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What are the odds and how to calculate

What are the odds and how to calculate


Each player must know what relation odds with the chance of a team or player to win or lose. The coefficients expressing precisely this correlation between chances and current status, showing different types of values. In this article, which is part of our guide will introduce you to the odds. Before you start betting, you will learn how to identify koetifitsientite, what exactly are they, and not least how to calculate correctly.


Odds - definition and types

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    What are the odds and their standards

    odds types




    Converting Decimal odds in the US and vice versa

    Analyzing odds


1. Definition and standard coefficients


To be able to bet, we need coefficients and we can win, you need to analyze them and check, to prepare them yourself. Most standard three.


    1.1. The first is to win, that you just have to select the team from the winning side. It is normal to the favorite is a smaller factor until the outsider with larger. For example, Real Madrid has a 1.20 coefficient victory against Racing Santander, betting on Barcelona and they win. You bet 10 lev, earning 12 and your net profit is 2 lev.


    1.2. The next very familiar odds betting is that of handicap. In it you have a chance to bet on the difference in outcome between the two teams. You can support favorite with artificial lead an outsider and thus find big factor. For example, Real Madrid played with Santander, but you're on a -2 goal handicap for Madrid. Real beat 3: 0 and so the rate was 2. You bet 10 lev, earning 20.


    1.3. We must not forget the factors above and below the goals or points in a match. For example, if Real and Santander have a ratio of more than 3.5 goals 1.75 if you bet 10 lev and Real beat 3: 1, will collect 17.50.


    1.4. More exotic bets are for more advanced, but of great interest to all players in the online bookmakers. Batteries offering odds when you bet a few predictions in a few games. These batteries are not easy to knowledge, but they have higher profit because the odds of the individual forecasts are multiplied at each other, then the bet. You can combine over / under with a final score or handicap.


    1.5. Odds of type "Pliyzari" bring the most profits. There must combine bets with hendikapove against your favorite, where it is most difficult to win, but the money is pretty serious.


    1.6. Teaser bets are gay. There you handicap to support their favorite and combined to bring your profit. It relies on secure and rate is not great, but the risk is less. Read more about the types of bets.


    1.7. So-called "if-bets" does combine two coefficients. The first bet must come to the second can take effect. Does this happen, you can use profits from the first bet to reinforce the second.


2. Types odds


    2.1. American odds are quite interesting, although not easy to read. We will show you how you can earn a 100 lev. If a team has a ratio with a plus sign in front of him, then you can bet below 100 lev to win at least 100 lev. If the sign is opposite and less need to bet more than 100 lev to retract the said amount.


    American odds


    Here are four examples:

        Team A: -150 odds

        Team B: + 200 ratio

        Team B: + 600 ratio

        Team D: +1000 odds


    It is obvious that Team A has the smallest ratio and ff favorite. If you bet on him to win, you have to risk more than 100 lev. In this case you will have to put 150 lev to pick up 100. The other factors reverse is the case. Team B will bring 100 lev at stake 50, Team B will bring 100 lev at stake from 16.67 lev, while D team will bring 100 lev in bet of only 10. It's not easy to understand, but is convened and unimpressive later.

    2.2. Fractional odds are quite popular in the UK.


    Fractional Odds example


    For example, we have 4/7 odds boxer 1 and 3/2 odds boxer 2. To understand this, you should know that fractions that are less than one means the favorite and back - others link to the underdog. Clearly, favorite boxer is 1. Again, the bettor must put over 100 lev to win 100 lev if seeking victory on the favorite and vice versa, if you bet on the underdog surprise. In this case the player must risked 7 lev to win 4 in the first bet. If you use the latter, 2 lev to win 3. This is the main draw.

    2.3. We came to decimal odds standard used mainly in Europe and in Bulgaria. Decimal or European odds are those which most Bulgarians know.


    decimal odds


    For example, we have a tennis match in which one player has a coefficient 1.50, while player 2 by a factor of 2.45. Of course, here, player 1 is at stake, that we have to put more than 100 lev to pick 100 lev. In this case it is the favorite. Thus, to take 100 lev, we can put twice as much as a factor of 2 only brings us exactly double the doubling of money. In fact, staking 200 Levs of player 1, you can search these 100 lev profit. Back to player 2, you can take 100 lev-145 lev net profit totaling 245.


3. How to convert Decimal factor in US and vice versa?


Depending on where in the world you are, it is possible for you to be more comfortable seeing odds betting a certain way. With so many converters odds online Have you ever wondered how you can easily convert decimal American-type factor and vice versa, without using a calculator? Here is the answer.


The most common odds betting are American and decimal. If you're betting with bookmakers EUROPEAN you're used more likely to use Decimal odds. Before you dive in fact in how to convert decimal odds in America, there is something that needs to be clarified first.


The main difference between decimal and American odds (also known as "factors monetary line" or simply "line") is that US rates are marked with positive and negative numbers, which would mean that there are two formulas for their transformation in larger or smaller than the 2.00 decimal factor, equivalent to a positive or negative coefficient of America respectively.


Positive numbers represent the amount that the player will win if you bet 100 units of any currency. US odds of -150, for example, means that you have to risk 150 BGN. To have a net profit of 100 BGN. Negative numbers, on the other hand, represent the amount you need to bet to spend 100 leva. pure profit. Read our article "Comparison of US and decimal odds" to learn more about how to calculate profits with different types of odds.

Option №1: Conversion from Decimal to US Overall:


a. To convert Decimal odds of 2.00 or greater, follow the following formula:


US ratio = (Decimal - 1) x 100


To see how the formula practical, here's calculation of the conversion factor of 2.50 and 5.40 in American type factor:


Decimal odds = 2.50

US ratio = (2.50 - 1) x 100 = 1.50 x 100 + 150 =


Decimal odds = 5.40

US ratio = (5.40 - 1) x 100 = 4.40 x 100 = +440


b. To convert decimal odds of less than 2.00 in the US factor will use the following formula instead of the previous one:


US ratio = (-100) / (Decimal - 1)


Let us now transform coefficient of 1.50 and 1.80 in American type factor:


Decimal odds = 1.50

US ratio = (-100) / (1.50-1) = (-100) /0.50 = -200

Decimal odds = 1.80

US ratio = (-100) / (1.80-1) = (- 100) = -125 0.80

Option №2: Transformation of America in decimal odds:


If you are fully aware of US rates, there are only two rules that you will need to remember to convert any US factor Decimal odds.


US positive factors divide monetary line 100 and add 1.


Decimal odds = (US odds / 100) + 1


Let's give odds + 200 + 600 and for example:


American odds + 200 =

Decimal odds = (200/100) +1 = 2 + 1 = 3.00

American odds + 600 =

Decimal odds = (600/100) + 1 = 6 + 1 = 7.00


Negative American odds, divide 100 US factor, not taking into account its negative sign and add the resulting value to 1.00


Decimal odds = (100 / US ratio) +1


Here's how to convert odds of -130 and -900 in decimal odds type:


US ratio = -130

(100/130) + 1 = 0,769 + 1 = 1,769

US ratio = -900

(100/900) = 1 + 0.111 + 1 = 1.111

4. Analysis of the coefficients


The next step is to start to analyze the odds. Online bookmakers have flaws and sometimes you can take advantage of them. In this case it is important to look at the proposals for matches and without looking at the odds, but simply to study, to select its forecast. Thus eliminating the chance to respond on the odds offered by the site. Then you can make your model coefficients and only then make them comparable to those of the bookmaker.


If you see a big difference, but sure in your research, try your luck betting sometimes underdog or choosing a side bet that you think unnaturally high. Even if you do not hit in the long term it can bring you a lot dividends. They also are betting and big players.


And here we have to target sites with the highest ratios and those with the greatest odds outsiders. There is little bet can bring big profits.

Thank you for visiting our website, where you can have access to the best professional soccer predictions worldwide.