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Senegal - Colombia 28.06 Free fixed tips

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Senegal, no matter how nice I am, will not be able to defeat Colombia. We all saw these South Americans beat Poland 3-0 and staggered them. This group is tangled, and it is here that the Colombians have to win to pass the second phase of the eighth finals. The Japanese are also struggling for a miracle against the Poles, but Poland has no chances to even take the three points, at least they are certainly home-to-home travelers after their poor performance so far.

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Forecast 2, co. 1.86, bet 10, tipper DAGETO

Many see Senegal as the more sympathetic France, and with their performance so far the boys deserve moderate admirations (I would have them "stormy" if they had not twice wiped out the front against Japan, but doing that in a sport that is not karate is unforgivable), but I think it will not heat them now. Colombia is too strong a team, and only a success in this match would guarantee a hundred percent advance for Falcao, Hamas, Quadrado and the rest of the Latin American squad. I'm sure they will find a way to achieve it. And I, as I'm sure of something, either goes outright or does not go out, as Falcao Valeri Bozhinov would probably have said.

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Forecast 2, co. 1.88, bet 10, typestar the_rain_ss

The Colombians showed the world how to play football and how to score goals in their last game against Poland on June 24th. And yet for the third place in Group H and their loss from Japan, they are already starting with their victories. The South Americans seem to have gained experience and now the stars of the team, Hamas Rodriguez, Juan Quadrado and Radamel Falcao, will stand out. Columbus should not be underestimated and can safely become one of the surprises of the tournament.

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Forecast 2, co. 1.87, bet 10, tipper pepich

First forecast for Thursday - World Cup Group H, between Senegal and Colombia. The result of this match should be a remarkable victory for Colombia, who against Japan, with a person less than the very beginning, played 73 minutes in a row and lost only one goal difference. They also defeated Poland 3-0. And Senegal beat Poland with 2: 1 hard, one of which is the goal of the Poles and makes a dubious draw with Japan. This encounter that you have to become a couple is clear, but over is better.

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Forecast +3.5, coe. 3.57, Bet 10, Tipler Bulgariet

As it was with the brave prognosis, so be it. Here's a good forecast, my opinion. Senegal and Colombia, designated for the symbolic guests,

As it was with the brave prognosis, so be it. Here's a good forecast, my opinion. Senegal and Colombia, definitely for the symbolic guests, the victory has a great advantage, but in view of the good game shown quite often by Senegal, I think they will still get the same result and continue. Many of the tipsters consider Colombia a favorite and a team that will take the three points. The match in my eyes looks 0-0 or 1-1 this is from me. Good luck to all who trust me!

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Forecast X, co. 3.59, bet 10, typstar tonche7

Hello, teams from Senegal and Colombia are facing a match in the World Cup. A very important match is for both teams, considering who will qualify. I expect the two teams to be cautious and if they have the opportunity to win. Senegal leads with a point, but that does not give them much peace. We saw this championship now that it does not matter who is the favorite big teams are tired and the game is going hard. That is why we can be successful in smaller teams as well. In this match I give a forecast of 2 and rank in Colombia.

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Forecast 2, co. 1.86, bet 10, ProTipsJ Tipper

I took a coin, and I threw it, deciding that the ties were over, and that it was a goal. The tongue has fallen and here's my forecast. If someone else tells me he does not know his predictions is not the same, but at least in a similar way he is a liar. What else can I say about this game I do not think, but if a game should have any goals, why not go on the field. This discovery, by the way, I learned again from smart actors here. I'm fine, and I'll try this intellect.

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Forecast +2.5, co. 2.03, Bet 10, Tipler BULTERIER

Latest matches from the last group of the World Cup 2018 Russia. The Senegal and Colombian teams are in a direct battle to qualify for the eighth finals. First in the group are the Japanese with 4 points in second place is Senegal also with 4 points and the third is the team with most stars in this group namely Colombia with 3 points. I'm expecting a flogging of Falcao Hames Quadrado and a company winning and ranking for Colombia in the last round. Forecast 2 ka. Success. It is also a good idea to try over 2.5 goals, but it seems to me 2.

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Forecast 2, co. 1.86, bet 10, typestar lachezar_maloselski

Today, on Thursday, June 28, at 17:00 (Moscow time), the match of the last third round of the World Cup 2018 group stage will take place between the national teams of Senegal and Colombia. The game will take place in Samara on the field of the stadium "Samara Arena".

The African team for the first time since 2002 has a real chance to enter the playoffs, since at this stage it has not suffered a single defeat and is leading the table of its group with the Japanese. Coach Alia Cissé understands that his players are inferior to the Colombians in the class, so he intends to dry the game in any scenario and take a much needed point.

Kofeyschiki caught a clear courage, as in the last round they beat the Poles and on the eve of the match with the Senegalese made some changes in the composition. The mentor Jose Pekerman is confident in his charges and will focus on the attack, although everything can go wrong and Africans will show character.

According to preliminary estimates of most football analysts, this meeting will be held behind the clear advantage of South Americans and will end with their victory. Analytical Center Unibet puts forward its own concept, which gives laurels to the Colombians, but does not exclude the exact blow from the Cisse Guard. Then the bookmaker presented his own analysis of the upcoming match, and also shared his forecasts, quotations and advice on the rates.

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Previously, Senegalese tried to play on the account and even achieved significant progress in the world ranking. The current mundial surprised even seasoned skeptics, because the wards Alu Cisset sensationally defeated the favorite of group H of Poland (2: 1) and plus to all raskatali with the Japanese an effective draw (2: 2). Unfortunately, many football observers do not predict the Senegalese direct passage to the playoffs and believe that they had to deal with Colombians in the first match with fresh forces. It is possible that the Africans were not lucky with the tournament grid, but if you pay attention to yesterday's confrontation between Koreans and Germans (2-0 and Bundestim flying), then everything is possible.

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Coffee makers lost to the Japanese fairly (1: 2), because for the moments of the wards Pekerman possessed an overwhelming advantage, but the ball persistently did not want to go to the gates of the Asians. After a long conversation with the coach, the coffee makers gave one of the brightest matches of the current tournament, for they defeated the motivated Poles with a score of 3: 0, resulting in a match with Senegal to win. Unibet experts support South Americans in their aspirations and consider Colombia. Indisputable favorite. The bookmaker suggests betting on the success of coffee makers with any account at 1.88.

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Speaking of a possible outcome, you should consider the tactical characteristics of both teams. Previously, Colombians had never experienced the experimental formation of the Senegalese team, so they will act on the basis of the individual characteristics of each player. South Americans are inferior in growth and against this background, they are likely to impose a game of small pass on Africans with penetrating transmissions from the depths. The first goal from the side of Colombia is quite natural, but for confidence, coffee makers must score at least two. Unibet experts do not rule out a dry result in favor of Pekerman's wards and recommend putting the South Americans 2-0 at the 9.00 odds for the victory. Also do not forget about the rapidity of Senegalese and their leader Sadio Manet, who along with Salah and Firmino became the best in the English Liverpool. Bookmaker does not focus on his exact hit, but offers to put on a strong-willed victory of Colombia with a score of 2: 1 at a coefficient of 8.50.

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The victory of Colombia with a score of 2: 0 or 2: 1

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The Senegal national team had a great first match with Poland, using all the mistakes of the European team. By the middle of the second half, the team of Alu Cissé secured a comfortable advantage in two goals, the Poles answered with only one accurate blow. In the second fight Senegal missed the victory over Japan - twice during the meeting the Senegalese came forward, but eventually allowed the Japanese to equalize.

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Colombia was forced to capitulate in the opening match with Japan. The match began with the removal of the defender of "coffee makers" and a penalty in their gates. However, Colombia managed to equalize in the minority score, but the victory was still taken in the second half by the Japanese, taking advantage of the opponent's fatigue. In the second match, Jose Pecerman's team confidently beat Poland 3-0 and now has all chances to exit the group.

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The teams played twice in friendly matches - in 2011 Colombia won 2: 0, and in 2014 a draw was recorded 2: 2

In the last four games, Senegal scored seven goals

Colombia won only one match of the last four, twice tied and lost one match

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Colombian national team is the favorite of the match - in the composition of "coffee makers" there are stars of world scale, the team at Pekerman is rather experienced and played. However, Senegal has already demonstrated that it does not recognize the authorities - the Cisse team is seriously set to leave the group from the first place. Given the fact that the rivals are only aimed at winning, and the fact that in both teams there is a sharp edge of the players of the highest quality, the match promises to be fruitful.

In our opinion, Senegal will lose today in an effective match. The forecast for the duel is the victory of the Colombian national team and both teams will score. In the League of Stakes, such an outcome is estimated by a coefficient of 2.75.

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