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France - new team, but not quite

France - new team, but not quite


For better or worse, Euro 2016 is behind us and now look only to the World Cup qualifiers. Definitely Didier Deschamps his money under his feet because the pressure around it is not less than what was in the last two years, told "7 Days Sport" Yves Leroy of "Le Le Parisien".

Hosting the European Championship and expectations of all created quite a turmoil around the national team, but somehow coach and the players coped with the exception of the final game. But now the situation is very different because you have to go through screenings of qualifications. Whatever we say, no team that likes to play grueling qualifications in this heavyweight group as that of France. But from the outset it was obvious that she is unpredictable

Belarus stopped France, Bulgaria would dramatically Luxembourg home, while Sweden and the Netherlands grappled tight. This company can occur absolutely everything. It is interesting to see what will change as Deschamps in its composition as threatened in Europe. At the moment he can not rely on Yumtiti, Zuma Sacco, Perrin and Giroux. In this important absences only the first two because they are considered for the future. France has enough reserves behind because of the line already Laporte and Raphaël Varane, but we have a serious look midline. More of Europe was obvious that there team is experiencing problems because the organization of the game limping.

Recently planted believe that Deschamps has huge problems, but it really is not. His most important players are back - Grizman, Pogba, Matyuidi and sequins. Now wait a stronger role to take Koman, Gameyro and Marseille to which expectations are high.

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