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Bavarian Mandela pay for mistakes

Bavarian Mandela pay for mistakes
Uli Hoeneß was the man who became Bayern Munich in one of the most powerful clubs in the world. Over the weekend, he returned to the presidential chair after spending nearly two years in prison for tax crimes.
"Uli is Nelson Mandela Street" Zebener "(the street on which is based the club)," said four years ago his friend Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, who will continue to occupy the position of director of the executive board of the club. That cult compared to South African freedom fighter sparked the dispute in the German press about the rise and fall of the boss of Bayern.
Had to happen unthinkable that prevent Hoeness to regain the post. Not only because he was the only candidate for president. In fact, everyone at the club were convinced that this should be done. Bavarian bosses waited eagerly he returns with his great talent to manage, with his charm, his strange angry reactions and his brilliant moves in the transfer market.
"It's great for Bayern and for all the fans that Uli is back. It is not a saint admitted errors, but paid for them," said now former club sports director Matthias Sammer.
The job of the president of Bayern Munich's more to coordinate and monitor. But daily activity, one that has become German football giant into a profitable company will continue to run from Rummenigge.
"I think me and Karl-Heinz will make Bayern even stronger. He will be the one responsible for the money, and I - for the heart," said Hoeness shortly before the presidential election. They are an attractive couple and proven for this club proud with their values, couple that it has led to a major financial and commercial success.
Munich keeps great recognition for Uli because he along with Franz Beckenbauer and Gerd Muller is one of the players from the great team of the 70s who fired Bayern to the top of world football. And in more recent times with good management ensured that the Bavarians are among the largest in Europe, but without loans and obligations like many other leading clubs. The list of adulation for him is endless. And hard to find someone to Hoeness criticized.
"His return is possible only because in football there is no morality - writes journalist Tilo Coma-Poel in his book" The Case Hoeness. "- Will be the only candidate for Bayern stretched the red carpet for him and his return. But that leaves doubts about democracy club. "
Without any remorse 280 thousand members with the right aloud (only 108 voted against and 58 abstained) returned to the post of the person for whom this is the most natural place.
Outside of football Uli Hoeness is president and owner of a large company for the production of sausages. As an entrepreneur, however he forgot the severity with which manages the club and was convicted of tax evasion in the amount of 28 mln. Euros paid in Swiss banks. He was sentenced to an effective sentence in 2014, forcing him to step down as president of Bayern Munich. I served 21 months behind bars, half of them were on the light regime, which obliged him to spend only nights in jail.
In sporting terms, Hoeness is back in a time when Bayern seemed stalled after several years of success. Under the guidance of Carlo Ancelotti's team has lost its dominant role in the championship. Lost first place in both the Bundesliga and in their group in the Champions League. And maybe the drug's return to success and strength of the team is exactly in the new-old president.