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Saudi Arabia - Egypt 25.0 25.06 Free fixed tips


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The Uruguayan team worked very hard in the first round to earn three points. Egypt did not give the star attack Uruguayans virtually no chance, and Luis Suarez frankly did not play the game. Saved the team Oscar Tabares angular in the last minute of the match, which Uruguayans successfully turned into a goal.

In the second fight, Uruguay did not experience any problems at all, easily overtaking Saudi Arabia. With the efforts of Luis Suarez, Uruguay opened the scoring in the middle of the first half, but did not rush the opponent. Several desperate races of Saudi Arabia ended in dangerous moments, but in the second half Tabares wards completely took the game from their goal, not allowing the opponent to create a single point.

On the eve of the duel with Russia, the Uruguayan team coach gave an interview in which he did not underestimate the importance of the upcoming meeting. Tabares challenged his team, saying that Uruguay must win or die. Uruguayans showed that they are in good shape, the team knows how to produce the result, so the victory will definitely be played.

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As it was said above, this fight has practically no tournament value. And Saudi Arabia, and Egypt, losing two starting matches, lost the chance of getting into the playoffs. In the face-to-face meeting they will determine the team that will finish the group tournament in the third position. In this case, Egypt, which has the best goal difference, can even play a draw and still remains above Saudi Arabia.

In this game, bookmakers are betting on the victory of Egypt, assessing the probability of such an outcome is above 50%. The African team lost to Uruguay with a minimum score of 0: 1 lost 1: 3 and Russia. And during the meeting, she lost 0-3 and only after that Mohammed Salah realized a penalty, will allow his team to escape from defeat. By the way, after the game, Salakh had a conflict with the leadership of the national football federation and there is a high probability that he will not play against Saudi Arabia. Moreover, he should heal the shoulder injury and not expose himself to the risk of aggravating the damage in a match that does not decisive from a tournament standpoint. However, even without Salah Egypt must beat Saudi Arabia. This team plays football, which does not suit her at all. Saudi Arabia could count on counterattacks, then it tries to play first number and most of its attacks - positional. Given the rather low level of performing skills of the players of this team, even in the confrontation with Egypt, it can remain without scored goals - for the third consecutive time at this World Championship.


Both teams prematurely guaranteed themselves a place in the playoffs, gaining six points in two starting rounds. In the internal match they will determine the winner of group A. At the same time Russia has a big advantage in difference of goals scored and conceded, so that to stay in the first place in the quartet, it will not be enough to lose Uruguay. By the way, with whom Uruguay and Russia will also play, in principle, it is already clear - with Spain and Portugal. Only it is absolutely not clear who will play with the champions of Europe, and who - with the ex-world champions.


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The Russian national team surprised many on this mundiale. In the first match, the team of Stanislav Cherchesov stone on the stone did not leave Saudi Arabia, defeating the opponent with a score of 5: 0 on the "Luzhniki". In that duel Russians got everything - the team fully controlled the course of the game, did not allow the opponent even to get closer to his own penalty. The victory turned out loud, and more importantly, completely deserved.

In the second match, Egypt intended to furiously resist the hostess of the tournament, but even with Mohammed Salah in the composition, could not show a decent game. Russia won 3: 1, completely outplayed the opponent, and was fixed on the first line in the table.

On the eve of the fight, the author of the first scored goal at the World Championship in Russia, Yuri Gazinsky, gave an interview. The midfielder made it clear that the Russian team does not even think about the draw, the whole team is going to get the third victory in the tournament. To save the first line, Russians will have enough and one point, but for sure the team has a desire to flash and against the backdrop of such a strong team as Uruguay.


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Before this match, bookmakers slightly more appreciate the chances of Uruguay. This is a serious advance to the South American team, given that in the first two rounds, it did not show half of its capabilities. Uruguay hardly beat Egypt, scoring the decisive ball at the very end of the meeting, and in a full-backs defeated Saudi Arabia - twice 1-0. If he also plays with Russia, he can remain without points, not to mention that he can beat Russia. Our team, on the contrary, gave all the best in two starting matches, scoring a goal in the gates of Saudi Arabia and Egypt in total eight goals. And we can not fail to note the progress of the team from the match to the match: if the game with Saudi Arabia lacked flaws, mistakes and in general there were serious difficulties with the construction of attacks, with combinational football, then in the match against Egypt, Russia showed much better football, which may well help her to achieve victory over Uruguay.

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Teams once met in a friendly match in 2012. Then a draw was fixed 1: 1

Uruguay has consistently won in the last five fights

Russia twice played with representatives of South America in friendly matches before the "mundialem" - a defeat from Brazil 0: 3 and a loss to Argentina 0: 1

In the last four matches, Russia does not miss more than one goal

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The Uruguayan team could be considered the favorite of the meeting, if not for two "but" - Russia is playing at home and Russia is in fantastic shape. Under the roar of the tribunes of Russians, the third wind opens, the team is perfectly prepared physically, but more importantly - it has a clear idea of ​​how to act against a particular rival. The Uruguayan team was studied by Russians for half a year, and the "mundial" has already shown that you can play football and achieve results with this rival. However, such a vivid football, which was in the matches with Saudi Arabia and Egypt, to expect from the Russians is not worth it, after all, a rival of a completely different level. In addition, a draw for Russia is quite an acceptable result from the tournament point of view, so it's not necessary for the Russians to go ahead without need.

In our opinion, Uruguay can not win. The forecast for a duel is the victory of the Russian national team or a draw. In 1xStack such an outcome is estimated by a coefficient of 1.55.

Despite the final departure from the tournament, both the national team of Egypt and Saudi Arabia, a victory is absolutely needed in this match. Just for the sake of prestige. Still, coming home without winning a single match is not very pleasant. We recommend that we pay attention to the problems of Saudi Arabia in the attack. Even the modest defense of Egypt can be quite able to cope with the onslaught of the "eagles of the desert." Also important is the fact that Egypt rarely plays productive football.

Our forecast for the match is a total less than 2.5 for 1.89

Victory of Egypt without a missed goal. Specialists site Bukmeker.rf believe that with Salah or without, but Egypt in all respects stronger than Saudi Arabia. If the team has enough motivation, it will confidently beat the opponent, keeping their own goal intact. In the bookmaker office 1xStart predict a draw 1: 1 (coefficient 7.00). The second place in popularity is the victory of Egypt 1: 0 (coefficient 7.50). Bets on winning Egypt without a missed goal are accepted with a coefficient of 3.26.

Victory of Russia with a handicap (0). Experts site Bukmeker.rf believe that Russia's chances in this game are underestimated. Before her fans, she will not save energy, but Uruguay can afford it, given that there is not much difference between the first and second places and who will get to whom in the eighth finals - Spain or Portugal - can only guess. In the bookmaker office 1xStart predict a draw 1: 1 (coefficient 6.00). On the second place in popularity, the victory of Uruguay 1: 0 (coefficient 7.00). The bets on winning Russia with a zero handicap are accepted with the quotation 2.08.

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