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Hubchev: Everything is possible in football

Hubchev: Everything is possible in football

The most important fight and selflessness, said the new national team coach before matches against France and Sweden

Bulgaria national football team left today for France, where tomorrow will face "cocks" in the second game of the World Cup qualifiers. The new coach of our team Peter Hubchev urged the expectations the team to be realistic, but stressed that in football everything is possible. Only three days later and the battle with Sweden, but the coach said the most important thing in these games is to fight and selflessness of the Bulgarians.

"We are realistic. I will want to play very tight, very close and very aggressive. I read the statements of former greatness, and managers and I have to thank everyone for this bonus is to me and the boys. Most importantly, the expectations are realistic and achieve what we want. Do not go with bowed heads and sold out. Anything is possible in football. Not the place and not have to do with the game sabostavki 1993-a year. More important is to show as a team and without fear. I do not think France will approach with understatement. God forbid happen, "said Hubcheva.

The match with France tomorrow at 21:45 CET.