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Bavaria - Manchester City 29.07 Free fixed tips



Free fixed tips



After the victorious victory in the Austrian meeting with the new champion of France Paris Saint-Germain (3: 1), the team of Niko Kovacs also crossed the Atlantic. But in the first match of the overseas tour, which took place on the night from Wednesday to Thursday Moscow time, Bayern with a dry score (0: 2) lost to Juventus. In the arena of Philadelphia, the Munich Grand Prix went out as follows (4-5-1):


Ulreich-Johanson, Stanisic, Martinez, Bernat-Gnabri, Shabani, Ville, Zillah, Ribery-Wagner;


As you can see, only five players played here from the champion team: Sven Ulrayh, Javi Martinez, Juan Bernat, Frank Ribery and Sandro Wagner. Further, during the match on the field appeared David Alaba, Rafinha, Arjen Robin and Renata Sansheesh. But, nevertheless, the absence of many team leaders led by Thomas Mueller, Hames Rodriguez and Robert Lewandowski significantly reduces the attacking potential of the Munich grandee. Recall, this time the championship of Germany starts the last of the quintet of top national leagues, and therefore Niko Kovac does not yet force preparations for the new season.

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But the coaching staff of the new champion of England is already fit to think about the current game form of citizens. Indeed, on August 5 in London, at Wembley Super Cup competition with the new owner of the FA Cup Chelsea. And a week later, on Sunday, August 12, the first calendar game of Josep Guardiola's team will take place at the London Arsenal.


Alas! In this overseas tour, the townspeople have already lost the second ball in a row. And the new offender of the "sheikhs", after Dortmund Borussia, became a more principled opponent - Liverpool (1: 2). At the end of this match, with a score of 1: 1, Josep Guardiola's team was already mentally preparing for a series of penalty shoot-outs, but in the 93rd minute the Merseyside earned the right to penalty penalty, which was clearly realized by the recent participant of the Russian Mundial, Senegalese Sadjo Manet.

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Their latest exhibition matches the new champions of Germany and England did not go in the optimal compositions. But, nevertheless, unlike the City, the starting lineup of Bavaria was at least half of the base players. Naturally, in the upcoming meeting experts give their preference to the Munich grandee: P1 - 2.20, P2 - 3.20.



On the eve of a new meeting between the two top rivals, one immediately remembers the recent battles of the current champions in the group tournament of the European club championship. The last of them took place on November 25, 2014 in Manchester, and ended with a home victory of the townspeople (3: 2). And now we bring to your attention the bet on the goals scored.

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Our forecast - both teams will score (yes) for 1.50.

Both teams will score (yes) 1.50



The Munich team has already held two matches at the tournament. The debut of Niko Kovac at the helm of the team turned out to be successful, but it should be taken into account that only the youth version of the PSG with "grandfather" Buffon at the head - 3: 1 was beaten.


The second game was not so successful - the German grand lost to Juventus - 0: 2. Wards Kovacs occupy an intermediate fourth place, earning three points. Nevertheless, the main thing is the opportunity to prepare for the new season, but not the result.


"Bavaria" is not yet very active in the transfer market. The Munichers intensified only by Leon Goretsky, whose transfer was announced as the season progressed, and Renate Sancheš and Serge Gnabri returned from the rent. Also, the club came 17-year-old striker Vancouver, Alfonso Davis, but this is clearly a deal for the future.

The international cup of champions "Bavaria" also started without the players who performed at the World Championships.

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"Manchester city"

Last year, the "townspeople" began this tournament with a defeat from Manchester United with a score of 0: 2. But then they won two games. There were alternately defeated the Madrid "Real" (4: 1) and "Tottenham" (3: 0).


This time the Manchester team is closing the tournament table, losing to Borussia (0: 1) and Liverpool (1: 2). Pep Guardiola plays in the US a deep reserve, so to wait for something serious from the British is not worth it.

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"City" bought only Riad Marez and Philip Sandler, left the team Angus Gunn, Pablo Maffeo, Kayode and Yaya Toure.


While the "citizens" can not count on the players who played at the World Championships and rest after the world championship.




Both teams in a friendly match will play without a number of leaders, with a fairly large number of young people, but still closer to the base looks "Bayern".

We believe that the Munich people will confidently cope with the British youth, so we put on the victory of "Bavaria" for 1.98. 0

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In the morning of Sunday in the duel of the International Cup of Champions will play Spanish Barcelona and English Tottenham. It is noteworthy that in their history these rivals have not met yet. I wonder who will be stronger in the first full-time game of opponents?


Barcelona last season took the first line of the tournament table of the Spanish Examples and the nearest pursuer, Madrid Atletico, ahead of 14 points. In the last 10 games, the nominal owners suffered 2 losses. It is also worth noting that after leaving the vacation, the "Catalans" of the control meetings have not yet been held.


Tottenham, in turn, took the third line of the tournament table of the English Premier League and won a ticket to the group round of the Champions League. Within the framework of the International Champions Cup, the "spurs" have already played one fights. In this confrontation the team from London outplayed with the score 1: 4 Italian Roma.

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Bookmakers in the upcoming game on the side of Barcelona, ​​although they give her a very high ratio. However, the "English" played well in the attack in the first meeting of the ICRC, so it is worth putting on both goals.


We propose to bet on the outcome of "both score" for the coefficient of 1.4

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Bavaria this summer held two matches, both in the MCH, first defeating PSG 3: 1, and then lost to Juventus 0-2. This summer the Germans changed their coach, Nico Kovacs now leads the German grandee to victories. Regarding purchases, there have not been major signings so far. It is worth noting the arrival in the team of Leon Gorecki from Schalke, as a free agent, plus the return from the rent of Renato Sancheš and Serge Gnabri. In summer, none of the foundations of the German grand team did not leave the team.


Manchester City, like the German rival, had two matches in the summer, and both lost to Borussia Dortmund 0: 1 and Liverpool 1: 2. "Townspeople" in the summer made yet one signing, for Leicester for 67.8 million euros, bought Riyad Marez. There is no loss to the team, except for a huge number of leased players who did not make their way under any sauce.

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The German and English team met 8 times between each other since 2011, with a 5: 3 confrontation in favor of Bavaria. From 8 matches to 4 teams played effectively, and the same number did not break the total. The preparation of the teams is gaining momentum, they must be added physically, which means that the game is shown more and more stable. I'm waiting for goals in the match between English and German champions. The rate: TB3.


Forecast: TB (3) with a coefficient of 1.85

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On Sunday, we are waiting for a confrontation between the "Bavaria" and "Man City", which will be held within the framework of the MCH. The last time the teams crossed in 2016, and then the German team was stronger - 1: 0. What will the upcoming game end? See the forecast.


"The Reds" were able to win another triumph in the domestic arena in a row, but they disappointed in European competition. Now the team instructs Kovac, who seems to have found an approach to his players, because he managed to replay 3: 1 PSG.

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"Citizens" incredibly spent the season in the Premier League, because the team without problems won the "gold", and even with a large margin. Most likely, that Guardiola will not stop there, because he continued to strengthen the team. In the recent sparring with "Borussia D" they lost - 0: 1, but the field did not come out the basis.

Forecast for the match "Bayern" - "Man City", TB2.5. It can not be said that the teams scored their best condition, so opponents will make mistakes. Most likely, that we are waiting for a pretty productive game.

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