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Australia - Peru 26.06 Free fixed tips


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In a match of group C of the final rivals are the teams of Australia and Peru. Australia were logically considered outsiders in this group, but they still won a point against Denmark, which at least currently gives them some, though minimal, chances to qualify. But this passes through a mandatory victory in this match and a loss of Denmark against France, which seems rather difficult. The team from South America shows quite attractive football and only luck against Denmark, where they had the advantage, but they missed a lot of chances plus a penalty. Against France, they also performed well, especially in the second half. I think they are on the class team and will win their first and top three points on this world class. Forecast - 2

Forecast 2, co. 2.47, bet 10, tipner asenlv

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Australia and Peru are coming out of a C group match. The Kangarot have 1 point to come to a draw with Denmark 1-1 and a loss to France at the start of the World Cup. Australia still has chances to qualify and skip the group but must necessarily win this match and rely on France to beat Denmark. Peru, on the other hand, played quite well both matches, but eventually lost from Denmark with 1: 0 and France with 1: 0. Thus the Incas have no chance of jumping from the group and occupy the last place with a 0 point asset. My prognosis for this match is 1 draw There is no bet because I think it is not off and sign X Good luck!

Forecast DNB 1, co. 2.20, bet 10, Tymosher Gyumov

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Hello, there is no way for the two teams not to score goals. Peru has twice lost by 1: 0, but today they will be free of tension and will play hard because they can. Australia will finish most of its matches with a goal scored and will not make an exception. They still have a chance to qualify because I think that France will beat Denmark, that is, they will have to attack. Which means to put in, but to leave spaces to Peru.

Forecast Y / F, co. 1.82, bet 10, tipster kumchowalcho


The sympathetic kangaroos have beaten the world with their hearty play on this World, with the impression of their good physical training, which is characteristic of both teams, that in a word we can characterize their performance in the finals and they are: bad luck. . while the Australians did not get to draw a decent draw with France, the Peruvians fired a penalty in the match against the Danes and it was a turning point in their game .... now as much as we hold our fingers for Australia, our game is tending to two, but considering the fight and open play of both teams, I will look for my trademark in the predictions

Forecast +3.5, coe. 3.70, bet 10, tipper tzapurko

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Australia and Peru in the final match of their group, where the Australians still have some hopes to continue. To do this they must necessarily beat Peru's team (who has no chances), but also hope for France (surely ranked) to beat Denmark (who needs a point to continue). Australia fell 2-1 from France after an unfortunate late autogol. Then he made 1-1 against the Danes in an interesting match as one could say that they had chances for the victory, especially at the end of the match. Australia scored two goals so far, which came after two well-executed penalties. Peru had their good positions against both France and Denmark, but they did not manage to score a goal. Now is their chance. I do not expect a final winner here, as I'm more likely to be 1 or X.

Forecast X, co. 3.37, bet 10, typist levskisofiq

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Battle for Australia is not over yet, but for that purpose will have to deal with the already dropped team of Peru. In view of Australia's last performance against Denmark, this should not be a problem, and the team will again be able to look at the 1/8 finals as in 2006.

Australia won only one point of the previous two rounds, but this point could help them jump over the group. Although there is a lack of Angelos Postcoglu who actually ranked the team to the World Cup finals, Australia has good motivation and with luck can deal with one of the most unsuccessful teams in Peru, and they have to hope and a certain result of the match between France and Denmark. In the Australian team this time there will be changes after Bert van Marvayk played with the same team in both matches so far.

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Match of the 3rd round of the group stage of the 2018 World Cup Australia-Peru will be held on Tuesday 26 June at 17:00 (MSK) at the Fisht Stadium in Sochi.

Team Peru lost both matches with the same score 0: 1 and lost the chances of getting into the playoffs of the World Championship. And Australia after the defeat from France played a draw with the Danish national team and retains the chances of reaching the 1/8 finals. To do this, she must beat the Peruvians and expect that Denmark will lose to France. Chances a little, but still in this situation it would be logical to consider Australia the favorite of the match against Peru.

Nevertheless, bookmakers prefer the South American team. Yes, she plays very emotionally and is well prepared for the Championship physically. But two starting rounds showed that the national team of Peru is at least no stronger than Australia. By the way, both teams have not won for a long time at the world championships.

Australia won its last victory in 2010 over Serbia, after which it played five games on the Mundiales, losing four of them. In addition, she misses in 12 matches of the World Championships in a row. The last time the Australians played zero in 1974 with Chile - then the match ended in a goalless draw. By the way, this is the only of 15 fights with the participation of Australia, in which she did not miss a single goal. As for the national team of Peru, this team won its last victory at the World Championships in 1978 over Iran with a score of 4: 1, after which it lost six of eight matches, scoring only two goals. In the upcoming game with Australia, Peruvians are likely to be able to hit the target, but only once and to win this will not be enough.

In this case, it will be advantageous to bet on the victory of Australia with a zero handicap. It is highly possible to assess the likelihood that both teams will score, and the overall performance of the meeting will exceed two goals.


Free soccer tips

Australia will win with a handicap (0); both teams will score; total more than 2.5 goals.



Before the start of the tournament the Australians were recorded in the group's outsiders, but they had a worthy resistance to the starry French. The productivity and variability of Scandinavian attacks, as before, depend on the game that Eriksen will show. Against Peru, Christian played not the best match of the season, but several times cut through the defense of the opponent, giving in the end an assistant to the only goal in the match. The Australians are able to impose a power struggle on their opponents, but if the Danes actively use fast transfers, the low class of defenders of the Van Marveyka team will make themselves felt.


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Both teams now and close there are no class strikers. The country of Preben Larsen-Elkjaer now has no attacker comparable in level even with Bendtner in his best years, and the Australians now no one stands and the left foot of Mark Viduka, but forgive Tomi Yurich and Andrew Nabbut. If the Danes choose primitive football with a lot of fighting and canopies, then the Australians will be able to cope with this.


Given the fight against Peru, the Danes missed only one goal in the last seven matches, and the one in the fight against the Irish, who scored five goals in return. Apart from Eriksen, the strongest Scandinavian players are gathered in the defensive line. Simon Kjer and Andreas Christiansen are pillars of defense, before which Australians are unlikely to be able to deliver unsolvable tasks. In extreme cases, behind them is Schmajhel, who has long since disposed of the prefix "junior".

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The French, like most of the favorites of mundialya in the first round did not justify all advances. Peru will most likely continue to play his football, but playing on the oncoming courses with a team where there are reactive Dembele and Mbappa in the attack line will almost certainly turn into a fiasco. It should be remembered that just in the last World Cup in the second round, France scored five goals against the strong Swiss team, much more sophisticated in major tournaments than Peru.


Didier Descham's charges against Australia were not as confident as they were expected, but top teams are usually drawn into the World Cup gradually. We expect that the French from the first minute rushes at the gates of Pedro Gales. Peruvians are a much less experienced team, and they must take risks after the defeat in the first round, revealing the rear and creating free zones for fast-moving galls.


Grizmann and Pogba, in case of victory in this match, they will be able to solve the issue of reaching the playoffs, after which it will be possible to play the first place in the group with Denmark in the last round. Peruvians in the match against Denmark offended stumbled, but did 17 whole attacks on the opponent's goal, showing an attractive, attacking football. In case of defeat, the Incas will lose almost all the chances of seceding from the group. There is nowhere to retreat, behind Lima.

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