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Selected team certainly will not lose the match (1)

Selected team certainly will not lose the match (1)

Sometimes in a match sure that a team simply can not lose, but there is a risk match to end in a draw, so it's embarrassing to put much money the hard sign. This system is for those cases.

In this strategy you do not bet just to win. Make a bet on three things in the game:

1. Odds equality (X)

2. Victory for your team in the first half and at the end of the game (win / win)

3. Tie in the first half and the victory after the match (X / win)

The only time your team wins, but you will lose your money is when your opponent leads score and your team wins matches (losing / winning).

Bet enough money to equality, to return the total bet. Bet enough money on win / win to return also total bet. The residue bet on X / win.

This way you do not bet just to win, so if your team sleep through the game and ended in a draw, you set back your money.

Example 1:

Match: Werder Br. Bayern M.

Odds: X 2.80; 2/2 4:20; X / 2 5.00

You are convinced that Bayern M will not lose the fight, but the likelihood he drew is not small. 10. E have you ready to bet. First you have to calculate how much money should bet on X and 2/2 to regain the 10 E. This is done as follows: Equality: 10 / 2.80 = 3.57 E; for 2/2: 10 / 4.20 = 2.38 E. If you bet in this way and the match finished X or M Bayern won at half time / full time result then you will return set 10 E. So you already have 3.57 + 2.38 = 5.95 and 4.05 E you have left to bet on X / 2.

Ultimately, the result is this: if the game ends X or 2/2 you set your back 10 E, but if you complete X / 2 profit you 4.05h5.00 = 20.25 E. You will lose money only if Werder Bremen win or outcome Half Time / Full Time 1/2.

You can bet bucks for a 2/2 if you think it is more probable outcome, and in X / 2 to return the total bet. However, in the X / 2 profit you is over 100%, and at 2/2 is about 50%, depending on the coefficients.

This method is very useful if you use it for betting meetings that bookmakers consider them equivalent. It does not work so well when there is a keen favorite in the meeting, because the profit is small.