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Valencia - Atletico 20.08 Free soccer tips



Free soccer tips

On Monday, we will wait for the game of the first round of the La Liga, in which the "Valencia" will fight with "Atletico". In the past game year, the collectives painted the world 0-0. How will this match end? We'll figure out.


"Bats" finished fourth, behind "Real" only three points. Now Marcelinho received reinforcement, so the club is waiting for the fight for a place in volume-3. In friendly rounds the team looked powerful - 3: 2 beat Everton and 3: 0 "Brighton".


"Mattress" started with a win in the UEFA Super Cup. Special enhancements the club can not boast, but they managed to keep the leading players, which is already good. In friendly confrontations the team looked mediocre, but the leaders did not take part.

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Forecast for the match "Valencia" - "Atletico", TB2. If you take in general, then the collectives are quite powerful, besides, no one wants to start with a loss. Most likely, we will see at least a couple of balls.

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Valencia since the Madrid club began to increase the pace, the team has ceased to win it. So the last success of Valencia is dated already in 2014, and even before this victory there were a number of lose-lose matches. An extremely uncomfortable opponent is now waiting for "bats" in the starting meeting, which also started the season perfectly, but more on that later. Valencia herself mediocre played friendly matches, too bright in the transfer market was not, and from that too many improvements should not be expected. While Valencia still will be so inferior to Madrid.


Atletico Madrid in the capital's Spanish derby in the UEFA Super Cup proved to be beyond praise. The team defeated "creamy" 4: 2 within the limits of overtime, literally mocking the defense of the Royal Club in a number of goals scored. Even somewhere in some places Simeone's wards easily dealt with the defense of Real Madrid. The club just perfectly started the season, all the leaders in the ranks, the backbone is completely left.

Free soccer tips

In one of the fights of the first round of the Spanish examples will play Valencia and Madrid Atletico. Last season, these rivals held two full-time meetings. In one of these matches was a draw, the second game was left for the "mattress". I wonder who will be stronger in the upcoming game of opponents?


Valencia last season took the 4th line of the tournament table of the Spanish championship, earning in the 38 rounds 73 points. After a short summer break, the "bats" held six control matches. In these meetings Marcelino's wards scored 3 wins, having played twice in a draw and suffered one defeat.


Atletico, in turn, from the first Barcelona fell 14 points and took 2nd place in the standings Examples. After leaving the vacation, the "mattress" also played 6 friendly matches, in which they suffered 2 losses. It should be noted that in the week the team Diego Simeone won the UEFA Super Cup, finishing in his final in extra time, Real Madrid - 2: 4.

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Bookmakers in the upcoming game on the side of Atletico, although they give on his victory a very high ratio. However, both teams only enter the season, moreover, their face-to-face meetings are very rarely issued effective. Based on this, it will be reasonable to put on a small total of goals scored.


We propose to bet on the outcome of "total less than 2.5" for a factor of 1.63

August 20 at 21:00 at the stadium "Mestalla" will meet Valencia and Atletic Madrid in the opening match of the new season of the Spanish Examples.

Free soccer tips

Valencia earned 73 points and finished in the previous championship on the 4 th place in the standings. Examples of Spain, getting into the group stage of the UEFA Champions League. In the inter-season period, "bats" held 6 friendly games, of which they won in 3 games, lost one in 1, and played in a draw in 2 games. Over the year, the "orange" played 13 home games, of which 9 wins, 2 losses and 1 draw.


Atletico Madrid earned 79 points and finished the last championship as a second team. Examples of the past season. In the summer, the "red and white" held 3 friendly matches, 2 of them wins and 1 draw, and 3 games of the MCH, ending with 1 victory and 2 losses. Football players Diego Simeone beat in the tournament race of their compatriots from Real and became triumphs of the Europa League of the current season. "Mattresses" in 2018 had 16 away games, of which 9 wins, 5 losses, and 2 draws.

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Last opponents opponents in the last championship in Valencia ended in a draw (0: 0), in the second leg in Madrid the match ended with a score of 1: 0 in favor of Atletico. Now again I'm waiting for a grass-roots confrontation from the teams. The rate: TM2.


Forecast: TM (2) with a coefficient of 2.16

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In the first round of the Spanish championship, one meeting can be singled out, which stands out clearly against the background of the others. It's about the battle between Valencia and Atletico Madrid. The event will be held at the stadium "Mestalla". Such a signboard rarely even boasts even movie stars from the company Marvel. Both teams under the cerebral cortex bear such a wonderful feeling as ambition.


"Mattresses" and "bats" - representatives of the golden four of the Spanish Examples, you yourself understand the degree of interest in the future confrontation. We do not want to single out a favorite, on paper the composition of the team is stronger than the Madrid team, but on the side of Valencia there will be a trump card in the form of a native arena. Whose maps will be stronger? Let's try to analyze as much as possible in detail all the near-football kitchen.

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The "Orange" conducted diligent training through comradely skirmishes. It is possible to recall five extreme similar matches, where in two cases our heroes of today turned out to be successful. Also there are two worlds against Leicester, Lausanne and a loss from PSV. Beyer and Everton managed to outwit. Opponents are not bad, but already in the first round Marcelino and his guys expect a serious check.


The management is not very active on the transfer market, in the new season the collective enters with the old face. The main achievement is that it was possible to save Marcelino, who became the smith of happiness of "bats" after many years of hibernation. Another advantage can be that the season is just beginning and obviously the opponent is not fully rolled into it.

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"Indians" have already registered in the new season with a positive side. In the match for the European Super Cup, our heroes of today defeated Real Madrid. The situation was in Tallinn and in the main time the teams could not determine the winner. After a total of ninety minutes, the score is 2: 2. "Creamy" trite did not have enough for an additional thirty minutes and they let two more goals.


Especially pleased Diego Costa, who seems to have decided to take up his mind. Little scandalous moments on the field were seen with the participation of this Spanish Brazilian, which is very rare. "Red and white" looked great, there's no point arguing. Diego Simeone continues to bend the line, which he asked at the beginning of his career. "Indians" have all the chances to leave with the nose of "bats".

Free soccer tips

Forecast for this match

Equal line on the reporting match makes you think about the bet on the total, but we propose to take risks. "Bats" often start the season with failures, and the home arena can not help. About the "Indians" we know that they have beaten Madrid Real in a recent match. In this situation, the hand itself stretches to put on a sweet ratio.

The final match of the starting round of the Spanish La Liga will be its main decoration. After all, there are two members of the Champions League, which in this offseason have worked great in the transfer market.

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