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While in the Champions League still the first leg are played, are in the Europa League semi-round already on the second leg. On Thursday, Valencia CF receives Celtic Glasgow at the Estadio de Mestalla. Kick-off is at 18:55.


After the 2-0 victory in Scotland, the Spaniards are already one leg in the second round. The two goals will pave Valencia's way to the next round. Chances are good: In the group stage, the bats won two of the three home games.


Celtic needs at least two goals in Valencia to turn the tide. Is the return game surprisingly developing into a football thriller? After all, the Scots kicked in the preliminary round RB Leipzig from the competition.


Marcelino, Valencia coach


Forecast, Listing, odds & odds: FC Valencia - Celtic Glasgow

After it was enough in the premier class group phase only to third place, Valencia slipped into the Europa League second round. After the 2-0 win the Spaniards are already as good as in the second round. In La Liga they are still behind. After the false start, the team of coach Marcelino has indeed done a lot of ground well, the current position (9th place) but still does not meet the actual requirements. Three points are missing to fight for the international business. Recently, there were three draws in a row. While Valencia is considered the draw king in the Spanish league (14 draws in 24 games), the team split on international territory only twice the points. In the second leg, coach Marcelino will be without Geoffrey Kondogbia, who is missing a yellow card. Center-back Gabriel Paulista is also missing injured.


In the Scottish league, Celtic Glasgow are well on the way to the next title. With eight points ahead of the Rangers, the Green-Whites lead the league. In 26 Scottish Premiership games, there were 19 wins, three draws and four defeats. In the Europa League, the situation is tense after the 0: 2 in their own stadium. Especially with Daniel Arzani, Ebuoe Kouassi, Tom Rogic, Filip Benkovic and Kieran Tierney some staff fails. Midfielder Leigh Griffiths will play Oliver Burke. With united strength, the Scots want to give everything again. The away goals control plays Celtic in the cards. With two goals they are back in the race.


In the first leg, the Spaniards coming from the Champions League were clearly superior to the Scots. In the first leg, it was Denis Cheryshev and Rubén Sobrino who made the difference with their goals. But nothing is decided yet. With a hit Glasgow brings in again tension. Celtic will fight for 90 minutes unconditionally to get any further. We believe it will result in a draw, but tend to go from a 1-1 draw. Valencia will invest little, while Celtic will throw everything in the balance. At 888sport you get a strong 4.20 quota on a draw!


Can Valencia win at home against Celtic Glasgow?

Celtic Glasgow will play in the second leg of the UEFA Europa League sixteenth final, at 21.55 on 21 February at Valencia. After the Scottish side suffered a 0-2 defeat at home to the South Spaniards, they will have a hard time beating the Spaniards in the Estadio Mestalla. Especially as they play in Europe away rather weak and Valencia stride with a Zweitorepolster in the home game. We also know from experience that the Spaniards are very strong at home, which makes it difficult for the visitors to win, because in this case Celtic Glasgow would have to score two goals in order to obtain an extra time, provided the Spaniards do not score , Before starting the analysis of both teams, I would say that a direct comparison of the opponents is difficult, as FC Valencia entered the Europa League in the second round immediately after the Champions League group-out and Celtic Glasgow played through the group stage. So we have Celtic's scores from seven matches and Valencia from one match.



are home strong and Celtic Glasgow could win only one away game in the Europa League

a 0-0 or 0-1 would be enough to get ahead



At least two goals must be scored to get an extension, that is, offensive play calling is inevitable

can better control the ball in their own ranks

Current form Valencia CF

In the Champions League, the players of coach Marcelino lost at home so far only one game and decided two games for themselves. They were good in these games for five goals, while four were admitted. The first leg against Celtic Glasgow they could clearly dominate in Paradise Park. Early on, they showed that they were the better team. They also had more chances to score, which is why the Scots are lucky that they lost 2-0. Eight shots were fired, five of which hit the goal and only one was blocked. The backlash worked well. 58 percent came to the flanks. They were just as strong in the passing game. To 82 percent, the passes were accurate. Exciting is the value of the ball possession, which indicates only 39 percent. The defense took on four tackles and were able to retake the ball 46 times. These are strong numbers in our opinion. Keeper Neto only had to parry twice and he did not allow a goal, as we know. Basically, the Scots can surpass the Spaniards only the ball possession. Marcelino will miss Gabriel Paulista, Rodrigo and Cristiano Piccini in the upcoming match due to injury. Rodrigo is actually one of the strong scorers of the Spaniards, however, Marcelino can rely in the Europa League on Denis Cherystev and Ruben Sobrino. Both scored one goal each and were good for one original each. The real scorer at Valencia FC would actually be Dani Parejo. In 22 games of the Spanish LaLiga he scored six goals and shared three assists. He leads his team in terms of counters. So far they have played three times against Celtic Glasgow. The other two games took place in 2001. Nonetheless, they were able to win all three games.


Current form Celtic Glasgow

As mentioned in the introduction, the Scots abroad have a tremendous weakness to complain about. Only one game could win them away. Two games were lost. Only two goals they landed in the three away games, while they allowed five. This is a totally different picture compared to the Champions League or Europa League qualification. Because in these games they only lost an away game. Sure, the opponents were not as strong in these games, but they could certainly put on a level with RB Leipzig or RB Salzburg, at least they are almost equally strong. Back to the Europa League finals. In total, they were good in six games for six goals. They fired 65 shots, of which only 26 went straight to the gate and 17 were blocked. So far, they have had a backlash that was 55 percent accurate. The ball they can control 51 percent in their ranks and their passing game is 81 percent accurate. So much for the rather dry facts. These can be supplemented with 35 duels of defense, as well as by 281 reconquered balls. Goalkeeper Scott Bain had to convince through 17 parades and his Gegentorschnitt is 1.4. The players under Brendan Rodgers have to miss Eboue Kouassi, Daniel Arzani, Filip Benkovic and Tom Rogic in the upcoming match due to injury. It is gratifying that Leigh Griffiths is back and he could already write with a goal in the Europa League. Odsonne Edouard has met twice so far. Two assits meanwhile shared James Forrest and for each a counter were still Olivier


Analyse der Zusammensetzung und Taktikprognose

Valencia 4-4-2 | Celtic 4-2-4


Valencia ändert sich nicht und spielt erneut 4-4-2. Der Besuch hat zu Hause kaum etwas verändert. Sie spielen konsequent diese Taktik. Spielt nicht Picbacks Verteidiger ab und ersetzt ihn Vass. Celtic ist auch in seinem Stil 4-2-4 (4-2-3-1), mehr Angriffsstil. Es ist notwendig zu gewinnen, deshalb hat es keinen Sinn, etwas zu ändern.


Vorhersage für das Spiel Valencia - Celtic

Im ersten Spiel begann Celtic recht gut, ziemlich gut. Er besaß die Initiative, gab ein paar Angriffe von guter Qualität aus, realisierte die Momente jedoch nicht. Fledermäuse, die Nummer zwei spielten, konterten gut und erzielten ihre Tore. Vielleicht haben sie weniger Momente geschaffen, waren aber am Ende genau, und deswegen haben sie zwei Tore erzielt.


Im Allgemeinen spielt Valencia im europäischen Wettbewerb sogar besser als in LL. Sie gewannen 2 der 3 Heimspiele in der Champions League, 3: 1 gegen die Young Boys und 2: 1 über M.Yu. Und wenn sie nicht in eine so komplexe Gruppe mit zwei Spitzen fallen würden, hätten sie jetzt in der Champions League spielen können.


In LL sind die Dinge immer noch nicht sehr gut. Im letzten Spiel haben sie wieder unentschieden gespielt und dieses war bereits 14 Unentschieden in "Fledermäusen". Trotzdem kämpft das Team weiterhin für den europäischen Wettbewerb. Von dem sechsten Platz trennt sie nur 4 Punkte.


Celtic in der heimischen Meisterschaft liegt mit 8 Punkten Vorsprung vor seinen nächsten Rivalen. Kennen Sie die Probleme. Aber auf einer Party spielt das Team sehr schlecht, ich spreche von Europapokalen. Sie haben in dieser Saison einen Auswärtssieg im europäischen Wettbewerb gewonnen, 3 verloren und 6 Gegentore kassiert. Von Quali flog die Champions League erneut und verlor bei AEKA mit 1: 2. Da war Süduv 1: 1. Nur ein erzwungener Sieg über Rosenborg. Wie Sie sehen können, sind Gastspiele schwierig, Brendan Rogers abzuwehren.


Im kommenden Spiel müssen sie zwei Punkte erzielen, um auf alles hoffen zu können. Valencia gibt den Ball zurück und spielt auch zu Hause auf der Theke. Und das Gefühl, Baumwolle anzugreifen und mit einem Handicap von 2 Toren zu rollen? Celtic wird aufgrund seines Angriffsstils in der Hoffnung auf Erfolg voranschreiten. Vielleicht sollten sie punkten, sie sollten punkten, aber sie werden es wieder an den Schaltern erhalten. Die Gastgeber wissen, wie man in diesem Stil spielt, vor allem zu Hause, wo sie nur 2 Spiele verloren haben und sich nicht beleidigen. Ich warte hier auf Ziele und werde den Eigentümern den Vorzug geben. Es wird für sie einfacher in Bezug auf die erzielten Tore.


On 21 February, Celtic will try to play a two-goal handicap in Valencia in the return leg of the 1-16 final. Will the Scots be able to surprise the football audience? Our prediction


The two goals scored in the first away match allowed Valencia's chances to reach the next round to almost 100%. Scored goals Cheryshev and Ruben Sobrino.


In the second leg in the home arena of the "bats" a draw could be sufficient. And the defeat of the Scots in a ball also gives the Spaniards a ticket to the next round.


After the fight with Celtic, the Levantis returned to their usual path. In the next round of the championship of Spain, the stations of Marcelino Toral associated with Espanyol. For Valencia, this is the fourth draw in their last seven games. The bats win three more hits.


The defenders Gabriel Paulista and Cristiano Piccini as well as the striker Rodrigo remain in question. Serve a repeal of Joffrey Kondogbia and Facundo Roncaglia.



After losing to Valencia Celtic managed to beat Kilmarnock in the national championship, which he held a small lead over the competitors.


While white greens are successful in the Scottish league, in the European league, Celtic is not surprised by the competitors in the fields. In the group stage, the Scots lost to Salzburg (1: 3) and Leipzig (0: 2).


The hospital houses Kieran Tirni, Tom Rogich, Lee Griffiths and Eboue Kouassi.


Statistics and personal meetings

Valencia have scored at least two goals in five of their last seven games.

"Valencia" she just lost a meeting of the last 11.

At home Valencia has not lost in the last 12 games.

Celtic have won eight of their last nine games.

On the road, the Scots won 7 of 11 previous official games and lost twice.



Despite good statistics, the odds of taking Celtic's victory are slim. Most Scots have achieved success in the domestic arena, but there is nothing to boast about in games with peers in the Euro-Arena. The result of the first game obliges the guests to open as they must win back two goals, allowing the hosts to play successfully against the counterattack.


Our prediction is for Valencia to score 1-2 goals in 2.10