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Sogndal - Viking Stavanger

Sogndal - Viking Stavanger

09.06.2018 16:30
Sogndal Viking Stavanger
Forecast: 1X
Coefficient: 1.34

In Norway, the Sogndal and Viking Stavanger teams play each other in a direct clash of the 12th round of the First Division.

The hosts are in third place in the 19-point standings, 5 wins, 4 draws and 2 losses since the start of the championship, with a total of 11 matches having a goal difference of 18-12. As the host, the team has played 5 games so far with 2 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss, scored 13 goals in the opposing goal and scored 9 goals in their net.

Viking Stavanger's team is in second place in the 19-point stand-by table, accumulating after 6 wins, a draw and three losses since the start of the championship, and in the 10 games played 23 goals and 14 hits in their own network. During their visits the team has played 5 games so far, having 3 wins, one draw and 1 loss, scored 11 goals in the home of their hosts and received 7 goals in their net.

In their previous two home games, Sogndal's team lost 1-4 in the Osanne team, and in their last appearance at home they had 5-1 against Stromen's team. In his previous two appearances, Viking Stavanger has a 0-0 draw against Levanger's team and has failed 2-3 by Yerv Grimstad.

In the previous 10 games between the two teams, the Sogndal team has won 2 successes, Viking Stavanger has won 4 wins and 4 games have finished with a tie, with a total goal difference of 11-15. In the previous 5 matches of his stadium, Foshaugane Campus vs Viking Stavanger, the Sogndal players have won 2 wins, 1 draw and 2 defeats.