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Strange entities help Pep in Man City

Strange entities help Pep in Man City


Strange entities help Pep in Man City

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Pep Guardiola started a revolution in Man City


In order to exercise the most rigorous control over inmates from Manchester City, Pep Guardiola needs a sufficient number of loyal followers in the City.


The accounts of the "Daily Mail" revealed that his staff go for 16 people. Here they are...


1. Dominique Torrent, assistant coach - part of the headquarters of Guardiola and his most loyal lieutenant since 2007 when they take Barca B.


2. Mikel Arteta, assistant coach - midfielder with extensive experience (of 11 years) in the Premier League fell into Pep headquarters this summer because of its excellent knowledge of British football.


3. Lorenzo Bonaventura, conditioning coach - also an integral part of Pep headquarters since 2007 known that working with players mostly endurance and pace.


4. Max Sala, chief of medical staff - longtime doctor City keep his place, although the club was brought and closest to Pep Dr. Eduardo Maury. Otherwise, the City rely on the services of Barcelona Dr Ramon Cugat, who last week review once again the Belgians Kompany and de Bruyn.


5. Steven Lilly, physiotherapist - has a degree in physiotherapy from the University of Leeds. In the City is from 2011, and from 2013 in the first team. Previously, he worked in Norwich.


6. Rodolfo Borrell, assistant coach - frame the school of Barcelona. In City arrived from Liverpool in 2014 and was initially Technical Director. Since the summer is part of the coaching staff.


7. Brian Kidd, assistant coach - was part of Headquarters Manuel Pellegrini and was expected to leave, but Guardiola wanted to hold him.


8. Mark Sertori, masseur - worked for a number of clubs at a lower level, before they end up in the City, working for Sam Allardyce at Bolton and Newcastle. As in England under Fabio Capello.


9. Michael Klitarou, co-host - also a former cadre of Bolton. Works in City from July 2014


10. Barry Hamilton, a sports scientist - graduated Sport Science at the University Lougbaro before coming to Manchester City in 2014, worked in the football federation of Croatia.


11. Sam Erytus, head of physical training - Roy Hodgson hired him as coach in the national fitness before Euro 2016 because of his excellent work in the City.


12. Tom Shinetan, sports science - worked in West Bromwich, Leyton Orient and Northampton, and now in charge of the stars of the City.


13. Federico Genovesi, physiotherapist - last worked for Palermo. It relies to raise the final leg captain Kompany.


14. Alistair Morland host - worked in the City under the direction of Pellegrini and Guardiola kept him in office.


15. Shabier Mansisidor, goalkeeping coach - understood very well with Joe Hart before he was dismissed for rent in Turin. In City Pellegrini brought him before they were together at Real Madrid and Malaga.


16. Ben Thomson, therapist - worked for the Welsh rugby team Llanelli RFK, then for the national football team of Dragons. In City of 2007


Note .: Out of the list remains personal adviser and assistant to Guardiola, the former water polo players Manuel Estiarte. He unimpressive because it sits on the bench, but the ears and eyes of Pep club.

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