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Sevilla - Uepez 27.07 Free fixed tips



Free fixed tips


In the upcoming Thursday we are waiting for another match in the framework of the qualification of the League of Europe in which Sevilla will meet against Ujpest. The battle will be held in Spain at the Ramón Sanchez Pizjuán stadium. Local fans have not seen their favorites for a long time in business, although the future confrontation looks as if schoolchildren will come to Jason, but the Sevillian audience is interested in this match.


A clear favorite of the match can be considered a Spanish team, "red-white" - a regular participant in European cup tournaments. The Europa League is a particularly favorite tournament for the team, last season the sevillians managed to scramble into the quarter-finals of the championship league after passing Manchester United. The difference between future rivals is measured by the abyss, so you need to select an interesting bet, so that the ratio was not pathetic.



"Nerviontsy" not very carefully prepared for qualification - the guys had only three friendly matches, but this should be enough with your head. First wards Pablo Machina defeated 2: 0 real Murcia, then there was a draw with the English Bournemouth, well, and finally, the "red and white" lost to Portuguese Benfica with an offensive 1: 0. Any of the above rivals will be stronger than the future opponent.


It is worth a couple of words to say about the aforementioned Pablo Machina, the specialist only came to the team, the Spaniard was remembered for bringing Girona to the elite division. Now before the Pablo are completely different goals - you need to gain a foothold in European competition and in the domestic arena to show a decent result. Last season, La Liga "red and white" is not very confidently played.

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The Hungarian team in the domestic arena in the 2017/2018 season collected forty-nine points after thirty three rounds. This result is worthy of the third position in the standings. The gap from the gold medals and Ferencvarosha totaled seventeen points. Nebojsa Vinjevich has got on the terrible contender already at so early stage, the Serbian expert realizes all futility of life.


On the Hungarian scene, only two teams can be distinguished now, and unfortunately our heroes today do not fall into this cohort. Another problem will be the exit status of the match Vinjević does not often take his team abroad, but judging by the regular championship, the guys have problems with this kind of battles. In the seventeen sparring team managed to win only six times.

Free fixed tips

Forecast for this match

"I found a scythe on a stone," such a phraseology can describe the entire situation around the reporting match. On the one hand, the Hungarians play well, but the stone in the form of Seville will be an insurmountable obstacle



One of the matches next Thursday will be a duel between the Spanish team of Seville and the Hungarian Uypest. "Red and white" - the obvious favorites meeting, the Spaniards last season played in the ¼ finals of the Champions League, i.e. it can be said, are one of the strongest teams in the world, while the Hungarian team, even in its national league, does not show good results.


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Active preparation

Sevilla before the matches with Uipest held three friendly matches, which won 2-0 Real Madrid Murcia, played a draw with Bournemouth, lost 0-1 Benfica. By the start of the season, Seville is preparing Pablo Machin, a specialist who in the past period worked very well with Girona, raised the Catalans to the highest echelon of Spanish football, in the Example, too, this team was not lost.


Good Hungarians

In the season of 2017-18. Uypest after 33 matches scored 49 points in his asset, took the third place in the end, losing to Ferencvaros, 17 points. Obviously, there are now two leaders in Hungary, all other teams are inferior in class to Videoton and Ferencvaros. At the exit, Uypest held 17 matches, which won 6 times with 6 draws and five defeats. In the starting season, Ujpest has knocked out the qualification of LE Neftchi from the city of Fergana, and also lost in the championship of Hungary MTK 0: 2.

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With all due respect to Ujpest, but it is worth noting that Sevilla Hungarians are not "to the teeth". Too different levels of these two teams, in addition, the match itself will be held at the "Pischuan", where Spanish grandees often lose points: Barca and Real. Our free forecast for this meeting:


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The beginning of this season for "Seville" is very early. The championship in Spain starts in a month, but the Andalusian club is already compelled to compete in the football fields of Europe. His first match in preparation for the Europa League "Seville" was played just 11 days ago. "Nervionians" dispersed in it with the world with "Bournemouth" - 1: 1. In the next match Andalusian club dealt with "Murcia" - 2: 0.



In "Uyipest" the season began with the first qualifying round of the Europa League, the result in which seemed to be a continuation of Hungarian failures in friendly matches. In them, "violet" played a draw with "Trinitsa" - 3: 3 and lost to Inter Pribisich - 0: 1, after that losing in the first fight of the league Neftchi - 1: 3. Nevertheless, the "Uypest" found the strength in the second leg not only to win back. The Hungarians completely defeated Neftchi 4-0. Then, however, lost in the first round of the championship of the ITC - 0: 2.

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"Sevilla" won four of the last six matches in the European League.

 "Ujpest" won only one of the five previous fights.

Odds for the match Sevilla-Ujpest



Apparently, Sevilla will calmly deal with Uypest, even in its sleepy state. And it is likely that he will do it with a large score. The Hungarians have weak defense, because even Neftchi has beaten them three goals in a home match.

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Our forecast - 2-3 goals in the match for 2.11 in the BC Pari-Match



5-time winner of the UEFA Cup / UEFA Europa League UEFA will start its campaign for the sixth trophy game against the Hungarian "Uypest"

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"Nervions" for the tour before the end of the last championship of Spain were able to win the sixth row in the standings and got the right to participate in the LE.


In the final of the King's Cup, "red-white" were defeated "Barcelona" with a score of 0: 5, and thus did not get into the group stage of the League of Europe, and began their journey with qualifications.


In the off-season, wards Pablo Machina managed to spend three sparring. In the first test game, they painted the world with the English "Bournemouth" - 1: 1.


Then beat the team from Segunda B "Murcia" (2: 0), and then lost to the Portuguese "Benfica" with a score of 0: 1.

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The Hungarian club, in contrast to its upcoming rival, has already held three official games. In the first round of the selection of LE "violet" Azerbaijani "Neftchi" was held.


At a party, Nebojsa Vinjevic's squad lost to the "oilmen" with a score of 1: 3, and in the second leg "Ujpest" defeated the club from Baku with a score of 4: 0.


This season, the victory over the Azerbaijanis was the only one. In the control matches, the Hungarians tied with the Czech "Trinec" (3: 3) and lost to the Croatian "Inter" (0: 1),

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And in the starting championship of Hungary in the first round on its field were weaker MTK - 0: 2.



In the upcoming match, bookmakers consider the unconditional favorite of Sevilla, assessing their victory at 1.12.

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Most likely, the Spaniards already in the first match will decide the issue with going to the next round, even though it will be the first official game of the season.


We put - the victory of "Sevilla" with a handicap (-2) for 1.91.

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