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France will delight fans

France will delight fans

The wait is over and the day that football fans will enjoy the opening of Euro 2016 has already arrived. The teams that will have that honor France and Romania. Both teams are in Group A of the tournament, the match will be played on the legendary "Stade de France" and the start time of the match is 22:00.

France out to win this match because their many supporters will expect only victory from them. Didier Delchamps has many quality players that can lead the "roosters" on the way to home a trophy. Grizman make a great season with Atletico Madrid, Marcial was the star of Manchester United, Olivier Giroud is the top class attack Loris kept all season for Tottenham, who finished third in England and more and more quality players with whom the French have. The question for the coach to be able to make these players a team and if it did, you will realize first against Romania.

All scales tend to France, even by sports bookmakers offering odds of 1.20 to 1.40 for host EURO 2016.

Romania is very proud that the finals. The coach Iordanescu can not boast the same quality available to his French counterpart, but certainly his team has something to show. Bogdan Stancu and Florin Andone look like a pair of strikers for Romania in this match, but Iordanescu may bet only 1 striker. It will be interesting to see how the team of Romania will oppose strong team of France who is hungry for success.

Both teams were drawn in 4 of their last 5 games. Euro 1996 France won 1-0, and in 2008 the European Both teams finished 0-0. This trend matches, tying hardly mores of France and is now an opportune moment to trigger a change of tradition. Delchamps dispose of the player with whom France to start with a victory participation at Euro 2016. The class in the team of France, gives us the prerequisites to assume victory for "cocks" in the opening match.

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