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Spain - Russia 01.07 Free fixed tips

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Team Spain in the first match missed the victory over Portugal, but in general it looked very good. In that duel, fortune was clearly not on the side of the Spaniards, who had to recoup twice during the match. In the end, it ended in a draw 3: 3, which can be considered Spaniards loss of points. In the second match, the team of Fernando Hierro was also very unconvincing, having minutely defeated Iran. Goal Diego Costa has brought three points in the piggy bank of Spain, but Iran played very worthy.

In the third match the Spaniards again could not win. The Moroccan national team, which by that time had already lost the chance to withdraw from the group, had fiercely resisted, twice in the course of the match leading in the account. The Spaniards saved the game for themselves, but they still did not show the game the fans expect from them.

Before the match with Russia Fernando Hierro gave an interview to the press, in which he noted the support of the fans of the Russians, and this. In his opinion, will give a certain advantage to the team of Stanislav Cherchesov. Also, the coach of the "red furies" expressed his conviction that his players need to concentrate on their game, which until recently was, to put it mildly, not ideal.

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The Russian team started on the "mundiale" duel with Saudi Arabia. The Russians confidently beat the opponent 5-0, coping with the huge public pressure. In a duel with Egypt, despite all the pessimistic moods, the Russian team also looked very confident, beating an opponent with a score of 3: 1 in St. Petersburg. The first half ended in a goalless draw, but in the second half of the meeting, Russia did not slow down and it paid off. At first, Akhmed Fathi scored an own goal, then Denis Cheryshev and Artem Dzyuba scored on the goal, Egypt could only reply with a goal from Mohammed Salah from the penalty spot.

With these two victories, Stanislav Cherchesov's team guaranteed themselves a way out of the group, it only remained to not lose Uruguay in the last match to stay in the first place. However, Uruguay was very attuned to the match and did not allow the hostess of the tournament to finish the group stage without defeats. A key role was played by the standards, under which the Russian team made too many mistakes. Also worth noting that most of the fight the Russians played in the minority, Igor Smolnikov in 36 minutes managed to earn two yellow cards.

There were a lot of questions to the refereeing, this was noted by the forward of the Russian team Artem Dzyuba. In his opinion, the referee took the opponent's side in controversial situations, which ultimately influenced the final result. The task at least Cherchesov has already fulfilled, and now the Russians will play much easier.


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The last time the teams met in a friendly match in 2017, then there was a draw 3: 3

In total, the teams held five meetings among themselves: three times Spain won, two duels ended in draws

Spain does not lose in all tournaments after the Euro-2016 - eight draws and 15 wins

The Russian national team scored only two victories in the last 10 matches, lost five fights and ended three draws


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Team Spain is the clear favorite of the fight. Despite not a weak game, the "red fury" is staffed with world-class players, and the players interact with each other perfectly, the current line played more than one year. Even in those situations when the team's game is clearly not glued, the result is obtained from the individual actions of the leaders, it is also a trump card in Spain under Fernando Hierro. The Russian national team showed their best football in the first two meetings, but in a match with Uruguay "to shoot" failed.


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The status contender did not forgive mistakes, which in large numbers were present at the players of the Russian team. Before the removal of Igor Smolnikov, the score was already 0: 2, so Cherchesov's justification must be sought in something else. If Stanislaw Salamovich does not manage to put his team back on the rails from which Uruguay knocked them down, Russians should hardly be expected to win.

In our opinion, the Russian team will not be able to compete with the Spaniards. Forecast for the duel - the victory of the Spanish national team. In 1xStack such an outcome can be found with a coefficient of 1.66.


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Spain was a good group tournament. To become the first "Red Furies" was possible only thanks to more goals scored than Portugal. His starting match with the neighbors in the Iberian Peninsula, the Spaniards played 3: 3. It was a real swing, in which both teams had to recoup during the match. In the next meeting, the "red fury" got the necessary victory. Wards Fernando Hierro defeated Iran - 1: 0, although in fact defeated the Persians for all statistical indicators. The third duel Spain played 2: 2 with desperate Morocco, which finally gave a bright meeting.

Our experts have prepared another forecast for the match Spain - Russia, in which they determined the outcome of the match.

Recall that in the last mundiale Spain did not leave the group, whereas in 2010 it was she who became the world champion. Before that, the "red fury" flew four times in the group stage, three times reached the quarter-finals and two times flew to 1/8. In 1990, the Spaniards lost to Yugoslavia at this stage - 1: 2, and in 2006 France - 1: 3.


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The Russian team gave a real feast to their fans in fights against Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Such bright matches allowed the Russians with a hope to look at the national team. However, in a duel with Uruguay from Russia, really turned away fortune, which accompanied her during the previous two meetings - a 0: 3 defeat.

In the three previous mundials, where Russia took part, she never managed to leave the group. In 1994, 2002 and 2014, the "golden eagles" were stopped in the group stage, collecting only two wins in nine matches: in 2002, Russia beat Tunisia 2-0, and in 1994, Cameroon defeated 6-1.

More interesting are the results of Russia on the Euro. At the most successful tournament for the "golden eagles" in 2008, in which they reached the semi-finals, both matches the Russians lost to the "red fury". In the group, the Spaniards defeated Russia 4: 1, and in the semifinals they defeated it 3: 0.

Recall that before the start of the World Cup Russia already met with Spain, and this duel ended in an enchanting 3: 3. To some extent, this match can be considered the best in the preparation of the team of Stanislav Cherchesov to mundialyu.

On the prospects of the Russian team in the upcoming meeting, our experts told us in a special blog.


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The unbeaten run of the Spanish national team is now equal to 23 matches.

Absolutely in all these matches the Spaniards scored.

Only six teams during this period, Spain pierced less than two goals.

The victories over Saudi Arabia and Egypt for Russia are the only ones in the last ten matches.

The duel with Saudi Arabia at the same time was the only meeting for the Russians, in which she managed to play by zero.

Russia played six fights with Spain, not winning any of them. Moreover, in all three previous matches, the Russians missed three or more goals from the "red fury".


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