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terminology in online betting

terminology in online betting




Accumulator / Parlay - a bet on two or more meetings, using a combination of them, to form a larger ratio and profit. All predictions must be correct in order to win.


Action - a pledge of any kind is kept Action, as long as it is valid. Different rules apply to different sports. For example, in baseball bet Action, if the game is in 4.5 innings.


Ajax - British slang term for "betting fees".


All-in - when you bet everything and lost nothing to continue participation.


All Up (also battery) - this includes election victory in more than one event. A certain amount is placed on more than one outcome of a meeting, but the combination is multiplied match by match.


Ante Post or Futures - bets made before the outcome of badeyuo event. Ante-post amounts are those of major sporting events, usually the day before the meeting. The odds are higher, but bettors risking their elected not to play or event to be canceled.


Arbitrage (arbitration) - where variation coefficients allow the player to support both teams and to guarantee a return.



Backed (supported) - this is a team that has a lot of bets for his victory.


Banker - a team that expects to win. The strongest bet in battery or parlay. This is a hard game, due out in order to guarantee some profits from a possible combination.


Bet slip - Bet Slip pokazava sum of the set you meet as you portrayed them as a ticket, which is usually positioned on the right side of the betting website.



Canadian or Super Yankee - Canadian combination of bets containing 25 predictions of 5 selections from different sports. The combination is made with 10 doubles, 10 triples, 5 quadruples and an accumulator bet.


Carpet - this is British zhagron a ratio of 3 to 1.


Century or TOP - the equivalent of 100 pounds.


Chalk - favorite.


Chalk Player - betting on favorites player.


Circled Game - a meeting where there is a limit on the maximum bet. The bookmaker has put a limit on the amounts that can be considered a meeting. This usually happens when doubts will play the best players, changeable weather, injuries or any rumors about dadeon team.


Closing Line - the final list of features distribution points before a meeting.


Combination Bet - selecting any kind of combination of teams or horses must finish in a certain order first or second.


Correlated Parlay - The correlation is a condition in which two bets are connected. An example is the Giants to keep the break, and Giants to win the game. They are so connected to come first and be able to lift coefficient of the second.


Credit Betting - Betting on credit to bookmaker.



Dead Hit - completion of the meeting equally so that both sides win.


Deposit Betting - betting with money already deposited with the bookmaker.


Dime bet - a bet of $ 1,000.


Dividend - The concerted profit from bets if a forecast out.


Dog (US) - outsider in a forecast.


Dollar Bet - bet of $ 100.


Double (s) - double the same bet on two different races. Type parlay or accumulator.


Double Carpet - British slang for odds of 33 to 1.


Double or Nothing - double bet that pays just as much was at stake.


Draw (Tie) - a case in which the game ends in a draw. In some sports there are sequels in which under certain conditions can have a winner.



Each Way - British slang for betting on victory for team and position. At stake now is divided into two and has a different coefficient for both predictions. If you win the first bet, this position automatically wins. You can win only the second.


Even Money - a pledge of $ 1 will bring another $ 1 profit.



Favorite / Favourite (favorite) - the team that bookmaker thinks will win an event. This probably is the team with most bets on their victory.


Field -


    1) All contestants in an event

    2) All ratios outsiders who are not included in the initial list offers a bookmaker.


Fixed Game (manipulated Match) - a meeting in which one or more participants deliberately manipulate the final outcome.


Fixed Odds (specified koefietsienti) - your return is unchanging from the time you bet. No matter how much you change the odds in your bet, it will not affect your bottom line profit.


Flash (US) - change the information on the odds.


Flea - irritating person who wants something for nothing. Someone who expected profit than a small bet.


Fold - he indicates the number of selections in an accumulator - 5-fold - 5 selections.


Forecast - a pledge that includes correctly known first and second ended in an event.


Full Cover - all doubles, trebles and accumulators involved in a number of selections.



Goliath - a pledge that includes 247 forecast 8 selections in different events. It represents 28 doubles, 56 triples, 70 four-fold 56 5-fold 28 6-fold 8 7 fold equity and an 8-fold.


Grand - 1,000 pounds.


Grand Salami - slang for above or below hits in all hockey matches on a given day.


Grand Slam (Grand Slam) - All four major tennis tournament - Wimbledon, Australian Open, US Open and Roland Garros. This also applies to the 4 major golf tournaments - Masters, US Open, British Open and PGA Championship.



Handicap - artificial advantage for one of the two teams, usually an outsider.


Heinz - bet on several games that includes 57 forecasts of 6 selections in different sports. These are 15 doubles, 20 triples, 15 four-fold 6 5-fold equity and a 6-fold.


Home Field Advantage (home court) - an advantage which is expected to have a team play because of its terrain to their audiences and the effect of the trip for the visiting team.


Hoops - slang for a basketball game.



In and Out Teaser - this is a term that choose favorite, underdog, above and below in a match. So you can lift coefficient prediction.


In The Red - There is a factor of a match.



Joint Favorites - when the bookmaker can not choose a favorite in a match - then both teams are favorites.


Jolly - slang for the bookmakers favorite.


Juice - commission bookmakers.



Kite - British slang for a check.



Lay a Bet - bookmaker accepting bet.


Layer - another term for the bookmaker.


Layoff - bet bookmaker in another bookmaker in an attempt to cut losses or increase profits on the stakes of its customers.


LBO - acronym for licensed bookmaker in the UK.


Lines - proposed a participant odds.


Linemaker - one that makes the odds of the meetings.


Lock - Hard winner as banker.


Long Odds - ratios greater than 10 to 1.


Lucky 15 - this is a bet of 15 forecasts with 4 selections in different events. 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 triples and one four-fold. If you only have one winner will receive double factor for him. In 4 known, taking 10% top.


Lucky 31 - 31 bets contain 5 selections from different races. They are 5 singles, 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 four-fold equity and a 5-fold. If you only have one winner will receive double factor for him. When acquaintances 5, taking 20% ​​top.


Live Stream - direct broadcast of a meeting of the bookmaker.



Margin (difference) - the amount by which contestant wins over second in an event.


Money Line - money that must bet to win $ 100.



Nap - favorite media best bet.


Nickel - bet of $ 500.



Off the Board (US) - meeting at which the bookmaker will not accept the bet. Outsider - a team that is not expected to win. The opposite of favorite, there is always a big factor.


Over / Under (sub-over) - a pledge of above and below a certain number of goals in the meeting. Patent - consists of 7 bets on 3 selections with possible double.



Picks (Projections) - selections bettor, it is usually an expert.


Price Rush - offered by Betfair offer. It gives the best odds of exchange for an event that bet. This happens automatically, but only for some events.


PK or Pick - equal teams.


Place (place bet) - Finish in Top 3 Top 4 or Top 5. Pledged team must finish in any of these places.


Point Spread - see handicap.


Price - another naumenovanie or writing showing the values ​​of coefficients.


Pucks - slang for the game hockey.


Punter - someone who relies.



Return - your total profit of bet.



Scalper - someone who tries to profit from differences in the coefficients of different bookmakers, betting on both teams to various factors. Shut Out (US) - Bettors who is late with its forecast and is still waiting for an opportunity to make it.


Single - single bet.


Steam - when certain factors are changing very quickly, probably because many betting on them.


Store (US) - bookmaker.


System (System) - method of betting, usually mathematically based, used by bettors to take advantage.



Thick'un - big bet.


Tie - draw.


Tips - forecasts.


Trebles - treble in three events. Type battery.


Trixie - contains 4 bets on 3 selections - 3 doubles and one triple.


True Odds (real factor) - the true odds of a meeting compared to those of the bookmakers.



Value - the best odds to bet.



Welsh / Welch - to fail to pay a bet.


Win Only - betting only winner in the event.


Wise Guy - Specialist in betting.



Cash out - closing a bet before the final signal of an event for the purpose of profit taking before changes in outcome or limit the possible loss of the entire stake. Our visitors say that Cash-out has many successful schemes for profit, as the strategy for the proper use of Cash-out in order to profit.


Exchange - a place where you can log in as a bookmaker. With such features Belfair.


Bonus - an offer that bookmakers provide when registering a new customer or already registered ones. A percentage of the additional amount that you have deposited, sometimes 100%. This bonus must however be moved several times to scroll and you can download it.


Asian Handicap - modification of the familiar handicap where a good factor so you can bet that in the forecast favorite to win, while a draw to recoup bet or win half.

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