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Dudelange - Milan 20.09. Free fixed tips



Free fixed tips



Match 1 round of the group stage of the European League Dudelange - Milan will be held on Thursday September 20 at 22:00 (MSC) at the stadium of Josy Bartel. The next Thursday will be a historic match for Luxembourg: local Dudelange will play in the group of the League of Europe. And in the rivals he has a club that could not be better suited for such a day - Italian Milan. The favorite in this pair is obvious, the result is predictable. Nevertheless, for the residents of their country Dudelange players are already heroes, because they first made their way into the autumn part of the Eurocup, even if it's second in importance.

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For the match with Milan, Dudelange fits after the guest victory over Una Strassen in the Luxembourg Championship with a score of 2: 0. For the last ten official fights, he won six times, having suffered only two defeats and twice drawing in a draw. In the European League, Dudelange, on the way to the group stage, defeated Drith, Warszawa Lehi and Cluj. He started the season in the Champions League, where in one of the qualifying rounds he lost to the Hungarian Vidi. At the moment, Dudelange can boast a seven-match unbeaten series in the European League, during which he won five wins and twice tied. Before that, he won just one of seven matches of the tournament, losing five times. In his field, Dudelange does not lose five games in the European League in a row, winning three of them. And in each of the four previous fights in his native walls, he scored exactly two goals.


Milan on Sunday played a draw 1: 1 away to Cagliari - the only goal in Rossoneri was scored by Gonzalo Higuain. This season, Milan held three official matches, once defeated, losing and playing a draw. In the European League last season, he reached the 1/8 finals, losing there on the sum of two meetings Arsenal. In general, Milan spent 14 matches in the tournament, having won nine wins and losing only three times. At the same time on the road he won just one of the last four matches. However, according to the experts of the site Bukmeker.rf, Dudelange Milan will surely win, not missing a single ball.

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the victory of Dudelange - 15.33, the draw - 7.02, the victory of Milan - 1.18.



Milan's victory without a missed goal. In the bookmaker office 1xStock predict the victory of Milan with a score of 2: 0 or 3: 0 (coefficients 6.50 and 7.00 respectively). The stakes on the fact that Milan will win and not miss, are accepted with a coefficient of 1.92.

Free fixed tips

Modest "Dudelange" for the first time in 27 years of its existence went to the European Cup group. "Milan" will be the most titled guest at the local stadium. What to expect - a holiday or a lesson in big football? - details in the forecast of our experts



In his short history, "Dudelange" fourteen times became the champion of Luxembourg. In other words, every second season. Summer "ninety first" was held in various qualifying battles. First - the Champions League, with a defeat in the sum of two matches from Videoton. Then - the League of Europe, where a representative of a small but Grand Duchy knocked out of the tournament, the old Lehi and CFR Cluj.

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The ex-Champions League winner has not been in Serie A for a long time and is forced to interrupt his participation in the European League. Last season the titled club finished sixth and received a direct referral to the group of the second most important continental tournament. In the new national championship, the Rossoneri had three fights (victory, draws and defeat). The players of Genaro Gattuso temporarily settled on the fifteenth position.



"Dudelange" scored in 9 of 10 matches.

"Milan" missed all three official fights.

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The arrival of Milan in the tiny Dudelange is already a holiday. Of course, any player of the owners wants to score a venerable guest. Until now, the Luxembourgers did it well. But we need to make an amendment to the level of rivals. "Rossoneri" in any state can not stand in line with the "Legia" and the CFR "Cluj". In our opinion, the Italians will present the newcomer to the group stage a lesson in big football.


Forecast the dry win of the second and put it in the BC Pari-Match with a coefficient of 1.95.

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"Dudelange" achieved the loudest success in the history of Luxembourgish football. He became the first club from Luxembourg, breaking through to the group stage of any European cup.


After the unsuccessful appearance in the Champions League, where the red and yellow lost to the Hungarian "MOL Vidi" (1: 1 and 1: 2), the team of the German specialist Dino Toppmeller moved to the Europa League, which hosted three rivals.

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The Kosovo "Drita" (2: 1 and 1: 1), the Polish "Legia" (2: 2 and 2: 1) and the Romanian "Cluj" (2: 0 and 3: 2) were knocked out in turn.


Having given all his strength to the European Cup, Dudelange donated to the national championship, where he spent two games less than the other teams, and is now at the bottom of the standings, gaining six points in four games.



"Rossoneri" only through the court regained the right to speak in the European League, because UEFA wanted to prohibit playing them in European competition because of violation of the rules of the financial feuille-play.

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Last season, Milan took first place in their group LE and was able to reach the 1/8 finals of the tournament, where he was stopped by London's Arsenal (0: 2 and 1: 3).


In this championship of Italy wards Gennaro Gattuso managed to hold three matches in which scored four points and at the moment 13.

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Started in Serie A with an away defeat by Napoli with a score 2: 3, then defeated Roma 2: 1 in their field, and on the last leg they painted the world with Cagliari (1-1) away.



"Dudelange" will give all the forces to successfully start in the group stage of the League of Europe. Despite the great difference in the class of teams, "Milan" will have to make efforts to take three points, because Gattuso, most likely, issued a reserve squad.

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Forecast: both will score: yes


We predict that the hosts will still be able to please their audience and score a goal, however, like the guests.


On Thursday night in Luxembourg the match of the group stage of the Europa League will take place, in which Dudelange will host Milan.


Clearly, these teams have never crossed. However, in any case, the favorite is already clear


Dudelange miraculously made his way to the group stage, having passed all rounds of qualification. And because of the qualification in the LEF, the wards of Dino Topmöller often failed the matches of the national championship. However, after the break for the matches of the national teams "F91" proved to be worthy - 0: 2 with UNA Strassen.


In turn, Milan did not need qualification, because the team immediately got into the group stage on the basis of last season. In the championship wards Gattuso show a good game, but with the implementation of the team have problems. And mutual understanding is not at the best level. At the same time, the Rossoneri are gradually leveling their game in defense ...


Bookmakers are almost confident in the victory of Milan, with which it is not worth arguing. Dudelange just is not equal to Milan, so that it will not be equal to the game. Yes, and exit status should not prevent the "Rossoneri" crushing defeat, because every player guests on 2 heads are better than the players of the hosts ...


Free forecast for the match Dudelange - Milan: "Milan's victory with a handicap -1.5." Bookmaker office Marathon offers on this outcome a coefficient of 1.56.


Italian football club Milan, whose head coach is Gennaro Gattuso, starts in the European League with an away match against the club F91 Düdelnage, representing Luxembourg. Visually it seems that there is a huge difference between the rivals in the class, and that's probably the case, but there are some doubts that the "red-black" in the second most important European competition will play the main team. At least in the group stage of the tournament.



Not so simple

But Dudelange is not as simple as it seems at first glance, the future owners of the field before knocking out to the group stage, knocked out not only the weak Drit from Kosovo, but also two decent champions: the Polish Legia and the Romanian Cluj. It's clear that the Poles and Romanians underestimated the real possibilities of the guys from Luxembourg, but after all, Milan footballers are able to step on the same "rake".


Between difficult matches

Milan flies to Luxembourg after a very difficult match in Sardinia, where the local Cagliari managed to select for himself a draw, moreover, the Sardinians led in the count and counted on three points. Three days later, at the "red-black" no less difficult meeting with Atalanta, who did not qualify for the group stage of the Europa League, and now is completely concentrated on Serie A.

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Milan has a good opportunity to win on Thursday, but there are big doubts that this Victoria will be very easy. Dudelange will surely give a fight, plus Milan himself will most likely not play the strongest team. In this pair, you can try to bet on the plus side owners. Our free forecast for this meeting: Victory Dudelange with a handicap +2.5


On the twentieth, there will be a duel of the European League, in which Dudelange will host AC Milan. Of course, the teams have not met before, but without it it is clear that the Italians are much stronger and they are the favorites.


"F91" with great difficulty and a huge share of luck, yet were selected. Topmöller's footballers are still failing matches in the domestic arena, but the break went to their advantage, and in the extreme opposition managed to outplay 0-2 "UNA Strassen".


"Rossoneri" were immediately in the group stage of the tournament. In the championship team Gattuso shows good football, but only their implementation often fails. There are also problems with understanding between players. But there are also positive aspects, because the team is gradually bringing its defense in order.


Forecast for the match "Dudelange" - "Milan", F2 (-1.5). A huge difference in the class of teams, most likely, that it is the Italians who will seize the initiative and win a confident victory.


Dudelange is not only inferior in everything in class to his future opponent, so also the game shows a fairly weak, and even in its arena in particular. The last six home games brought only two victories, and the most powerful contender on this path was, perhaps, the Polish Legia, who this season does not quite resemble herself. Dudelange missed it twice, having drawn a draw in the end. But the draw for the most part was because of the above pro-Polish club, the Italians are now on the rise, and they do not beat.


Milan this season demonstrates a pretty attractive football, the team lost just one in four matches of the new season, on a visit with Napoli, but as a lost, gave a fight and even had the opportunity to score points, losing in the end with a score of 3: 2. Milan is now very active ahead, which has long been not observed for the Milan club.


For "Dudelange" from Luxembourg, participation in the group stage of the Europa League is a real sensation. This country in the football plan has progressed seriously, which began to affect the results not only of clubs, but also of the national team.


Already in the first game in his field the team has to play with the legendary club, the history of which lasts for decades. The team from Luxembourg "Dudelange" will play against the legendary "Milan". In whatever condition this team was, "Milan" remains "Milan". In the game against the Luxembourg team to be only one favorite - this is "Milan". The question can only be how big the Italian team will win. And the fact that she will be able to do this, there is no doubt. To win the guest team set very small odds. However, the figures justify the real alignment of forces. "Milan" perfect is not comparable in class with the Luxembourg club. In this regard, it is worth considering only minus odds on the Italians. In the bookmaker office Winline you can bet on the odds with a victory at least two goals. "Milan" can really defeat an opponent on the class.


Our forecast for the Europa League match between Dudelange and Milan. Handicap "Milan" minus one and a half goals. Coefficient 1.64.


Dudelange - the first team from Luxembourg, who got into the group tournament of the European Cup. This is enough to coach DinoToppmeller and the player who qualified in the qualification of Legia and Cluj, entered the history of local football. But there is still something to strive for. For example, take the points from Betis or Olympiakos. And even better - at Milan.


For the fans, the arrival of the Rossoneri, as if the match was not over, is a holiday. There will also be a visit to San Siro, but Milan in Luxembourg is an unprecedented event. Gennaro Gattuso did not disappoint and will not complete the rotation. At least Gonzalo Higuain promises to release at the base. This promises great problems Dudelange and vivid emotions to fans who will see in the case one of the best scorers of modern football.


For Milan, going to Luxembourg is a warm-up and a chance for players who do not qualify. Higuain would not have come out, be healthy Patrick Coutron, but there are no other forwards from Milan. Even though the Rossoneri won one Serie A match in three rounds, and shared points with Cagliari on the weekends, to imagine that they will not defeat Dudelange is quite difficult.


Topplemeller's team defeated Cluj twice, it's a good start to the season, but not so good as to aim at an incredibly loud sensation. Yes, last season, Milan lost at the exit of Rijeka, but then the Rossoneri did not have Higuain. These players are just buying in order not to worry about the result in matches with very modest rivals. With Cagliari Gonzalo shot, with Dudelange should continue shooting. For those who like to take a chance - a bet on the goal of the hosts, who scored in all qualifying matches, nine goals for four games.

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