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Bavaria - PSG 21.07 Free free tips

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Bayern München - PSG forecast for friendly match from International Championship Cup. Let's enjoy a great clash, between two champions in your country, with a beer in hand in the middle of the hot summer.


In the following lines we will analyze the performance of the two teams, we will look at their results so far and will give our bet and forecast for Bayern Munich - PSG.


The rest of our professional football predictions for today can be found on the Reasoned Prediction page.

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Extremely awaited and seamless PSG and Bayern Munich became champions of their countries. Unfortunately, the teams again failed to reach the Champions League final, and their executioner was the same - the champion Real Madrid. The Parisians were eliminated in the eighth finals and the "Bavarians" turned their heads in the semi-final stage.


The goals for the two clubs for the current season are clear - the title of each tournament. The German champion kicks off with his official matches on August 12 in a duel for the Super Cup of Germany, then follows a match from the German Cup and on 24 August the team will start the season in the German Bundesliga. The French champion is coming out for the first trophy on August 4 against Monaco in the French Super Cup and on August 12 will seek a hit in League One against Cain.

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Bayern München - PSG Previous Games

All matches between the two teams are at the Champions League level.

In the group stage, this year's edition of the most commercial football tournament, the teams exchanged a home win.

Four are meetings with fewer or more than two goals.


Bayern München - PSG Statistics

The Bavarians won only two of their seven International Championship Cup matches.

The Germans allowed at least two goals in four of these matches.

PSG scored at least two goals in eight of its ten games for the past three years in the elite summer friendly tournament.

Six of these matches were won.

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Bayern München - PSG News

Germany and Poland dropped out of the newly-completed World Cup, and this is somewhat good news for Bayern Munich. So great team stars Thomas Muller, Mats Hummel Joshua Kimih, Manuel Norr and Robert Lewandowski will be able to start training with the team from the start.


PSG has also been featured at the World Cup with a large portion of its players. Killian Mabape, Toma Munier and Neimar will get a rest, and a debut for the team could make the legend Gianluigi Buffon.


Bayern München - PSG Bet

The Germans are highly favored in this match, and Paris's success rate in the upcoming match seems to be heightened. The Bavarians may have an advantage as the match will be played in neighboring Austria, but their traditions in this tournament are not particularly good.


It is hard to guess the final outcome of a clash between these two rivals, even more in the first pre-season control match. One thing is for sure, both teams can not cheat on their style despite the absence of some of the main figures. We are expecting a nice match, though friendly, in which the hits will not be a mirage.

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Our forecast for Bayern München - PSG is that the two teams score in the second half. The recommended bookmaker for such markets is Winbet. If you do not have an open account there, you can check out our Winbet betting site here.


The International Cup of Champions starts with this match. Last year, the trophy won the "Barcelona", and "Manchester City" finished second.

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But is that the point? No, any cup is a pleasant thing, but it's interesting to just watch the preparation of the teams, the formation of the composition, the entanglement of the newcomers. At "townspeople" all is habitual. Pep Guardiola spent one season on grafting his views and then took off all the cream in the Premier League. True, Europe did not submit, and there the footstep was put by the representative of England - "Liverpool". Well, now we have to play with the former team of Jurgen Klopp. Collections are returned to the English club. They are in different condition and they will be summed up by the individual program for the season. Unless Sana, who was detached from Germany, now has to work for two. All this will certainly affect the figure of the game. In a sense, the principles of Guardiola will not disappear anywhere, but everything is built on complex interactions, and in such a state it is impossible to perfectly play.


Where there are more problems with setting the game for the Dortmund. Last season the team uniquely overwhelmed. The dismissal of Thomas Tuchel was an unpleasant step, but necessary. Peter Steger initially saw a temporary figure, before the finish of the championship. And now the bet on Lucien Favre is made. He got amazingly bright teams in Mönchengladbach and Nice. However, everything ended after the first season. For some reason, the second team began to fail and the previous high level did not come out. Let's see further, whether the Swiss made conclusions from the previous work. Well, while waiting for the attacking football, this is prone to both "City" and Dortmund

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