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Dynamo Moscow - Zenit 21.10 Free fixed tips



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Former Spartak midfielder and the national team of Ukraine, and now VseProSport.ru website expert Maxim Kalinichenko shares his prediction for the match of the Russian Premier League Dynamo Moscow - Zenit.

"Zenit” comes to visit the Moscow "Dynamo”, and the teams once again reveal the strongest. More recently, this poster was a loud event, now a little worse with it, but the confrontation is still important.


"White-Blue” started the championship quite well and walked for a long time in the upper half of the table, only after the victory over "Orenburg” (2: 0) there was a turning point, since it was not possible to win more in the RPL. Moreover, it was not possible to hit the gate even "Anji” (0: 1) and "Wings of the Soviets” (0: 1), not to mention "Krasnodar” (0: 3). In the Cup of Russia, everything is calm - with the score 1: 0, the metropolitan Torpedo, representing a lower division, was defeated.

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"Blue-white-blue" confidently lead the standings and have a comfortable lead, though it will be hard to keep it. The forces of the main striker Dziuba are running out, and Kokorin is plagued by many football problems. Recently, St. Petersburg suffered the first failure of the season - 1: 2 with Makhachkala "Anji”. In fairness, the wards of Sergei Semak have been corrected in the game with Krasnodar (2: 1). In the European Cup after two victories, the "anti-aircraft gunners” settled on the second line in their quartet.


In the game plan, the representative of the northern capital is all right, so the guests look like a favorite. The team of Sergei Semak loves to play quite openly. Muscovites have nowhere to retreat, and they should finally try to stop their series without balls.

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I offer a bet on the total more (2.5) for 2.42 in BC Leon.


In the 11th round of the Russian Premier League on October 21, 2018 at 2:00 pm Dinamo Moscow will host Zenit at the Khimki Arena stadium.


It is impossible for Dinamo Moscow to get accustomed to the RPL and therefore the team after ten rounds is placed on the thirteenth line, which indicates the relegation zone. Now the club has a ten-point bank and a goal difference of 9:10. In the last two confrontations, the players lost, with a total score of 0-4. The previous opponent was suitable for scoring, but the Muscovites lost to the Wings of the Soviets 0-1.

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Zenit is the favorite of the RPL standings and is in the first place with 25 points, which is 6 points more than the previous Krasnodar club. At the moment, the team lost in only one fight, which was a big surprise. The only loss of favorites was received from the outsider of the championship of Anji, on a visit, with a score of 1-2. In St. Petersburg people now is clearly the best composition, as well as the performance indicator.


Six confrontations in a row Zenit did not lose Dynamo Moscow, and the last time won, with a score of 2-1. In this meeting, the guests look much better and more confident than the home team, who are in poor condition, so Zenit can count on three points. Bet: Zenit victory - P2.


Forecast: P2 with a coefficient of 2.0

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The confident leader of the Russian championship will have to travel to Moscow, where he will meet with, perhaps, the weakest team of the city. But no one guarantees Petrograders the easy life.


After ten rounds Dynamo is in thirteenth place, having only two victories. But they were obtained quite a long time ago, and in the last three meetings the Moscow club invariably suffered defeats - 0: 1 from Anzhi, 0: 3 from Krasnodar and 0: 1 from Wings of the Soviets. With such results, Khokhlov’s charges will face a tough struggle for survival.

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But Zenith feels as comfortable as possible. After a third of the championship matches played, they confidently lead, six points ahead of the nearest competitor. The last games with the participation of the Semak wards were rich in scored goals - 2: 1 wins over Orenburg and Krasnodar, 5: 3 over Lokomotiv, as well as 1: 2 defeat against Anji.


Guests are considered the favorite of this meeting, because today they are the strongest team in the country. Recently, the St. Petersburg group had no performance problems, so we should expect a productive game of Zenith in the attack.

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Total over 2 at 1.71

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In the 11th round of the championship of Russia will play "Dynamo" and "Zenith". Bookmakers.RF remind that the beginning of the meeting wards Dmitry Khokhlov and Sergei Semak scheduled for October 21 at 14:00 MSK.


In the bookmaker "League of Stakes," the favorites in the upcoming match are considered to be Sergei Semak's charges. Bets on the victory of "Zenith" are accepted with a coefficient of 1.90. The bookmakers have drawn a draw with a coefficient of 3.30, and Dynamo bets on winning with a factor of 4.70.

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St. Petersburgers responded correctly to the defeat of Anji (1: 2), and in the subsequent two meetings they defeated Slavia (1: 0) and Krasnodar (2: 1). The team of Sergei Semak still has questions about the quality of the game, but the glasses are regularly recruited. One can hardly imagine that the RPL will go to the winter break with another leader.


The next opponent of Zenit will be Dynamo, which lost in the last three rounds with a total score of 0: 5. The chair under Dmitry Khokhlov is already swinging, so the arrival of Petersburgers is of key importance to him. Meanwhile, in the native stands Muscovites can not beat the "Zenith” for four personal meetings.



Nine goals were scored in the last six games between these rivals, which took place in Khimki (on average - 1.5 each). And only once was the "top” recorded: in the last round of the championship 2015/16, the Dynamo, losing 0-3, flew out to the FNL.

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Zero goals scored Dynamo in the last three home games against Zenit (in addition to the defeat there was a 0: 1 loss in the 2014/15 season and a goalless draw in the last championship) and in the last three rounds of the Premier League 2018/19 (0 : 1 in his field with "Anji”, 0: 3 away with "Krasnodar” and 0: 1 in Samara with "Wings of the Soviets”).

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Total goals in the match less than 2.5 with a coefficient of 1.60.


The specified information and factors are for informational purposes only.

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In one of the brightest poster games of the upcoming tour in Khimki, Dynamo and Zenit will meet. The expert of the magazine "Home Bet” and the BC "League of Stakes” Pavel Osipov is sure that, despite the rather high odds of 1.90, the St. Petersburg club will win.


Bookmakers.RF remind that the beginning of the meeting wards Dmitry Khokhlov and Sergei Semak scheduled for October 21 at 14:00 MSK.


Pavel OsipOVOPERNICHESTVO In favor of Peter the Great

Dynamo scored one point in the previous six games against Zenit (zero home draw last season). The remaining five blue and white lost with a total score of 4:11.

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Two hundred and ninety-six minutes Dynamo do not score for St. Petersburg people in their field. On August 24, 2013, Balazh Dzhudak (1: 1) distinguished himself. And then there were two goalless home defeats (0: 1 and 0: 3) and a goalless draw.


Twice in the last six years, Zenit was awarded a technical defeat in matches with blue and white (in the 2012/13 season - in Khimki, in 2013/14 - in St. Petersburg). Apart from these meetings, Dynamo cannot win in this confrontation for more than nine years over the course of 15 games. The last time Dynamo beat Zenit match, which lasted all 90 minutes, on May 24, 2009, in their field (1: 0).


Ten defeats in 22 home games were suffered by Dynamo from Zenit (they themselves won six times, and the same number of meetings ended in a draw).

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The last three matches of the Premier League "Dinamo” lost with a "dry” score - at home "Anji” (0: 1), at a party "Krasnodar” (0: 3) and "Wings of the Soviets” (0: 1).


Three hundred and fifty-five minutes has a goalless Dynamo series in the championship. The last goal was scored more than a month ago: on September 14, the Portuguese Miguel Cardoso opened the scoring in the fifth minute in a guest meeting with Lokomotiv (1: 1).

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Eight lines in the table lost blue and white for the last three rounds. After the seventh they took the sixth place, after the tenth - only the 14th.


Four rounds in a row Dynamo miss. This season, they managed to play "zero” only three times: away - with Arsenal (0: 0), at home - with Ufa (3: 0) and Orenburg (2: 0).



Six points is the gap leader of the championship "Zenith" from occupying the second line of the "Krasnodar" (25 vs. 19). The biggest advantage after 10 rounds in the championships of Russia was only once - in the 2003 season, CSKA was seven points ahead of Saturn (25 vs. 18).

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Once in the Premier League 2018/19, Zenit could not win at a party: after four victories with a total score of 7-1, he lost to Anji in the previous away game (1-2).


St. Petersburg team scored ten goals in the last four rounds - more than Dynamo from the start of the season (nine).


Four out of five matches in the last month won Zenit: in the championship - at home at Lokomotiv (5: 3) and Krasnodar (2: 1), in the Cup of Russia - at the exit from Volgar (4: 0) , in the Europa League - in his field at Slavia (1: 0).

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Confident victory of Zenith for 1.90


In the central match of the 11th round of the Russian Championship, the capital club will take on the season leader. Kick-off is scheduled for 14:00 Moscow time on October 21st.


Bookmakers.rf report that the players of the bookmaker "League of Stakes" placed the most bets on winning Zenit - 97% of the total bets on the match, 2% of bets on the draw, and 1% on beating Dynamo.

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The capital club won its last victory over Zenit under Stanislav Cherchesov - in May 2014. Muscovites looked gorgeous at Petrovsky (4: 2) in the 29th round of the RPL, having provided invaluable assistance to CSKA. Thanks to the efforts of neighbors, the army team at the finish walked around Petersburgers and won gold medals. Another thing is that Zenit has long returned Dynamo's favor - five wins and a draw in the next six one-on-one meetings.


I must say that the team of Dmitry Khokhlov is not in the best position to break an unpleasant series. The capital club has not scored any points in the previous three rounds and now runs the risk of re-taking part in the struggle for survival. In turn, "Zenit” in the last five games could not beat only "Anji” (1: 2), which was a pure misunderstanding. It is worth noting that Petersburgers only twice in 17 games of the season left the field without goals.

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In the table of opponents share 15 points, which more eloquently speaks about the difference in the class. At the same time, the match with Zenit may be the last for Dmitry Khokhlov, whose resignation, according to rumors, is already being discussed in the club’s management. If the team goes one hundred percent for the sake of the coach, then with the support of the native stands there is a chance to slow down the wards of Sergei Semak. Who will be stronger?

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