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Two straight columns

Two straight columns

The first step for the implementation of this strategy is to choose a game in which you believe to 100% of the final result. It is preferable to choose a game with not very high efficiency, since in those matches likelihood of surprise is less. An example of such a match is Sliema (Malta) - Litex Lovech (estimate 2) - 1.22 coefficient.

Once you have selected is already a game should you another one with a larger factor. You can select the page here:

Football predictions

Example: Flora Tallinn (Estonia) - Valerenka (Norway) (estimate 2) - 1.80 coefficient.

Then combine the two matches in straight column and get odds of 2.16. To be more sure about your bet, do another column in which "insure" the second match forecast X.

Flora Tallinn (Estonia) - Valerenga (Norway) (estimate X) - 3.60 coefficient. The overall this line column is 4392. Since this second column serve only for reassurance, you would bet a smaller amount as just to get your bet and possibly have a minimal profit. It now remains to determine the stakes.

The stakes of the individual columns is determined as follows:

Bet 1 = Za1, bet 2 = = Za2 Za1 / (coefficient of the second column - 1)

Assuming that you want the first column to bet 10 E, then a "reinsurance column" need to wager 10 E / 3.392 = 2.948 E. This bet you can round off a 3 E and thus have minimal gain.

Final score: If Valerenga beat then half following account: 10 * 2.16 = 21.6 E (11.6 E net profit). However, if Valerenga dead heat then get: 3 * 4,392 = 13.176 (0.17 net)