts, this meeting will be held with varying success, which will largely accompany the European side. Dean Carr believes that the Poles are able to loudly slam the door, and therefore stands up for the victory of Navalki players in the "time / match" system. Further, the expert presented a more detailed report on the upcoming fight, and also shared his valuable advice and forecasts for the game.

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The samurai can be said to be one step away from the pass to the stage of the 1/8 finals, but for a more impressive result they need to defeat the national team of Poland, since after two rounds the Japanese have four points. The first round of Nishino wards were held at the peak of their activity and relatively sensationally defeated coffee makers from Colombia (2: 1). At the same time, the Senegalese staged the Poles and also scored three points (2: 1). In a full-time meeting with Africans, the samurai gave the most spectacular match of the second round, because they rolled a 2: 2 battle draw and had a lot of moments to draw up a large score. In parallel, Senegal will play with representatives of Colombia and if both games end in a draw, then Japan and Senegal will go further. Consequently, the world outcome is completely satisfied with Asians, and experts from BetVictor recommend placing it on a draw with a quotation of 3.25. Naturally, the mundiale has no alternative outcomes, and therefore the players of the country of the Rising Sun will be motivated by any three points. A group of specialists from Betfair leans toward the territorial advantage of the Japanese, and they suggest betting on the victory of Akira Nishino's players with any score at 2.55.

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The Poles won their qualifying round and left behind football players from Denmark, who are better at the mundial and have already reached the playoffs with five points in the individual competition. Wards Navalki clearly chose the wrong approach to Senegal and frankly handed over to their counterparts all the flanks, due to what they missed twice (1: 2). Everyone was waiting for a miracle in the confrontation with Colombia, and then Navalka made a mistake again, offering his opponent a match at the oncoming courses. Everyone understands that it is not worth while joking with coffee makers, but the adventure of the Polish coach ended in a 0: 3 defeat. In the upcoming match, fans of Poland are waiting for blood and circuses, and the coach has every reason to finish his performances beautifully before flying back to his homeland. Experts from bet365 are confident in the successful scenario for the European side and offer to bet on the victory of the Polish national team with any account at the quotation 3.20. Also worth noting that the Poles scored on the mundiale only one goal in the gate of Senegal and intend to at least restore the balance on goals. Analysts of BoyleSports are inclined to the tactical superiority of Navalki over samurai and believe that Poland is obliged to win over the "time / match" system. The bookmaker recommends making a narrower bet on the success of the Poles in the first half and a match at an advantageous 5.50.


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The Polish team lost both matches at the current mundiale, but scored in the qualification first in nine out of ten fights. Team Japan scored four points and currently heads the group H. Two previous meetings of these teams ended in victories of the Japanese.

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victory of Poland with any score, the success of the Poles in the first half and the match

In the upcoming Thursday we say goodbye to the group stage of the World Championship. There will be no more matches every day, now only one-on-one meetings in the playoffs. Wait a minute to shed tears, because until the reporting day you still need to live. In one of the last confrontations of the group stage, the national teams of Japan will compete against Poland. The battle will be held at the Volgograd Arena, in which city it is not difficult to guess.

If before the start of the championship someone said that the Asians in this pair will be favorites, then that person would be put on the count and dressed as a clown. The reality has changed and now the Poles are small, but outsiders. The reason for this decision from bookmakers is obvious - the Japanese can still go to the playoffs, and nominal guests have lost even the mathematical odds.

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