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The order of numbers

The order of numbers


The order of the numbers is not like the Martingale. While Martingale can quickly return your bets with profit Row of numbers does not make it so fast but at the same time off and lead to big stakes. This system gives you many more options compared to Martingale because you can adjust your stakes in a more satisfying way. The bad it is that you need to write numbers on a piece of paper to type when you lose, and remove numbers when you win. It should also have stronger control over gambling, so to speak. But let's see what it is:

First you decide how much you want to win. For example, € 1,000. Then you need to decide how much time will it take you to achieve your goal. This is the hardest part, because when you win, you must remove the first and last number in the sequence, and when you lose you must add.

As a result, you should try to estimate the average probability of earning hard sign. If you want to play with matches, whose ratio is about 2.00, then let's say that the probability of winning is about 40%. Much better to underestimate than overestimate their capabilities. If you overestimate your ability, then you need to catch up, raising the stakes, and exactly what action is very unpleasant if you hit a losing streak

Let us imagine € 1,000, divided into 20 gains 50 euros to calculate how long it will earn a total of € 1,000, as have 40% success rate at an average rate matches of 2.00 (50% chance means that you flush with the bookmaker) .

With 40 percent chance of predicting the correct object factor of 2.00 you would have lost 60% of its forecast. So typically lose 50% more often than you win (60/40). In case of success you will have to remove two numbers of leaves (first and last). When you lose you must add a number at the end. A sample list might look like:


50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50

50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50


How to determine first bet? As explained above, the first and last number will be removed if you win. 50+ 50 = 100. To win € 100, you will need to use a pledge to bring net profit of € 100. If a coefficient is 2.00, you have to bet 100 euros. If the ratio is 1.50, you can bet € 200. 1.75 If the bet must be € 133.33. The formula for calculating the stake is:


Pure profit


koefits. - 1


The stakes for your next matches must be calculated in the same nashtin. If the first bet is 125 euros per coefficient 1.80 and you lost, you must add 125 at the end of the sheet. The next bet should be the sum of the first and the last digit of the sheet, ie 50 + 125, divided by the rate minus one ((50 + 125) / (coef. - 1)). Of course, replacing factor to the current one for the object you have selected. If you win, you must remove the first and last number in order and then start over with 50+ 50 / koef.-1 again. Even if not fraught with any high level of progresion bet this system is as dangerous as the Martingale. If you hit a losing streak, things can easily get out of control. Just because your calculations before you bet are important. Before you run this system, do so try it at some time about a month. So you will learn the system and understand the importance of modesty when determining its ability to predict correctly.