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Serbia - Switzerland 22.06.2018 Free fixed tips

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Serbia "In the starting match of the mundial to the Serbs with a minimum score of 1-0 managed to beat Costa Rica and now the team tops the standings of the group E. In the final part of the world championship, the wards of Mladen Krstajic came from the first place in Group D of European qualification, where out of ten played matches lost only one: on the road 3: 2 of the Austrian team. In preparation for the World Cup, the team held six friendly matches, in which they won three times, lost twice and another one finished in a draw. It is especially worth noting the defeat of the national team of Bolivia 5: 1 and the victory over the Nigerians 2: 0. "Switzerland" Wards Vladimir Petkovic started on the mundiale with a draw of 1: 1 against the five-time world champions Brazilians, which can be considered luck. Passing in the first half goal on the 20th minute from Coutinho, they were able to recoup in the 50th minute thanks to the ball of Zuber. Qualifying stage of the team finished in the second position in Group B, where the first place went to the European champions the Portuguese, which Switzerland and lost 2: 0 in the only losing meeting at the qualification stage. Before the World Cup, the team held four friendly matches, having won in three and one more, with the Spanish team, reducing to a 1: 1 draw. Forecast for the match: "Serbia" - "Switzerland" from experts masters-bet The Swiss qualification selection was more confident than the Serbs and well manifested themselves in friendly matches. In addition, a draw with the Brazilians indicates a good tactical preparation of the team. Thus, in this confrontation the advantage should be given to Switzerland.

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The two European countries have won their Europe-wide qualifying groups, but now the first position is just one, and it probably belongs to Brazil. Serbs and Swiss players are coming out of a direct clash to continue to the next phase of the championship, and a new success for our neighbors certainly places them.
In the following lines we will analyze the performance of both teams, we will look at their results so far and will give our bet and forecast for Serbia - Switzerland.
Serbia is the only leader in Group E after playing the first matches. The victory for our neighbors was expected, but came with a minimum of 1: 0 over Costa Rica. In the other clash, Brazil and Switzerland stood against each other and the points were equalized by 1: 1. Wines for this may be cast on the disputed equalizing goal of the Swiss, but the winning point for them was deserved.
The Serbia coach has great players in every line of the game. His graduates showed more class action than their Costa Rican opponents and deservedly achieved a minimal success by 1: 0. A great free kick by Aleksandar Kolarov after 56 minutes could have resulted in a goal, but the finish was just wide. Besides the goal, the Serbs had a few more good positions against the opposing goalkeeper, but Mitrovic and Sergey-Milenkovic Savic missed the scoring.
In defense, our neighbors were stable and the only worse offense was the start of the match when a Costa Rican player was forgotten on the back beam. The Serbs provided possession of the Costa Rican ball in a short period of the match and after the goal was scored. This, however, did not lead to dangers for Stojkovic, and Serb defenders acted calmly and securely.
Switzerland achieved nine victories in the Europa League qualifying, rising to number six in the FIFA rankings but the team was again underestimated against Brazil. This was due to the names of opponents in the past qualifying group, but here the Swiss played decent against the five-time world champions.
Periods in which the team was rewarded were to Brazil's first goal and the final 20 minutes of the match. Many speak of the poor play in the attack of Neimar and Gabriel Jezeus, but this is due to a good defense performance for the Swiss team. "Crusaders" did not impress an attack, but showed they could safely play the ball against Brazil's famous midfield line.

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In the first leg of the selection Serbia did not play much better than Costa Rica. The Balkan team was individually stronger performers. However, this does not make the Krstajach team weak. Costa Rica quarterfinal of the last mundialya.
To some extent, the strength of Serbia can be judged by comradely fights. On the one hand, Serbia beat Nigeria - 2: 0 and Bolivia - 5: 1, and on the other lost Chile - 0: 1 and Morocco - 1: 2. It is not yet possible to obtain stable high results among the Serbs.
They also speak about this feature of the "white eagles" at the 2010 World Cup. Serbia managed to beat Germany - 1: 0, but lost to Australia - 1: 2 and Ghana - 0: 1. Therefore, after the victory over Costa Rica, Krstajic's team is just too early to rejoice.
For the World Cup 2014 Serbia was not qualified.
On the status of the national team of Serbia can be found in a separate blog.

Despite the fact that Switzerland in the first round earned less points than Serbia, it is now in a better position. In the final round, Petkovic's team will play with Costa Rica, while Serbia will fight with Brazil. Accordingly, a good result for the country of banks will be even a draw.
Unlike Serbia, Switzerland has already become accustomed to the world football championships. For them, this is the fourth participation in the mundiale in a row. In two of the three previous cases, Switzerland withdrew from the group. And in 2006, even from the first place after a draw in the opening match with France - 0: 0. By the way, Switzerland has not lost in the debut match of the World Cup for the fifth time in a row.
In friendly matches Petkovic's wards looked more confident than the Serbs and even tied with Spain - 1: 1. Grekov Switzerland beat 1-0, and Panama defeated 6-0.
More information about the national team of Switzerland can be found on the link.

Serbia won three of the six previous matches.
In four of these fights the Serbs missed.
The unbeaten series of Switzerland has reached seven fights.
Won Petkovic wards for this time four times.
A missed the Swiss in the last seven matches, only two goals.
Switzerland has not played with Serbia yet. With Yugoslavia, the Swiss played three of the last four games in a draw.

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"White Eagles" not without question won the qualifying group D in the European qualification. Ireland ahead of only two points, but have achieved a good goal difference (10).
Preparation was smooth, except for lost matches against Morocco (1: 2) and Chile (0: 1). However, opponents in friendly matches were not extra- and even not just average. Only the South Korean team can be attributed to more or less serious teams.

In four of the last five fights, the "Crusaders" did not get into the opponent's goal frame more than twice per game. However, the Swiss can also defend themselves. For the selection, they missed seven goals, but the number of accurate strikes from opponents was usually not more than 30%.
Perhaps, this is what prevented the Serbian national team from showing the level in the first match of the world championship against Costa Rica. Despite the victory 1: 0, Mladen Krstajic's wards can not bring this match to themselves in the asset: half of the blows were due to the penalty, and only 30% of the shots hit the target.
Switzerland, on the contrary, may well consider the game against the Brazilians successful. Note: not successful, namely successful. Because almost the whole game the "Crusaders" spent in their half of the field.