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Internacional - Atletico Madrid 23.11. Free fixed tips



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Prodigal club football returns after a short break for matches of national teams. Already in the coming Friday it will be possible to quench the sports hunger normally, because on this day the duty tours of the European championships will begin. The Ukrainian championship decided not to give concessions to the world community and rolled out to an advanced match in which Shakhtar met against Lviv.


The event will thunder at the Kharkov stadium called "Metalist”, which in such a harsh time serves as a haven for the "miners”. The Donetsk team is a clear favorite of this confrontation, and we are not even going to argue with this kind of statements. Bookmakers rightly do not leave a chance for the guests. Let's try to raise a little bit so that it is not a shame to show it in public.

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Paulo Fonseca managed to properly train his players, but the Portuguese would not reach the level of Lucescu. Romanian specialist could give results on all fronts, and his deputy is still falling through in the Champions League. We can recall the recent match against Manchester City, in which our today's heroes missed as many as six unanswered goals. Although the event took place in England, it doesn’t justify the Orange-Blacks much.

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In the UPL, everything is much more rosy - after fifteen played rounds, Fonsek and his guys are in the first position. The closest competitor in the form of Kiev Dynamo behind by as much as eight points. The fate of the championship has not yet been decided, but the handicap is solid. You can note that in the "mole" the dominant difference between goals scored and goals conceded is +31. For comparison, the same Dynamo only +13.



"Golden Lions” was remembered by a recent victory in the Ukrainian Cup over Gornyak, which is from Krivoi Rog. After that, our today's heroes have not managed to know what the taste of victory is. In two subsequent fights, the squad of Yuri Bakalova lost to Vorskla 0: 2, and then painted the world against Donetsk Olimpik 1: 1. Such indicators can not convince us on the eve of the match against the leader.

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Again, look at the standings of the regular Ukrainian championship. At the moment, the guys are located on the eighth position. There are all chances to break into the six of the best, but for this you need to catch up with the Desna, which ran two points ahead. The away games at the "lions” are obtained - this season, as many as three victories were won in seven such sparrings.


Prediction for this match

"Golden Lions” really sunk into the soul of our vulnerable analysts with a couple of good matches, but in the next round "lions” do not shine. In such a situation, you can bet on the sure victory of the claimant for the crown.


Bet - Miner's victory with a handicap of -2.

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Open the 16th round of the UPL will be a duel in Kharkov, where the Donetsk Shakhtar will take Lviv.


In August, these teams met in Lviv, where the Pitmen won with a score of 0: 2. I wonder what awaits us in the return match?


After 15 rounds, Shakhtar calmly leads the UPL, already 8 points ahead of the closest pursuers - 40 against 32 at Dynamo. In total, in the course of the championship, the Fonseca wards managed to win 13 times, once played a draw and lost once more, having played 38: 7. However, in Kharkiv, the Pitmen for some reason constantly miss (although they score even more) ...

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But Lviv shows a mediocre level of the game, so the donkey is in the middle of the standings (8th row). In fact, the team has problems, because the coach has already changed twice. And only with the arrival of Yuri Bakalov, the team’s affairs "went uphill” ... At this moment, the "blue-gold lions” have 18 points in their own assets - 4 wins, 6 draws and 5 losses (the total score was 13:16). However, the team almost never scores more than the 1st goal ...

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In anticipation of the fight bookmakers are almost confident in the victory of the miner, with which you should not even argue. In fact, the Pitmen are frankly more powerful, and the "blue-golden lions” do not shine in the attack. So in this game the champions will dominate, but it is unlikely that there will be a rout here. After all, the guests know how to rest ...


Free prediction for the match Shakhtar Donetsk - Lviv: "Lviv victory with a handicap of +3”. The bookmaker pari-match offers a coefficient of 1.52 for this outcome.


Open the program of the 16th round of the UPL will be a duel between the Donetsk Shakhtar and FC Lviv. The match will be held at Metalist Kharkiv, now the miners' home arena. It is worth noting that Donetsk footballers are well-deserved favorites of the meeting. After the international break, "Moles” are preparing for the most important match in Sinsheim, Germany, where Hoffenheim will face the Fonseca squad.

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UPL leader

After 15 rounds played in the UPL, the Donetsk Miner is on the first line in the division standings, with an 8-point margin from the nearest competitor, Dynamo Kyiv. The difference of the scored and missed balls is +31, for example, the Dynamo has +13. In the last five matches, Miner won four times with one defeat, the only wrestler fell on the Champions League away match against Manchester City, the score from that meeting was 0: 6.


In eighth place

FC Lviv after winning the Ukrainian Cup over Krivoy Rog Miner, did not win. First, the "lions” in their field lost to Vorskla 0-2, and after that, they broke up with Donetsk 1: 1 in peace. In the standings, the FDA Lvov are on the eighth line with 18 points in the asset. The gap from the Chernihiv Desna and the sixth position in the peloton is only two points. Surprisingly, on the road, FC L'viv plays even better than in his own field, in 7 games out of home walls + 3 = 3-1, 7: 4.

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FC Lviv is a good and promising team, but it is unlikely that Lviv is currently able to face the Donetsk people on equal terms. In this pair, you can try a bet on the minus head start. Our free meeting forecast: Miner's victory with a handicap of -2.0


The sixteenth round of the UPL will be opened by Shakhtar and Lviv. The teams crossed at the end of the summer, and then the Donetsk team was more successful - 0: 2. What can we expect in the upcoming bout? Let's figure it out.


The Pitmen spent fifteen rounds and earned 40 points during this time. The gap from the second place is already 8 points, so in the championship things are going brilliantly. You can not ignore the help statistics - 38: 7. What is interesting is that it is on the "home” field that the team misses most often.

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"Lions” demonstrate a mediocre level of football, and therefore are located on the eighth line of the championship. The club has 18 points - 4 victories, 6 world and 5 defeats under a total score of 13:16. The team rarely misses, so they have a chance to avoid defeat.


The forecast for the match "Miner" - "Lviv", F2 (+3). Yes, the owners are clearly more powerful. That's just the guests are quite uncompromising. It is unlikely that the "lions" will lose too much.

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The starting meeting of the sixteenth round of the UPL will take place in Kharkov, where the current leader of the peloton and the debutant of the elite will play. In this case, the favorite is obvious, but about a month ago, Lviv already managed to cope on the road with Dynamo, so you can expect another surprise from him.


The miners scored 40 points in fifteen games and with a goal difference of 38: 7 confidently lead the UPL standings, eight points ahead of Dynamo Kyiv. In November, the wards of Fonseca held three matches - the hardest 2-1 win over Dynamo, more than a fair triumph over Vorskla (2: 0), and a humiliating 0: 6 loss from Manchester City in the Champions League.

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Lviv with eighteen points is the eighth, being exactly between the European Cup zone and the relegation zone. In the previous two rounds, the Lions could not win - a 1: 1 draw with Olimpik and a 0: 2 setback from Vorskla. But before that, Bakalov's wards sensationally beat Dynamo 1: 0 and coped with the same score from another Kiev team - Arsenal.


More than the obvious favorite of the match is Miner, whose level of play is much higher. However, after the international pause and before the Champions League duel with Hoffenheim, the Miners can hardly be expected to play their best game, so frankly defeating the weaker guests will not be here.

Free fixed tips

The victory of Lviv with a handicap (+3) at 1.53


The matches of the Miner in the Champions League showed that the level of the Ukrainian championship decreases every year. The best team of the country, the undisputed leader of the current season can not beat clearly not the top rivals from Germany and France, but the "citizens” from Manchester flies with a total score of 0: 9.


Now for the Donetsk team it is the turn of the decisive fights in this tournament. In the playoffs, it’s obviously not possible to break through, but it’s advisable not to completely disgrace and finish at the bottom of the standings.

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In the home championship things are going well. After the victory in the last seconds of the victory of Dynamo and the shameful voyage on Etytihad, the Orange-Black easily dealt with Vorskla in her field. The overweight of the guests was overwhelming, they could have won big, there were enough moments, and Moraesh did not convert a penalty, but limited to two goals.


Lviv would have to pull up the game in their own arena, I think that then the team had no problems with getting into the top six. Not so long ago, the wards of Yuri Bakalov suffered the first away defeat, and at home at the moment they were able to beat only the capital Arsenal.

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In the last round, the "blue-gold" took Olympic. In the first half, with the game equal to the hosts, Taylor managed to open an account. After the break, the Donetsk team was completely in charge of the initiative. Natural draw 1: 1.


I have no doubt that Paulo Fonseca will save Marlos, Matvienko, Krivtsov and Stepanenko, who have health problems. Perhaps some more players will get some rest, because there is a major departure to Hoffenheim ahead. But, as we see, even the reservists of the Miner are superior to everyone else in the Ukrainian Premier League. Lions in defense looks good, just missed more than two goals in a season (unexpectedly at home meeting with Desna), so it would be logical to play the hosts through the bottom.

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The break for national teams, as a rule, does not have a very good effect on top clubs, which lose many of their players: they drop out of the training process and get an extra play load plus possible injuries. In Ukraine, this primarily concerns Shakhtar and Dynamo. However, the level of the championship is now such that in this case the word "will affect” means - "will not win with a crushing score”.


On the eve of the game, four Shakhtar players did not train in the general group: Sergey Krivtsov, Marlos, Taras Stepanenko and Nikolay Matvienko. Marlos is recovering from injury and is still not in good condition, Kryvtsov is injured, Stepanenko has ORVI, Matvienko will get rest after matches for the national team. Do not forget about the injury of Fernando, who almost two weeks ago operated on Ordets with Malyshev. Butko started running.


In the championship, Shakhtar lost points only twice - lost to Dynamo Kyiv in the third round and in the beginning of October played a draw with Zarya. All other matches the team won the Fonseca, so it is not surprising that the gap from the nearest pursuer, Dynamo Kyiv, is eight points.

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On the eve of the game, the theme of the similarity of Shakhtar and Lvov developed - there and there are many Brazilians in the squad, but Fonseca quite rightly said that this is not enough: "No, we are not alike. These are two completely different styles. They have a lot of great players, but the game of our clubs is very different. ”


Indicative compositions

Shakhtar: Pyatov - Danchenko, Khocholava, Rakitskiy, Ismaili - Alan Patrick, Maicon - Nem, Bolbat, Tyson - Moraes

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Lviv: Sarnavskiy - Adamyuk, Paramonov, Borzenko, Golikov - Sabino, Martan - Taylor, Jonathan, Araujo - Cesar


The miner is experiencing difficulties of personnel nature - due to injuries of leading players, due to the participation of football players in the matches of the Ukrainian team. In addition, do not forget that winter has come (in fact), and this is an additional demotivator for heat-loving Brazilians.


Lviv, for sure, will play closed and will try to run out into counterattacks. It would not be superfluous to remind you that Lviv is playing very well on the road - the team lost on the foreign fields only once in seven games. And only once missed two goals - in all other matches - either one or zero. A total of Lviv missed four goals on the road. Like Dynamo and Miner.

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