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See who pour millions into Chinese teams

See who pour millions into Chinese teams

Chinese football revolution is already gaining full force. There is give the big money, it is a matter of time to occur and the likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

For Carlos Tevez already taken more of them. The aim is one - China to become world champion in 2050 and second best economy in the world can not afford it. Here's who pour millions into Chinese teams:

"Guangzhou Evergrande"
Ownership is divided between "Evargrande" (60%) and "Alibaba Holding" (40%). "Evargrande" works in real estate, it is the second largest in China. Her owner Xu Zhiain is the eighth richest in the country, is estimated at 4.9 billion dollars. In a small shareholder group is Jack Ma, owner of "Alibaba", the largest player in the online industry in China. Last year its sales were worth 17.79 billion dollars. According to "Forbes" this is the most valuable football club in China, is estimated at 282 million dollars. Head coach Brazilian Luiz Felipe Scolari.

"Zhansu Sunnis"
Possession is the investment group "Zhansu Guoksi" which is a state. It works primarily in the energy market. Only trade volume with foreign countries was 3.5 billion dollars. Company president Don Kibi. Recently opened a football school in Parma, which is funded entirely by the company. Korean coach Choi is on-Su.

"Shanghai SIPG"
The acronym stands for "International Group Shanghai port." This is a company that is owned by the regional government in Shanghai and private investors. Operates several ports in China. Since 2006 is the stock exchange, currently estimated at $ 200 billion. For coach was appointed Portuguese Andre Viash-Boas.

"Shanghai Shenhua Griynland"
Since 2014 is owned by the group "Griynland." It is based in Hong Kong, but there are mainly public shareholders. The company's turnover last year was over 31 billion dollars. It works primarily with real estate industry. Argentine coach Gustavo is Poje.

"Beijing Guoan"
Behind the team stands CITIC, a state company that has owned for more than 300 billion dollars. This is the largest producer of iron and steel in the world. In addition there are divisions working in real estate, tourism and many others. Coach of the team is Spaniard Jose Gonzalez, who for the second time running there.

"Notably Guangzhou R & F"
Owned by the group R & F, which is the largest taxpayer in China. It owns land of 43.3 million square kilometers, which is estimated at billions of dollars. Only in 2015 has sold properties for over $ 6 billion. Coach is a legend of the Serbian football Dragan Stojkovic-Pixie.

"Hebei China Fortune"
The main shareholder is the group "China Fortune Land Development". Last year, profits are at around $ 1 billion. Buy team in the winter of 2015. In the team worked Chilean Manuel Pellegrini, who conducted the "Real" (Madrid) and "Manchester City".

"Yanbian Funda"
The main shareholder is the life insurance company "Sinolayf-Fundy." It holds 70%. The rest is for the sports authorities in the city. "Sinolayf-Funda 'property has a value of $ 20 billion. Coach is Korean Park Tae-ha, because Yanbian is located in a region with many ethnic compatriots.

"Chongqing Lifan"
The largest producer of automobiles, motorcycles and spare parts in Asia "Lifan" is the owner of the club. The head of the company In Mincza is estimated at 1.4 billion dollars. He is also chairman of the club. Korean coach Chang is annou-riong.

"Liaoning HuUin"
Team owner is a corporation "Hongyun" which is a supplier of mining equipment in China, such as for oil drilling. Part of the shares in bookmaker "HuUin" which occurs in the Asian market. Coach is Ma Lin, the man who replaced Dimitar Penev in April 2003

"Tianjin TEDA"
Holding TEDA e owned by the city government, as there is a huge portfolio, including 25% of the largest bank in the area. In recent years, he made a turnover of over $ 500 million, but profit is quite small. Still has assets of over $ 3 billion. Portuguese coach Jaime Pacheco is.

"Changchun Yatai"
Founder and sole owner is the private "Jilin Yatai." It is managed by Son Shinlon. It worked in the mining industry, trade and pharmaceuticals. After three years of loss the company made more than $ 1 million in sales last year. Coach of the team is Korean Lee Jean-su.

"Henan Zhianie"
The team is owned by "Zhianie Residential Group", which is part of the "Central China Rialesteyt." The company is public, but is registered in the Cayman Islands, which is offshore. Develops several giant projects in Henan. 2016 has built 16 million square meters buildings in 18 provinces of China. Coach is former China national Gia Ksikan.

"Shandong Lunar Taisha"
The group "Moon" holds the team. It is a division of the National Electricity Company of China, dealing mainly with the sale of electricity, but also has investments in real estate.