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Tallina Kalev - Nome Kalyu

Tallina Kalev - Nome Kalyu

23.05.2018 19:00
Tallina Kalev Nome Kalyu
Forecast: 2
Coefficient: 1.20

The players of Tallina Kalev and Nome Kalyu meet in the 15th round in this season from Mastriliga in Estonia.

The hosts are 8th in the 10-point stand-by table, 3 wins, 1 draw and 10 losses since the start of the championship, with the 14 matches played at 20-24. At his own stadium, the team has 7 games to the point where he has recorded 2 wins and 5 losses, scored 14 goals in the opposing door and allowed him to score 13 goals in his net.

Nomé Kalyu's top scorer scored 34 points in 10 consecutive wins and 4 draws, with the team still losing at the start of the championship, having scored 47 goals in the 14 matches and allowed 12 goals in its network. Far from home, the team has played 8 games with 4 wins, 4 draws and still no loss, with a total goal difference of 27-9.

In its previous two home games Tallina Kalev made two losses - 1-2 by Tulevik Villady and 1-3 by Flora Tallinn. In his last two games in which he has played, Nome Kalyu has a 6-0 victory against Vapus Parnu, and in his previous match as a guest he has scored 1-1 against Tammeka Tartu.

In the last 10 games played between the two teams, Tallina Kalev's team has not scored 1 victory, Nome Kalyu's team has won 9 successes and in one match the two opponents have finished equally with a total goal difference of 6-33. In the last 5 games at home against Nomé Kalyu's team, the hosts from Tallina Kalev have no victory, one draw and 4 defeats.