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Spas - Sassuolo 27.09 Free fixed tips



Free fixed tips


September 27, 2018 at 20:00 SPAL at the stadium "Paolo Mazza" will play against Sassuolo in the framework of the sixth round of the Italian Serie A.


Not bad started the new season players of Spal and at the moment, they occupy the sixth place in the table, and have in the money box nine points. Despite such good results, the club misses very little and is not very efficient. Most of their points the team got in fights on their native lawn, where this season has already played two rounds. In the first home confrontation "White-blue" won Parma 1-0, and in the second Atalanta, with a score of 2-0.


Sassuolo continues to amaze his fans with a wonderful performance. Now the club is on the fourth place in Serie A, with ten points. In the last away match, the players got the first defeat of the season, after the fight with Juventus 1-2. However, the favorite was able to win with a minimal advantage, and the guests even scored the ball into the gates of the Turinians.

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For 4 games played, Sassuolo never lost to Spal, and in two, the team even managed to win. Both clubs before the sixth round scored a move and look great against the background of the other rivals. In the face-to-face meeting teams should not wait for a large number of goals. The rate: TM3.

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Forecast: TM (3) with a coefficient of 1.42


SPAL in this meeting will undoubtedly dry the game, since this is still the style of the game the hosts of the arena. SPAL missed a little, just four goals, but at the same time and a good attacking work can not boast, scoring as much. But while this works and the team claims to be a zone of European cups, it is unlikely that something will change. The only question is: will it be possible to dry up the meeting in the usual manner when there are such a team as Sassuolo in the rivals, who is very active in playing with all forces to attack? And judging by the game with Fiorentina in the last round, a boring match is unlikely to be created by the home team.

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Sassuolo is one of the main discoveries this season, and let the opening not be in the fight for the championship, and even seriously for the medals Sassuolo will not fight, but here in the European Cup team can break through, but this is a big success, especially against the backdrop , that the club was predicting a struggle for survival. And all this is due to an active game at the gate of others, and even on the field of Juventus losing Sassuolo had a number of points and even managed to total one goal to score. By the way, after that fiasco Sassuolo took rehabilitation with a victory over Empoli with a score of 3: 1.


"Sassuolo" gave a great start and settled in the zone of the Champions League. Can SPAL cool the ardor of "black and green"? The answer is in our forecast.

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SPAL last season was close to leaving Serie A, but in the last round of the house he beat Sampdoria and sent to Serie B Crotone. In the summer off-season, the "white-blue" got stronger and left at the helm of Leonardo Semplichi and are now reaping the fruits - SPAL is in seventh place and shows an excellent game. In the last round of "Fiorentina" slightly cooled the ardor of Spal, having defeated him 3-0 in his field, but this game can hardly be considered as a starting point, after which the game of the team will unfold.


Semplichi knows the possibilities of his team very well and uses the weaknesses of opponents prikrasno - a vivid example of this is the match with "Atalanta", in which "blue and white" twice caught the opponent on counterattacks and did not allow anything to do in the attack. However, the coach SPALA is not in a hurry with the conclusions and believes that his team still has a lot to do to stay in Serie A.

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"Sassuolo" can be called the main opening of the start of the season in Serie A - the team Roberto De Dzerbi does not recognize the authorities and shows an excellent game, climbing after five rounds on the fourth line in the table. However, the team and could play at this season in Serie B - until the middle of the second round of last season, "neroverdi" limp lost match for the match and only at the end of the season "took over the head."


The most vivid match of this season is the home game "Sassuolo" with "Genoa" in the third round - the teams scored eight goals for two and with 5: 3 the hosts won. In the last match, the team of De Dzerbi without any problems beat the home of "Empoli" - the guests though came forward in the first minute, but could not oppose the attack of the hosts, losing 1: 3 to the result. Mentor "neroverdi" happy with the game of his team, but he warns his players of excessive self-confidence, which almost knocked out the elite team last season.

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None of the four face-to-face meetings between the clubs has scored more than three goals

SPAL played at home this season two matches and both won, not conceding a single goal

"Sassuolo" this season at a party not yet won - a draw and a loss



SPAL in his field is very dangerous, it is already felt "Atalanta" and "Parma", leaving the "Paolo Mazza" with nothing. Team Semplichi does not play a bright attacking football, "blue and white" prefer to play on counterattacks and completely deprive the opponent of space, and this is a big problem for Sassuolo, who builds his game on flank breakouts.

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Despite the defeat from the "Forentina", the hosts are now on the rise and are quite capable of coping with the impudent "Sassuolo", which bookmakers did not dare to elevate to the status of a favorite.


In our opinion, the hosts today will take points and reliably play on the defensive. Forecast is the victory of SPAL or a draw with a total less (3.5) goals. In the Betting League, such a bet can be placed with a coefficient of 1.85.

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Our experts have prepared another reliable forecast for Serie A.

SPAL takes Sassuolo.

SPAL in the last round played at a party at Sassuolo, where the first time he missed more than one goal. Fiorentina played a much stronger game, and it had all the chances to win and more. SPAL unexpectedly began to make mistakes in the defense, and already in the beginning of the match gave the ball to Piace in the center of the penalty area. The young Croat did not get confused and without any problems realized an obvious chances to score. Antenucci could easily level the score, but could not adjust to the canopy. Milenkovic with the technique of hitting his head coped better - after a pass from the corner defender Fio doubled the advantage of his team. In the second half, Fiorentina continued to attack and brought the score to devastating - this time it was the turn to score the leader. Chiesa from the center of the penalty shot into the corner without a chance for the goalkeeper of the opponent. Before the final whistle, the score was not changed, the main result - SPAL made too many mistakes, which this time the rival of the team Semplich used.

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Sassuolo again confirmed the status of one of the most fun teams of Serie A of this season. Team De Dzerbi took Empoli and missed just the first attack. At what it's funny that the ball was played from the center of the field by the players of Sassuolo, but the quick loss turned into a counter-attack, as a result of which Caputo scored a goal. Sassuolo did not completely lose his head and continued to play his game, which brought another victory. This time the heroes were Di Francesco and the same Boateng. The first gave 2 assists and scored the third goal in the match, the second again did not leave the field without goals scored. The ball into the gates of Empoli was the third for Boateng in the season. Sassuolo played brightly, but did not interfere with playing the opponent. Empoli had moments to score, but they did not take advantage of them. Team De Dzherby wins 3-1.

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Sassuolo scored in every match of the season and managed after five rounds to become the most productive team of Serie A (on the level with Fio), while in the last season Sassuolo scored for the entire season 29 goals, which was the worst indicator in Serie A. Match against Spal - a game of equal rivals, in which I prefer to build on a more stable team of guests. Sassuolo scores regularly, so I'm waiting for goals and against SPAL. Forecast - the team of De Dzerbi will score at least 1 goal and will not lose.

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