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Seville - Valadolid 25.11 Free fixed tips



Free fixed tips


Experts of the Russian championships Anji - Rubin for the Russian championships and bookmarks. ).



In this game, bookmakers rate over 50%. The championship is a championship match. In the last round, he played a 0-0 draw at home with Lokomotiv. For the second time in a row, the wards of Kurban Berdiyev could not score. There are three points. At the same time, Kazan lost only one match, scoring three times. There are no goals for this match. On the road, Rubin, after seven consecutive draws, lost the last match to Orenburg. This was his first guest loss since last December.

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Anji Premier League takes the penultimate 15th place with 13 points. At the same time, Makhachkala residents are only one point behind the Wings of the Soviets and Ufa. In the last round of the match, it was a score of 0: 2. He didn’t score. In his field, it has been winning three times and losing six times. In the half of meetings, he didn't score a single goal.



Last season, Rubin defeated 6: 0, but in Kaspiysk played a draw of 1: 1. And he led 1-0 and missed out. Each team won seven times. Moreover, until last season of the 2011/12 championship, held in two stages, Anji and Rubin exchanged victories.

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The site experts bookmakers.rf believe at least will not lose. In this case, the team with a handicap (+0.5) will be beneficial. In the bookmaker's 1xStavka predict Rubin's victory with a score of 1: 0 (coefficient 5.50). Highly quoted draw 1: 1 (coefficient 6.50). Anji bets with a handicap (+0.5) are accepted with a odds of 2.06.



Anji's victory - 5.00, a draw - 3.27, Rubin's victory - 1.77.

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11 in the last 13 Premier League matches Rubin scored less than three goals;

Rubin has not won a single victory; he didn’t score.


November 25, 17:15, Seville, Ramon Sanchez Pizhuang

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Both rivals had a break for the matches. Valladolid, after a series of four victories in the championship, issued a new, now negative segment - out of three fights without victories, the modest team simply needed a pause to take a breath. As for Sevilla, the team earned points in the last rounds of the championship, and the staff of Andalusians suffered from personnel troubles, and the break in the national teams allowed some of Pablo Machin's wards to recover.


For example, the Danish defender Simon Kjaer healed the injury and is ready to appear on the field from the first minutes, the striker Andre Silva and Wissam Ben Yedder are also completely healthy, to the state of which there were questions before the international pause. But Jesus Navas will have to rest until December - the veteran of the team was injured and replaced by Aleish Vidal, who returned from Barcelona.

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Valladolid also has some difficulties in choosing the starting lineup. The main ones are the loss of the main right defender Javi Moiano, who dropped out before the end of the calendar year and centerback Kiko Olivas, who will take less time to recover, but he definitely will not play this weekend.


Indicative compositions

Seville: Vatslik - Carriso, Kjaer, Sergi Gomez - Vidal, Banega, Vasquez, Escudero - Sarabia - Ben Yedder, Andre Silva


Valladolid: Masip - Antoniito, Fernandez, Calero, Nacho - Leo Suarez, Michel, Alcaras, Villa - Unal, Oscar Planogne

Free fixed predictions

Sevilla won in the last 4 home games, and in 7 of the last 8 championship bouts scored at least twice. There is no reason to expect the Andalusians to be less effective in a fight with Valladolid. Personnel problems of the opponent in defense simply scream that it would be unrealistic for the guests to resist on Ramon Sanchez Pizhuang, despite the fact that before that Sergio's wards were distinguished by the ability to build reliable redoubts.


So far, the teams look respectable this season. "Seville” after a long break can win the champion title. Valladolid, which only rose in the class, claims to be in the European Cup. Our forecast will help to make the right choice.


There is still a long way ahead of the tournament, but already now it is possible to point out successful actions of the "nerionians” trying to compete with local top clubs. In parallel, the wards of Pablo Machin claim trophies in prestigious cup tournaments. Red-and-white failures cannot be avoided, but in general they justify the advances issued before the start of the season.

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It is not without reason that Sevilla is counting on the maximum balance replenishment in the upcoming home match. At the Ramon Sanchez Pizhuang Stadium six times in a row, she secured a positive result.


Restored after the operation opornik Maxim Gonalon.



Fans of "blue-violet" should be satisfied with the performances of the team this season. She, despite all the problems, is still trying to gain a foothold at the top of the standings. It will not be easy for her to break through to the European Cup zone. Reserves to enhance the game the team seems to have left. She began to gradually lose their positions, gaining only two points in the last three rounds.

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For a long time, she fussed away defeats on the road, but her unbeaten guest series was interrupted by Real Madrid (0: 2). No less serious test wards Sergio Gonzalez waiting at the stadium, "Ramon Sanchez Pishuhan."

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The absence of wingers Ivy and Keko, as well as defender Javi Moyano, will weaken the right flank.



In the last eight games, Sevilla scored six wins.

In the home arena, Sevilla won four games in a row with a total score of 9: 3.

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Valladolid lost just one of the last eight matches in Example.

In three of the six guest meetings, Valladolid did not score.

In each of the last eight full-time matches, both teams scored.



A bit hooked "white-purple" lately. It will be very difficult for them to impose the fight "red-white". "Nervous people" in native walls are rarely hospitable. They will receive an additional impulse if Barcelona fails to score points at the Wanda Metropolitan stadium. In any case, the wards of Pablo Machin will strive for a positive result, although it is not worth waiting for a defeat.

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Our forecast is Sevilla's victory in 1-2 goals in 2.10


Teams representing Spain in the Europa League cannot boast outstanding results in Example. Especially often disappoints his fans "Villarreal". "Betis" also does not shine, but the prospects for it in the domestic arena are more rosy. Our forecast will help determine the choice of rate.



"Submariners" last achieved success in the Spanish championship at the end of September this year. Having dispersed the world in the last round on the road with "Rayo Vallecano” (2: 2), they brought their lose-lose series in La Liga to six matches. With such achievements, it will not be easy for the "yellow submarine” to protect itself from the struggle for survival, and for Javier Calleje to save his place on the coaching bridge.

Free fixed tips

Not his fiery wards, even in native walls, where they have not yet managed to achieve a positive result in the current drawing of Examples.


Will not appear in the disqualified center defender Alvaro Gonzalez. Health problems are central midfielder Manu Morlanes, as well as supporting Chava Bruno Soriano and Javi Fuego.

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"Green-and-white", not distinguished by stability during the championship, intensified the fight for the championship, having won far from the leader's home. Examples (4: 3). Wards Kike Setena not only helped the contenders for the title, but also significantly improved their position, returning to the fight for the European Cup ticket. Having dealt with Barcelona, ​​Betis raised its self-esteem. Now he is not afraid of any opponent.


The team does not have a factor of its own dependency field. She is able to prepare a surprise and away from home, as they were convinced in the final round of the "blue garnet”.


Almost the optimal composition can put Kike Network. Only centralback Sydney is not ready to leave the hospital.

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None of the last five home games of "Villarreal” had a total over 2.5.

In four of the five previous fights, "Betis" on the road was not scored more than two goals.

Six of the last eight full-time fights between future rivals were grassroots.

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Quite regularly misses the defense of "Villarreal". Even in native walls, "submariners” do not often manage to keep their gates safe. "Betis" will try to take advantage of the problems of the opponent. "Green-and-white” in the last two rounds seven goals were shipped to the gate of not the weakest opponents. With a high degree of probability, they will be able to find a breach in the protective orders of the "yellow submarine”.


Our forecast is that both will score for 1.64.

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Seviltsy located on the second line of the tournament table Examples, following the "Barcelona”, from which they are only one point behind.


At the moment, the "Nerwians” have 6-game unbeaten run in all tournaments. In this segment, Sevilla won four matches and made two draws. Directly in the championship she does not know the bitterness of defeat three meetings in a row.


In these games, Pablo Machini's players beat "Huesca” and "Espanyol” (2: 1) on their territory, and also shared points at a party with "Real Sociedad” (0: 0).

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Six home games of this Examples brought the "red-white” four wins with one draw and defeat, the difference between the goals scored and missed - 9: 5. At the same time in the last four meetings, they certainly won.


The upcoming fight due to injury will miss the defender Simon Kjaer.



"White-violet” after raising in the high light this season act quite successfully. After 12 matches of La Liga, they are seventh with 17 points and are three points behind the sixth Real Madrid.

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In recent years, "I was pulling" a little slow down. After a series of four victories in a row from the sixth to the ninth round, she cannot already win three games in the championship.


During this period, Sergio Gonzalez's team painted home draws with Espanyol (1: 1) and Eibar (0: 0), and also lost to Real Madrid in Madrid with a score of 0: 2, missing only in the last 10-minute.


In six away meetings, "Valladolid” lost only once, made three matches in a draw and won two games, the goal difference was 5: 5.

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The last time opponents met in the example was in the 2013/14 season. And then "Sevilla” at home won with a score of 4: 1, in Valladolid the teams tied - 2: 2.



In the upcoming match, the bookmakers give preference to the hosts: a victory for Sevilla - 1.43, a victory for Valladolid - 8.00, a draw - 4.30.


The newcomer of the highest Spanish division still looks good, he often manages to keep his gate locked. Against one of the leaders, they will choose their favorite tactic - from defense.

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Our forecast is TM 3.0.

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