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Everton - Southampton 18.08 Free fixed tips



Free fixed tips

Experts of the information and analysis site Bukmeker.rf gave a forecast for the match of the 2nd round of the championship of England Everton - Southampton, which will be held at the stadium Goodison Park (Goodison Park) on Saturday, August 18, beginning at 17:00 (MSK).



In this game bookmakers put on the victory of the home team, assessing the probability of such an outcome of about 50%. In the first round, Everton played a 2: 2 draw against visiting the Premier League newcomer Wolverhampton. And he twice went forward, but both times the opponent recouped. From the 40th minute "Toffee" was played with ten men - by the time the score was 1-0 in their favor. Double in the composition of Everton was noted by the team's newest Risharlison - a 21-year-old Brazilian with five goals for Watford last season was bought for an unthinkable 45 million euros. By the way, before the match with Wolverhampton Risharlison did not score in the Premier League since November last year.

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Given the past season, Everton does not win the championship three games in a row - every time he scored, and missed, twice in a draw and once lost. At the same time of the last seven fights in the championship, he lost only one, having won two wins and four draws. In their field, the Merseyside won 8 of the previous 14 matches, losing only to two Manchester clubs.


Southampton in the first round, like Everton, played a draw - at home with Burnley 0-0. In the second game of the Premier League in a row "Saints" did not score. Given the last season, they lost just one of the last six games, but also won only once in the last 13 meetings in the tournament, having suffered six defeats and five draws. In seven games on this stretch Southampton did not score a single goal. On the road, he won only 2 of 17 previous matches and with such statistics to score at least one point in the game with Everton it will be difficult.

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Last season, Everton played a 1: 1 draw with Southampton at home and lost to him 1: 4 on the road. In general, in recent years there has been equality in this confrontation. So, from 11 previous matches between Everton and Southampton, each team won four and three times a draw was fixed. It is worth noting that of the last 18 matches between Everton and Southampton, only one ended with the victory of the team playing on someone else's field, and in 11 meetings, the home team won. Everton has not lost to Southampton in Liverpool since November 1997 or 13 games in a row, winning nine of them.



Specialists of the site Bookmakers.rf believe that Everton will justify the status of the favorite and will win in this game, not missing a single ball. In the bookmaker office 1xStart predict Everton's victory 1: 0 (coefficient 6.00). Highly quoted draw 1: 1 (coefficient 6.50). Bets on what Everton does not miss are accepted with a coefficient of 2.43.

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Everton's victory - 1.96, draw - 3.35, Southampton's victory – 4.16


In the coming Saturday, you can literally smear with interesting football matches. The English championship will provide a couple of interesting pairs for the general court. In one of these matches will face Everton against Southampton. The event will take place in Liverpool at the stadium "Guison Park". Merseyside is ready to arrange guests from Soton a warm welcome and cold farewell.

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Bookmakers put on the "toffee" a more sweet ratio, the owners were updated, brushed and decided to start a decent life. "Saints" have already gone to church and made a wish that in this season again do not fight for survival, and themselves become a hunter. The application, of course, is strong, but we are not sure that the guests have enough resources to beat the favorite. In any case, let's deal with it.

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"Scousers" significantly zataris in the summer transfer window, the team was replenished immediately by three representatives of Barcelona: Mina, Gomesh and Din, also at Goodison moored Richardlison and Zuma. The composition looks promising, but it's not enough to take players from the top club, all these performers need to be tied together in a single chain, as if they were blacks in "dark" times in the US.


Changes also occurred on the coaching bridge - the team came to the Portuguese Mark Silva, who was remembered for his work in Sporting, Watford, Hull City and Greek Olympiakos. "Scouts" have significantly changed, fans are hoping that global repairs will bring positive emotions. The main task of the team is to try to grasp the European Cups.

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"Saints" missed Tadic, also left the location of the team less significant performers: Clasis, Bufal and Carillo. In place of the departed were bought by Eliunussi, Vestergaard and Amstrong, with such acquisitions, of course, you can not fly into space. Rent Ings already looks more promising. Mark Hughes now, at least there is someone to build an attacking game.


In the first match, there were no special shifts of the "saints" towards stability - the guys at the home arena took Burnley. English football rarely gives uninteresting matches, but he was an exception. 0: 0 forced to get to sleep most of the "St. Marys". The farther into the forest, the more dangerous the living creatures, already in the second round will meet with the "toffee", and how many meetings with the top teams.

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Forecast for this match

"Blue" will try to get into the confidence of the fans and hold the starting match of the season at a high loss. The hosts do not shine with a stable defense, and the "holy" one candle can drive into the goal of the favorite. In this situation, it is worth assuming that both teams will score a goal.

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Bet - both will score.

Everton at Goodison Park takes Southampton.

"Toffee" in the first round showed a real character. The team, playing in the minority more time, managed to stand in a very difficult exit match against Wolverhampton. Richardlison is the main character of the match, as is head coach Marco Silva. We needed a player like Richardlison to help Sigurdsson in the creative, and Tosun is a good tip, there is also Niasse in the reserve. The coach has more work to do, but Everton already has a desire and character. Last years "toffee" not the best game showed, it is quite possible with this ambitious trainer it will turn out to rise above. The composition is quite a battle, a lot of investment, the game for the team begins to take shape for the better.

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Southampton slightly disappointed. They spent a miserable first half against Burnley. Only after the second half, when Hughes made a substitution and some reshuffle the team began to play a little better. Out Ings, Elyunussi and more or less in the attack something began to happen. It's clear, newcomers need to get used, we need to adjust the game, but we still need a lot of work on the team. Last season, precisely because of the depressing results in the attack, the team almost flew out, but was saved. In general, on a visit she won only 3 matches, and then 2 with the teams that flew.

According to the compositions of the owners, Jagielka is disqualified, which Zuma will surely replace. The guests of Elunussi are out of the game.

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Everton for 13 games in a row does not lose to Southampton in his field, will not lose, in my opinion, this time. Silva worked well on the team, and already beginners from the first round began to show themselves, which can not be said about the "saints." Southampton still does not look very good, and even at home shows not the best results, like most Hughes clubs. His teams often took the most out of their arena, but they looked mediocre, mostly playing defense. Silva likes me, his teams are more attacking, more mobile, we remember the same Watford, for example, when they did a lot on contrails. But here I do not expect a lot of goals. Everton without Jagielka, so they will be more looking back to play, and the "saints" themselves are grassroots. Plus and the lichki of these teams are not bright.

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