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Battery - what is it?

Battery - what is it?


Batteries are always greeted with a mixed reaction. Some people avoid them, while others see them as a great side bet. Novices in the world of gambling are often tempted by the high ratio and the possibility to win big with a small bet. The main advantage is precisely the potential profit, but the risk is much greater than betting singles.

Imagine that betting on three separate events, each as a single. For example, play three games. The chance to know three is small, so if you combine all these three selections in the battery and do not know even one event you will not win anything. The good thing here is that a bet that is much smaller than the total amount that you bet on 3 single meeting can take the same profit in a favorable outcome.

Batteries are named according to how many selections you choose. Three selections have triple in five - quintuple, etc. Let's compare the triple battery with single bets:


    Bet 1-1 E at odds. 3.00

    Bet 2-1 E at odds. 1.70

    Bet 3-1 E at odds. 4.00

    Bet 4-1 E at odds. 2.00


If you know all these meetings as a single 4 will have a gain of 6.70 E if you remove the pledge from 4 E. Now let's assume that you know the meetings with the battery. With a bet of 4 E these four meetings will take 163 E. Here comes the big difference between battery and single - when the batteries odds meetings are multiplied each other and builds a much bigger factor than if you play singles. Everything sounds great in theory, but the risk is much higher. For example, you already know the first 3 meetings and waiting for the final to win big. If it does not come out you lose the bet.