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Sports betting

Sports betting is one of the most popular types of gambling that prospered greatly in recent years. The emergence of many new and new sportsbooks, variations in bets and predictions in ekstravangantnostta created very favorable place for the flourishing of the bookies we, bettors must learn how to deal with the pitfalls of these innovations.

My personal experience is based on 7 years of experience in gaming, which helped me to improve and to learn how to maximize the wagering and foresight available on the market. In the early years it was just fun, rich with symbolic amounts fancy bias and chaos. In the medium began to stupefy the last two, and in the past have built a fully equipped system, which dominates the need for higher awareness and financial benefits.

The purpose of the following lines is to acquaint readers with my personal observations, betting patterns and position. I will set out the types of bets, their strategy, what's selection, personal tracking, types championships, weekly calendar and what you should avoid. Not obrenemenyavam anyone with writing.

In the world of football betting sashtestruvat three main types of betting - winners, losers and arbitration. The bookies are satisfied with the availability of the first two, because the losers are those who move roulette victory, but without winning losers would not have the same incentive and determination for betting. The bookies did not tolerate the Third Kind betting and me. Arbitration are people who use modern software that keeps watch over the odds and at the slightest signal of his master, who immediately bet no matter who the match. This new system of betting is contrary to the whole spirit of the given phenomenon and generate new generation of gamblers who "kill" the thrill, excitement and passion of forecasting, but bookmakers, as always found the counter and just use twice as powerful software which detects themselves arbitrations and to limit their accounts. These are three types of betting, as will now switch to the exposure of its strategy, which I hope some people to switch to the winning side.

In fact, my strategy is quite simple, differentiating from intricate and complex circuits and systems that expose bookmakers, which basically confuse and cloud the judgment of the players. Binary type, in which carefully selected two macha with rates between 1.75 and 2.45. Their selection is extremely important, and it is important the bettor to have decent football knowledge and a good range of leagues and teams who keep a close eye. No one can monitor every tournament and every team, but flexible player is obliged to observe the range of about 18 to 20 and up teams to create its one of the most important things in betting - alternative. The alternative is to give the player another option of betting distinguishing of mass bet. So-called "mass games" pose a serious risk and they are the basis of the betting prosperitet.Preporachitelno to avoid grandovete (D-12) and some more valuable teams that make fleeting series and replaced with teams with weaker popularity and matches with lower betability. The alternative briefly selects the best selection of meeting outside toppodborite. Therefore, personal tracking is as important as it provides the option of mass bet. The selection of these two games with favorable rates must include the characters "1" and "2" as the sign "X" and the bet Under / Over 2.5 goals have serious pitfalls in its very essence. Avoid them and search for "happy medium."

Let's move on to the selection of parvenstva.Te are divided into three types - favored, defavorizirani and variables. Favoritism include the champions of England (Premier League to Konfarans), German Bundesliga, French Ligue 1, Serie 'A', Spanish Primera Division, the Turkish Super League and earlier periods of the Swedish Allsvenskan and Irish Premiarliyg. This group of championships lies at least risks of manipulation, since these are topshampionite and they can most often to seek logic and Rezon. In Sweden and Ireland this applies to approximately 20-25 range, and then trigger the internal machinations that make bettors to back off from these championships. Defavoriziranite are - Dutch Second Division (Jupiler League), Ligue 2 Segunda Liga, Serie "B" second division and lower leagues (Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Cyprus, Estonia, Albania, Finland, Malta , Poland). This group of championships is advisable to avoid, as the chance of manipulation in it, especially in smaller countries is greatest. Second championships of France, Holland, Spain, Germany and Italy hide many traps and generally unfavorable environment for betting. Variables - Greece, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands (Eredivisie), Austria, Norway, Russia, Israel, South America. These are competitions that combine both above mentioned species. The mass stake in them is not recommended, but often create good preconditions for the release of high coefficient. This categorization of the championships is to warn bettors where the most favorable and what should beware.