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Toulouse - Bordeaux 19.08. Free soccer tips



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August 19 at 18:00 at the stadium "Mounipsipal" will be a match of the second round of League 1, in which Toulouse will take Bordeaux.


Toulouse played the last championship badly, and scored 37 points on the 18th place in the L1 tournament table, getting straight into the relegation zone. During the summer off-season, "violets" were played in 8 friendly games, of which 3 won, 4 lost, and in 1 game they shared points. In 2018, the "kids" played 12 home games, with 5 wins, 4 losses and 3 draws. New season L1 club of Toulouse started losing to Marcel with a score of 0: 4.


Bordeaux earned 55 points last season and finished 6th in L1 France, receiving a lucky ticket to the qualification of the Europa League. In the summer, "red-blue-white" successfully held 4 test matches, 2 wins with 2 draws. In 3 games of the qualification of the Europa League, Bordeaux beat his rivals. On the road, the "Girondins" played 10 matches, 6 wins and 4 losses. In the new season 2018/19 of League 1 "winemakers" started with a defeat to Strasbourg with a score of 0: 2.

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In the last two matches between the teams, the clubs won in their own field, Bordeaux with a score of 1: 0, Toulouse - 2: 0. I think the upcoming match will be interesting and productive, the defense of Toulouse does not look impenetrable. Rate: TB2.


Forecast: TB (2) with a coefficient of 1.78

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The second round of the French championship will give us the Garonne derby. For those who do not know - this is a principled duel, in which on one side is Toulouse, and on the second Bordeaux. The battle will take place at the stadium "Mounipsipal". The sign, though it does not shine with colors, is very entertaining, especially for those who are fond of the French championship.


Bookmakers can not find an obvious favorite, "omniscient" exhibited traditionally for this kind of confrontation an equal ratio. Coaches before the match can come up to each other and hug. The reason for this sentimentality is simple - both teams failed in the first round. The season did not start very well, but the future sparring is a great opportunity to fix everything.

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Mikael Debev trained his gentlemen by friendly sparring - before the start of the next race our today's heroes rolled back four fights. Recall victory over Villefranche and Ajaccio, a humiliating defeat from the Crystal Palace and the world with Nim. Quite frankly, in addition to the English club, the rivals were so-so, the game practice is clearly not enough.


The lack of banal training affected the first round, when I had to go to the Velodrome, in order to confront the local Marcel. In the first half, our heroes of today still held, but the judge flinched, who pointed to the point at the end of the first forty-five minute. Eleven-meter sold Paye. Well, in the second half, Marcel completed the matter and scored three more goals in the opponent's goal.



"Girondins" participate in the qualification of the League of Europe, we have just started to analyze the guests, as it already had a solid advantage. In the European Cups the guys have already played three matches, which gives them a preponderance in terms of game readiness. In all three of the above battles, our heroes of today have won. First, the Lithuanian Ventsails was punished twice with a total score of 3: 1. In the next round, Mariupol was beaten in Odessa with a score of 3: 1.

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There are positive moments, but the team failed to start the domestic championship. In the first round, the team lost to Strasbourg with a score of 2: 0. Pablo justified his own name and retired from the field in the starting stage of the match. To delete and you can write off the unfortunate outcome of that battle.


Forecast for this match

The hosts are not impressed at the beginning of the season, poor preparation during the summer made itself felt. The home arena in such a responsible derby can simply get lost. "Girondins" last season showed that they can outplay an opponent in a strange monastery. Therefore, we should expect that the guests will also bring their own charter this time

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In Sunday's evening match there are "Toulouse" and "Bordeaux". Clubs that suffered a dry defeat in the first round. Will they open an account for their goals in the new season? - Read about it in the forecast of our experts.


"Toulouse" last season, led by two coaches. Under Pascal Dupré, "purple" fell into the basement of the standings. Under Mikael Debeve - won the play-offs from Ajaccio and retained residence in the League1. In the summer "violet" was headed by Alain Casanova. The first pancake of this coach was a lump. The home team lost in the opening game with a crushing score to "Marcel".



Footballers "Bordeaux" also acted under the guidance of two mentors. With Zhoselen Gurvennek "Girondins" lived in the bottom of the standings. With Gustavo Pojetom - have made vertical take-off and have reached a perspective sixth place. This week, the "chevrons" went to the final of the qualification of the Europa League, knocking out the Ukrainian "Mariupol" (3: 1 and 2: 1) from the tournament. In the first round of the League1 they sensationally lost to "Strasbourg" (0: 2).

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"Toulouse" and "Bordeaux" did not score in the first round.

"Toulouse" and "Bordeaux" missed more than 1.5 goals in the first round.

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In the past season, "Toulouse" and "Bordeaux" met three times

"Bordeaux" won two wins in the league (4: 2 and 1: 0) and lost in the League Cup (2: 0).



The defeat of "Toulouse" from "Marcel" is a regularity. The loss of Bordeaux to Strasbourg is a sensation. "Girondins" confidently perform in the European arena. We believe that they will score points and score in the match with the outsider last season.

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Our forecast - the total of the second more (1,0) and the rate with a coefficient of 2.20

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