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Shakhtar Donetsk - Desna 19.10. Free fixed tips



Free fixed tips


One match of the next, already the twelfth, tour of the Ukrainian elite championship was submitted for Friday evening. On the reporting day, Donetsk Shakhtar will face off against the Desna. For the sake of such an event, it is worth waiting for 19:00 Moscow time. Championship of Ukraine, as a separate layer of cultural discourse. Skipping such games is the same as watching "Game of Thrones” through the series.


The event will be held in Kharkov at the Metalist stadium. Who is the favorite in the battle between the Hulk and the Belka Girl? In no case do not want to offend the guests, but in this pair they, alas, are not similar to the green monster. Donetsk team is fighting for the championship, well, Desna, like a rapper from the 90s, who needs only respect and a place in the top six. Let's try to understand what is happening in Ukraine.

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Donetsk team is a popular guy in school who is invited to all parties. The "moles" of cases are sick of it and it is not about the fact that they are shot in erotic films, but that the guys are fighting on several significant fronts. For example, in four days, our today's heroes need to take the formidable Manchester City as part of a championship league. For such a battle you need to thoroughly prepare.


In the domestic championship, the Pitmen started having problems in the last round. The guys failed to defeat Luhansk Zarya in a principled match. Kiev Dynamo is already sneaking up, like a law enforcement official, when you just opened a bottle of alcohol in a public place. At the moment, "black and orange" is located in a leadership position, and in their assets twenty-eight points scored.

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Chernigov squad is in good shape, as for the representative of the middle of the standings. In the last five matches, the Eagles won twice. Triumphs appear in clashes against Lviv and Kiev Arsenal. The situation is strange, but our today's heroes perform more stably on enemy territory - in the 2018/2019 season, the guys were able to win three such matches three times.

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At this moment the team is located on the seventh line in the standings. Chernigov and his faithful companions collected thirteen points. The figure, of course, is not the most pleasant, but the main goal of getting into the six is ​​realizable. It is close to Mariupol - only one point separates our today's heroes from a place under the sun. The problem is that in the future tour you need to go to the leader.


Prediction for this match

Donetsk team is a kack, which has been going to the gym for ten years already. The guests on their background look as if they had recently signed up for a health center, and even did not learn to properly pull themselves up. Whoever we choose, but the result is obvious, as in the presidential race in the Russian Federation.

Free fixed tips

The bet is the victory of Shakhtar with a handicap of -2.0.


The 12th round of the UPL season will open with a duel in Kharkov, where the Donetsk Shakhtar will take the Chernihiv Desna.


At the start of the season, the Pitmen quietly won on the road with a score of 0-2, but will they be able to win even with their fans?

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The miner is now leading in the UPL, having obtained 28 points for 11 fights. So, the wards of Fonseca managed to win 8 times, tied with Zarya (1: 1) in the last match, and minimally lost to Dynamo Kyiv (1: 0). It is noteworthy that the total score for these 11 championship matches was 30: 6, that is, the Pitmen missed one time, and scored an average of 3 goals. But in the last matches, the Donetsk team began to miss much more ...


In turn, the Desna shows decent football in the Premier League, currently occupying the 7th line of the UPL. The fact is that the wards of Alexander Ryabokon managed to win 4 times, once played a draw and lost 6 times, while the total score was 12:16. And the most interesting thing is that on the road "northerners” get the most victories - 3 wins in the championship and 1 in the cup.

Free fixed tips

Bookmakers are almost confident in the victory of the Miner, as the Desna is inferior in all respects. In addition, the players rested and "will start all over again,” which means the Pitmen must solve their problems in defense. That's what I propose to put in this fight ...


Free prediction for the match Shakhtar Donetsk - Desna: "Desna will not score." The bookmaker pari-match offers a coefficient of 1.49 for such an outcome.


Donetsk Miner this Friday in Kharkov will fight with Chernihiv Desna in the framework of the 12th round of the Ukrainian Football Championship. The team from Donetsk is definitely the favorite of the couple, who is preparing to take Manchester City four days after the Gums. Surely the Fonseca team will do everything possible in order not only to defeat the opponent, but to do it as confidently as possible.

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The leaders

After 11 rounds, played in the UPL, the Miner scored 28 points, is on the first line in the standings. The gap from the only competitor, Dynamo Kyiv, was reduced to two points, it happened because of a draw outcome in the match of the previous round against Lugansk Dawn. All in Kharkov in the framework of the Ukrainian championship season 2018-19. The miner spent five games in which he managed to win four times with one draw.


In seventh place

Desna Chernigov before the upcoming meeting is on the 7th place in the standings, in the asset of this team 13 points. The elite novice is fighting for getting into the TOP-6 of the UPL, at the moment the gap between future guests and Mariupol is only one point. Surprisingly, on the road the team from Chernigov shows better results than in native walls, in five games Desna managed to win three times with two defeats.

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The miner in all respects is stronger than the Gums on three heads, it will depend solely on the Miner, with what difference the Donetsk team beat the team from Chernigov. In this pair, you can try to bet on the minus odds of a favorite. Our free meeting forecast: Miner's victory with a handicap of -2.0


In the twelfth round of the Ukrainian Premier League on October 19, 2018 at 19:00 at the Metalist stadium will play against the Desna.

Free fixed tips

Shakhtar Donetsk is the leader of the championship of Ukraine, taking the first place and gaining 28 points, which is 2 points more than the second place. This season, the team looks very dynamic and very often distresses the gates of rivals when it misses a little. Over the past eleven rounds, the players managed to score thirty times, against six missed. Just one loss on the club's account, received from the main rival Dynamo of Kiev at the start of the season. At their stadium, the Pitmen did not lose at 18/19.


The gum is held on the seventh line of the tournament table, and there are thirteen points in the team box. Strangely enough, the players perform very badly at their stadium, while on the contrary, they play excellently at a party. Over the past five away matches, nine points were scored, which means that the club is a guest.

Free fixed tips

Two matches in the history of the miner met with Desna, and both times won, with the same score 2-0. Naturally, the composition and class of Shakhtar Donetsk is much higher than that of the guests, moreover, the team with the support of native stands is almost invincible, so it will be able to easily get 3 points. Bet: Miner's victory with a handicap - F1 (-2).


Forecast: F1 (-2) with the coefficient 1.58


As part of the twelfth round of the UPL, Shakhtar and Desna will converge on the field. This is the second match between the opponents, we recall that at the start of the season, the Donetsk club easily beat their rival - 0: 2. Will they repeat their success? Let's figure it out.

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The Pitmen took the lead in the championship, with a total of 28 points from the club in eleven rounds. Fonseca's squad took the upper hand 9 times, there was still a world game with Zorya and an annoying 1: 0 loss from Dynamo. It is important to note the help statistics, which looks impressive - 30: 6.


"Northerners” demonstrate good football, and therefore are located in the seventh position of the championship. The Ryabokon footballers 4 times won the victory, one more world and failed 6 times with the scoring statistics 12:16. It is important to note the fact that they are doing better in a foreign field - 3 victories and a draw.


The forecast for the match "Miner" - "Desna", TM0.5 from the guests. Too big difference in class. Most likely, the Pitmen will win and not miss.

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The twelfth round of the championship of Ukraine will open on Friday with a match between the current champion of the country and the absolute debutant of the Premier League. Obviously, the miner of Donetsk is the favorite at this meeting.


After the first round Miners scored 28 points and established in the first place. So far, they are very good in the championship - the most goals, the best goal difference (30: 6). But in the last round, the wards of Fonseca stumbled, playing a 1: 1 draw with Luhansk Zorya.

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Gums indicators are the following - four wins, one draw and six losses with a goal difference of 12:16. This allows the Chernigov club to go to the seventh line of the tournament table. Before the international break, Ryabokon’s players played in Lviv with the same-name club and drove out three points - 3: 1. It is also noteworthy that three of the four wins of the Gums came in away matches.


Despite the fact that on the eve of the Champions League, Shakhtar will play not with the main squad, he must easily defeat his opponents and continue the triumphant march along the UPL.

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Shakhtar will score in both halves (yes) with 1.63


After a short break, club football reappears in the forefront. Shakhtar is preparing for the next round in the Champions League. "Desna" will try to create problems for the opponent. Our forecast will help assess the balance of power before the match.


In the final round, the Pitmen allowed their main rival to reduce the gap from the top of the standings to two points. The team failed in the home match of the last round to break the resistance of "Dawn” (1: 1).

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It is not so much the loss of points that is alarming, but the personnel problem that arose after the confrontation with the "black and white” ones. Heavy injured Tyson. It is difficult to overestimate the role of the captain, without him the attacking potential of Shakhtar will noticeably decrease. Not in the best functional state can be players who called in the national team. The central defender Ivan Ordets continues to recover.



Stability performances "northerners" also can not boast. Recently, they have alternated victories with defeats. Alexander Ryabokon's wards were overplayed by rivals fighting for survival, but in confrontations with ambitious opponents they did not look very convincing.

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The coaching staff had a lot of time to conduct a full-fledged training process. Desna managed to break apart Kolkheti (4: 0) in the control match. Confident victory is important psychologically.


The central defender Vitaly Yermakov will not be able to enter the field.



Shakhtar won four of the last five matches in the championship.

Only in one of the last five matches of the Pitmen in the Premier League more than three goals were scored.

Desna have lost two of their last five matches in the away championship.

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Motivate the "northerners" do not have to. They will make every effort to achieve an acceptable result. The Desna is noticeably inferior in class to the opponent, but due to the utmost dedication it can create problems for the leader of the UPL. Shakhtar suffered a serious personnel loss. Football players are in a different functional state, besides, the miners need to save their strength for confrontation with Manchester City.


Our prediction is that Shakhtar won and the total is less than 3.5 for 1.94.

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Shakhtar deservedly leads the Ukrainian Premier League, but not so confidently anymore. The fact is that the wards Fonseca began to consistently lose points, but mostly in the Champions League. In the UPL, the Pitmen got 28 points for 11 rounds - 9 wins, a draw and a defeat, with the total score of 30: 6. And we note separately that the Donetsk team in the last 3 meetings missed 3 goals, which is a lot for them ...

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Desna, surprisingly, did not get lost in the Premier League, and even occupies the 7th line of the standings. So, in the course of the new season, Ryabokon's wards managed to score 13 points - 4 wins, a draw and 6 losses, and the total score was 12:16. It is noteworthy that just on the road "northerners” score the most, but they also miss a lot

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