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Ufa - Progress Niederkorn 09.08 Free fixed tips



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The Russian club had serious problems with overcoming Domžale at the previous stage of the qualification of the Europa League (0: 0, 1: 1), having passed only thanks to the exit goal. Ufa started well in the RPL, in the first round, giving Lokomotiv a fight (0: 0). Immediately we see a defensive focus in the game Ufa, which the coaching staff will have to slightly change in the direction of attack in the match with another opponent in the qualification of the League of Europe. At the semifinal stage of the qualification of the Europa League, Ufa will face the Progress from Luxembourg, and here the lot for the Russian club was as favorable as possible.

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In the match with representatives of Luxembourg, Ufa will play in an attacking manner, because in the case of another draw result, in the away match, the wards of Sergei Tomarov will be more difficult. The composition of Ufa remained the same (compared to last season in the RPL), and this means that there are simply no special financial opportunities for signing newcomers to the club. However, in the inheritance from Semak Tomarov got a strong team, which also carries with a toss in the qualification of the European League.

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Not the strongest club from Luxembourg managed to win silver medals in the championship last season, which earned him the right to play in the European League. In the current season, Progress achieved the best result in European competition, having passed two stages of qualification (Gabala and Honved). The result for the team from Niederkorn is impressive, because the club looks modest in its staffing capabilities.


The team is led by Paolo Amodio, who took Progress in 2016. It is completed by local players and legionnaires, mostly from European countries. Preparing for the start in European competition, the club signed contracts with a number of good newcomers: Romeu Torres, Marvin Martins, Jordan Gobron and Tim Hull.

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Bookmakers prefer the match in Ufa, which is estimated at 1.41. The draw of the match is quoted for 4.80, and the victory of Progress for 9.00. The status of the favorite in Ufa looks natural, because the Russian club is stronger than the representative of Luxembourg.


The bets on the classic totals from bookmakers look interesting: "total is more than 2.5" for 2.00, "total is less than 2.5" for 1.90.

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Ufa and Progress will be cautious in the first match, but here the Russian club will have to change its game philosophy and begin to exert pressure on the opponent from the first minutes. If Ufa manages to do this, we will see a convincing victory of the Russian club, and if not - it will be a fiasco. And yet we believe in the success of the Russian club, as well as in the ability of Ufa to play good football and to score a lot of goals at the gate of its rivals.


Bet: Victory of Ufa with a handicap (-1.0) - KF 1.61.

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On Thursday evening, Ufa in his field will take Luxembourg Progres in the semi-final qualification of the League of Europe.

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These teams did not cross the border, but the favorite of this pair is immediately understandable ...

The new season of Ufa started very hard, and the previous round of the LE team was a miracle. First wards Sergei Tomarov at home nearly lost to Domžale (0: 0), and then on the road at the last minute still pulled a draw. Also have passed further - 1: 1. In addition, the "townspeople" very few goals (1 goal for 3 starting matches), and the last game they had on Monday against Anji.


But Progres managed to pass already 2 rounds of qualification ЛЕ, and rivals were rather difficult. First wards Paolo Amodio defeated Gabala (2: 1 total score), and then took on Honved (2: 1). It is interesting that on Sunday the team lost in the national championship, so now it must have a victory (according to statistics) ...

Bookmakers are completely inclined towards the victory of Ufa, because in general Progress is weaker. Yes, the Ufimians still look heavy and the last game was on Monday, but this time they really have a missing opponent. Most likely, at home "citizens" will be able to take their own, so I suggest putting them on.

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Free forecast for the match Ufa - Progres: "Victory of Ufa". On this outcome the bookmaker William Hill proposes a coefficient of 1.41.The next Thursday in the third round of the Champions League qualification Ufa in the native walls will receive a team from Luxembourg called Progres Niederkorn. The Russian team is the clear favorite of the pair, but it's worth paying attention to the fact that the Bashkirs do not have much international experience, so whether the coaching staff will cope with the fallen load is a big question.

Fifth Match

For Ufa, the upcoming meeting against Progres will be the fifth official season of the season, in Russia so many have not yet played enough. In the RPL Ufimtsev managed not to lose in the native walls of the current champion, Lokomotiv, and also were stronger than Anji 3-0. In the second round of qualification Ufimtsev twice tied with Domžale, 0-0 at home and 1-1 at home. Just at the expense of the guest goal, the "townspeople" managed to break into the third qualifying round.

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Started with a defeat

The championship of Luxembourg also began, only Progres, unlike Ufa, lost his fight to Rumelange 1: 2. In the qualification LE Progres held two rounds: he beat Azerbaijani Gabala and Hungarian Honved from the draw. Taking into account such results of the team from BeNiLyuks, do not underestimate future guests who do not recognize the authorities, rather confidently play a guest.


In the duel against Anji, not the main part of Ufa played, but, despite this, the Ufimites managed to defeat the Caucasians, scoring three unanswered goals. It is important that Ufa looks great in defense, almost does not miss the heads, for sure in the upcoming game the bet will again be made to defend. Our free forecast for this meeting: TM 2.5 1.80

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In one of the first semi-final matches of the qualification of the League of Europe will play the Russian Ufa and Luxembourg Progres from Niederkorn. In their history, these rivals are first encountered. I wonder who will be stronger in the upcoming game of opponents?

In the Russian Premier League 2 rounds were played. In the starting matches of the championship Ufa painted the world with the Moscow Locomotive (0: 0) and beat with the score 3: 0 Anji from Makhachkala. In the last round of selection ЛЕ "townspeople" only thanks to the hammered ball in away game have passed Slovenian Домжале - 1: 1.

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Luxembourg's National Division kicked off last weekend and in his first round Progres lost 2-1 to Rumelange. Within the qualification of the European Championship, the guests have already passed two rounds. In these confrontations Paolo Amodio's wards outplayed the Azerbaijani Gabala (1: 2) and the Hungarian Honved (1: 2).

Bookmakers in the upcoming game are completely on the side of Ufa. However, the "Russians" after the summer break are just gaining momentum, so do not expect a lot of goals scored in the duel.

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We propose to bet on the outcome of "total less than 2.5" for a high coefficient of 1.85

Ufa very unappetising started in the new season, because the team has not yet been victories. Yes, on Monday the match with Anji can fix everything, but before that Sergei Tomarov's wards did not show anything. In addition, in the previous round Ufimtsev simply "jumped", scoring at the very end of the meeting - 0: 0 at home and 1: 1 on the road. Well, in general, the "citizens" do not see any picture of the game, and with the results they are not all right .

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