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Stoke City - Whitan Athletic 22.08. Free fixed tips



Free fixed tips


One of the last match of the 4th round of the Championship will be played by Stoke City and Wigan Athletic.


The last time these teams met in the season 2012/2013 in the Premier League, when they played a draw twice with a score of 2: 2. I wonder what will happen to us after all these years?

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Last season, Stoke City failed the end of the season, because of which the team flew out of the Premier League, although there was a lot of chances to get caught in the top division. Now the "potters" decided to "sink" further, because in the Championships the team is only disappointing. Yes, the wards of Gary Rowatt are stuck, but they miss even more ...


But Wigan last season won the First League and went to the Championship, but it's unlikely that the team wants to stay here. Nevertheless, the level of wards Paul Cook is quite average, so the results are not encouraging. No, the "latix" is quite an aggressive team and scores a lot, but in fact it misses the same amount ...

Free fixed tips

Bookmakers are more inclined to win the Stoke, but it's better to take a look at the effectiveness. Both teams play openly and in an attacking style, and they miss too much. And that's why from a full-time meeting should remain without an abundance of goals?


Free forecast for the match Stoke City - Wigan Athletic: "Total is more than 2.5". On this outcome, the betting firm Marathon offers a coefficient of 1.62.

Free fixed tips

In one of the fights of the 4th round of the English League, the Championship will be played by Stoke City and Wigan. In the last two face-to-face meetings of the teams that took place 5 years ago, a draw was fixed. I wonder if the opponents will be able to identify the strongest in the future confrontation?


Stoke City is now on the 18th place in the standings of the English championship and has an active 2 points scored. The "potters" earned these points, having painted the world with Brentford (1: 1) and Preston (2: 2). In the third league match, the wards of Gary Rowatt did not manage to oppose Leeds - 3: 1.

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Wigan, in turn, with 4 points is located on the 12th line of the Championship standings. In 3 matches played "latix" won only one victory. This happened in the 1st round of the championship, when the team of Paul Cook was beaten in a stubborn fight with a score of 3: 2 Sheffield Wednesday.


Bookmakers in the upcoming game on the side of Stoke City, although they give to his victory a very high ratio. However, the teams in the league match are consistently different goals scored, while acting not in the best way on the defensive, so it is reasonable to put on goals in both directions.

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We propose to bet on the outcome of "both will score" for a high coefficient of 1.8


Yes, Stoke City is stronger in comparison with last season did not, but after all, and the class of opponents with a decrease in leagues in Stoke City markedly decreased. In the meantime, Stoke City shows a very weak game on the defensive, skipping in each of the meetings. To rejoice "potters" until only the attacking line, which also in each of the matches scores the balls, can. What can be said for the potential? Well, at least for the top 6 Stoke City must cling, and from that and the game is waiting for the corresponding one. In any case, Stoke City must at home score at least one goal, for this he always has enough power.

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Wigan last season was the first, only in the third ranked league. And apparently, the winning spirit of the club has survived, since to take the beginner four points for the first four matches with seven goals scored is an excellent result. But we note that Wigan played spectacularly and himself seven times missed. So there is no reason to write off the guests because of their class, with their playing in the attack, they can quite afford a goal, or even two, at the gate of a recent representative of the elite division.


In the 4 th round of the Champions League, Stoke City in the native walls will fight with Wigan Athletic. The obvious favorite of the meeting bookmakers consider "potters", who can not find their game yet, "red and white" are located at the bottom of the standings, although by composition and capabilities this is almost the strongest division team. Wigan Athletic started for his health in the Champions League, but do not forget that even in the last season, Athletic played in League 1, ie. in the third strongest league of English football.

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Not immediately understood where they were

Stoke City fell from the Premier League, and after three rounds played, the "potters" still do not understand that they were in a very military league, where no one pays attention to titles and ranks. As a result, before the 4th game day, the potters have only two points scored, which allow the future owners of the field to be on the 18th line in the Champions League standings.


Team from League 1

Wigan Athletic on the contrary, last season played in League 1, but in the first round, "Latix" managed to achieve a home victory over Sheffield Wednesday 3: 2. In the second round Wigan lost to Aston Villa 2: 3, on the third day of the game the future guests played a draw with Nottingham Forest 2: 2.

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Stoke City has the strongest team in the Champions League, the "potters" have already got a little lost in the division, it's time to get the first victory, especially since the upcoming match will be held at the home stadium, and the public wants positive emotions after a series of setbacks. In this pair, the stake on the home team looks like a good option, Stoke City is maximally motivated to set three points. Our free forecast for this meeting: Stoke City's victory with odds 0 – 1.61


Obviously, Stoke players underestimated the Champions League teams, well, or somewhat overestimated their own capabilities. In the three starting rounds, the "potters" have never been able to win, the "red and white" are at the bottom of the table, just one point from the relegation zone. The next rival of the Stock will be Wigan Athletic, the team that played last season in League 1.

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Stoke City was a little unlucky with the calendar, the start was really difficult. First came under the press of Leeds, which is now very good. "White" want in the Premier League, and Bielsa is angry with himself and the whole world for the latest setbacks, in general, the club and coach found each other. Further - 1: 1 with Brenford, who is well prepared for the season, "bees" and in the last period had a chance at the TOP-6, a little of them was not enough, the team from the suburbs of London is very decent. In the third round, visiting Preston. "Invulnerable" is weaker than Leeds and Brenford, but in the Champions League in their native walls, everyone is fighting, so one point for Stoke in this situation is an acquisition, not a loss of two. But with Wigan at home you only need to take three points, competitors have already jumped to 7-8 points, another couple losses and you can forget about the TOP-2.


Wigan played four official games of the season: defeated 3-2 Sheffield Wednesday, a 2-2 draw with Nottingham Forest, a 2: 3 loss from Aston Villa and 1: 3 from Rotherham in the League Cup. It immediately catches the eye that Wigan is a very top team, scores a lot, but also misses packs, 2.5 goals per game. Given the rather high class of Stoke's attack there is no doubt that the "potters" Wigan will be able to score a couple of goals.

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Stoke City has retained a very solid line-up, but so far there have been no victories, it is clear that the "red-white" to Championships were not ready. I think the problem is not speed, but in self-sacrifice, then the teams are fighting, just so no one gives glasses. For the three rounds, you can already adapt, plus psychologically Wigan - a comfortable opponent, clearly below the class, with a hole in the defense. I'll try the options with an effective victory of the hosts.


In the coming Wednesday, the football world will not be very exciting for us with fascinating fights. From despair, our experts sent a look to the second English championship called Championships. In the fourth round will face Stoke City against Wigan. Such a strong event will take the city of Stoke-on-Trent, and to be more precise, the stadium "Bet365". 322 can be expected with a similar name for the arena from the team.

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"Potters" are in the lead in bookmaker quotes, but do not blindly go on about the "omniscient". The hosts have not yet recovered from their departure from the Premier League, the guys are in search of the game and themselves in this huge world. "Red-blue" you need to get out of the company of the Sponge Bob and again pop up. Guests started the championship well and can compete with the favorite. Will they get it?


Stoke City

The team last season represented the elite of English football, but the final nineteenth place made it take a step back in the evolutionary ladder. Now the "potters" are forced to wander around the second division. For sure, the coaching staff and the players assumed that they would not be equal in the Championship, but after the first three rounds the arrogance ceased. There are no authorities here.

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Gary Rowett did not expect such a failure, at the moment in the pocket of an English specialist two points scored, which corresponds to the eighteenth position. There is no doubt that the "potters" will still gain shape and will fight for a vacant ticket to the elite. The team will bet in the nearest match at the home stadium "Bet365". Fans expect only a victory from favorites.



"Latix" on the contrary after the last season evolved into something more. We remind you that the team played in League 1 and managed to get into the Championship. Such an achievement deserves applause. It is desirable that each of you now stand up and applaud. Paul Cook already in the first round of the new season was able to cook for their own fans a victory, Sheffield Wednesday suffered.

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Then "latix" was given to Aston Villa in a tense match with a score of 3: 2, and in the last round our today's heroes rolled the world with Nottingham Forest. As for a Champion newbie, the scores are good, but they can be blown away, like your humble servant while writing the tenth article for the day. In this situation, we would not risk putting on the guests, who have not yet gained the proper parameter of respect.


Forecast for this match

Without a lot of pathos, we can say that the "potters" have almost the best quality in the entire Championship. The guys can not yet find the motivation, but the tournament position already gives a savory slap. In this situation, you can believe in the favorite and put on it.

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Bet - Stoke City win with a 0.


Stoke City will play against Wigan as part of the 4th round of the English Champion, the bout will be held at the stadium "Bet365" on August 22nd at 22:00.

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Stoke City played for many years in the Premier League and showed a high level of skill, but last year there were problems. "Potters" have a pretty good composition, but this was not enough to keep the propiska in the elite. Now the players need to gather and prove themselves in the real face, having obtained an important ticket to the English Premier League. In his last meetings, Stoke City played 2-2 on par with Preston, painted a draw with Brentford 1-1 and conceded to Leeds 1-3.


Wigan many years ago played in the Premier League and fought for the cups of England, delighting fans and terrifying opponents. In recent seasons, "Latix" had obvious difficulties, which led to the flight to the Second League, but now there is a chance to break out into the Premier League. Of course it will be difficult for football players to resist experienced rivals, the main thing in this season is to keep a residence permit in your division. In his last matches, Wigan tied with Nottingham Forest 2-2, was weaker than Rotherham 1-3 and Aston Villa 2-3.

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8 matches in a row Stoke City can not beat Wigan. Now clearly two fairly equal teams will play, they play open football, so I wait for goals. The rate: TB3.


Forecast: TB (3) with a coefficient of 2.51


After the departure from the Premier League, Stoke City is eager to return there as soon as possible. But Wigan will try to make a second promotion in the class in two years. So the face-to-face match between these clubs promises to be very interesting.

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Stoke City started the season badly enough - only two points in three starting rounds. The team only gets used to the new realities. But there is no doubt that very soon the crisis of Goncharov will end, and they will rise closer to the leaders. After all, they saved almost all the performers with whom they played in the Premier League. So the victory in the performance of Stoke City is a matter of time.


Wigan has so far been placed in the middle of the table, typing four points in three games. Latix play very spectacular - in the games for their participation, the audience saw fourteen balls! Such a game wards Cook and demonstrated in the First Division. But in order to qualify for high places in the Championships, Wigan needs to find the right balance between attack and defense.

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Both teams started the season very entertaining, but their results are very mediocre so far. In the internal confrontation that Stoke, that Wigan will try to establish their affairs on the defensive. Therefore, contrary to logic, we will see a moderate number of goals scored.

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Total is less than 2.5 at 1.91