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Selected team certainly will not lose the match (2)

Selected team certainly will not lose the match (2)

Sometimes in a match sure that a team simply can not lose, but there is a risk match to end in a draw, so it's embarrassing to put much money the hard sign. This system is for those cases.

In this strategy you do not bet just to win. Make a bet on these four things in the game:

1. Odds - win for your team (2)

2. Victory for your team in the first half and tie the end of the match (2 / X)

3. Tie in the first half and tie after the match (F / X)

4. Victory for opponents in the first half and tie after the game (1 / X)

This system is convenient if you want to bet on the team that visited it and in the event that rates X / X, 2 / X and 1 / X are high.

Selects 2nd lowest coefficient of them are betting enough money to return the total bet and compared them to determine how much to bet on the other 2 options.

Example 1:

Head to Head: Reading - Manchester City

Odds: 2 - 2:10; X / X - 5.15; 1 / X - 15.0; 2 / X - 15.0;

You are convinced that Manchester City will not lose the fight, but the likelihood he drew is not small. 10E have you ready to bet. First you have to calculate how much money should bet on the lowest ratios (2 and X / X) to regain the 10 E. This is done as follows: Equality: 10 / 3.1 = 3.23 E; for X / X: 10 / 5.15 = 1.95 E.

Thus if the match ended in victory for Manchester you set back your money if this happens and the match X / X. So far, however, you bet 5.18 E and you can still add 4.82 E, which can distribute in any way:

Sub-example 1:

2 - 3.23 E

X / X - 1.95 E

1 / X - 2.41 E

2 / X - 2.41 E


Sub-example 2:

2 - 4.23 E

X / X - 2.95 E

1 / X - 1.41 E

2 / X - 1.41 E

We recommend that you use sub-example 2 because in this case you win in any case, but victory after the match for the opposing team.

Overall system is best used in situations where your team is not favored since then has the opportunity to win more.