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Russia - the Czech Republic 10.09. Free fixed tips



Free fixed tips


The Russian team surprised all football fans with their performance at the 2018 World Cup, because they managed to reach the quarterfinals. However, after the enchanting mundialya Cherchesova's wards look completely different, which led to not the best match with Turkey. However, now the Russians will speak to the native audience, where they fight to the last ...


But the Czech team failed to enter the World Cup, because now the team is not the best times. The wards of Karel Yarolim are experiencing a change of generations, and it is quite difficult to find worthy football players now. It is worth noting that at the moment the "people's team" is weak in the attack, but quite a lot of mistakes in defense. That is, strengths are temporarily absent ...

Free fixed tips

Bookmaker offices are slightly inclined to win the Russian national team, which is quite reasonable. After the match with Turkey, the Russians should "tear and throw", especially since these rivals are just now weaker than them. Most likely, it is the hosts who will lead the game, so everything will be left for them. But I still recommend a little reinsurance ...


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Boronaya Russia on September 10, 2018 at 19:00 will host the stadium "Rostov Arena" Czech Republic in the friendly match.


The Russian team held a crazy World Championship and was able to prove to everyone that they can fight with dignity. After that, the team held a tough match with Turkey and in a break will play in a friendly with the Czech Republic. At home, the domestic team always has more chances, because there is excellent support from the stands. In connection with the last positive results in the home Championship, Russia has every chance to get around the opponent, because even Spain could not cope with such an atmosphere.


The national team of the Czech Republic has become very rejuvenated, and the coach has already produced a generation change in the camp. Therefore, while it is very difficult for the players, but in the last match with Ukraine they proved that they are ready to try. It is worth noting that in the away games the Czechs are confident and in the last five games only lost twice, but with the defeat. Then Czech Republic lost to Australia and Uruguay, and the other three matches ended in victory.

Free fixed tips

Friendly games allow you to check out new players and make some changes, so it's worth waiting for the goals from both sides, but the victory will remain for the owners of the stadium, thanks to the atmosphere in Rostov. Bet: the victory of Russia - P1.


Forecast: P1 with a coefficient of 1.95


Russia held its last meeting with the Turkish national team on a visit, defeating the team Lucescu 2-1. Yes, the Turkish team had a couple of really good moments at the end of the meeting to equalize the score, there it was as simple as the beating player got into the goalkeeper, but on the whole the Russians were surprised, as it was thought that in Turkey they would not stand, even after the triumph on home world championship, staying certainly still in disassembled condition. But no, the Russians played more than reliably and tenaciously, and let that match be within the League of Nations of the UEFA, and this will be just a friendly, do not think that the Russians will greatly relax in comparison with the last game.

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But the Czech team was very surprised. The Czechs played their UEFA League of Nations match against the Ukrainians in their arena, and lost the game with a score of 1: 2. And let the then guests scored a goal in extra time, in the last seconds of it because of the ridiculous mistake of the guard of the gate and defenders, but even the Czech Republic did not play a draw at that time. Well, the team looked very weak, and this against the backdrop of Ukrainians, who have not played so well for a long time.


Scotland is now not in better shape, although during the selection for the 2018 World Cup and produced a good result. After not reaching the mundial, the "tartan army" simply "poured", giving out five defeats in six meetings. And in the last match with Belgium, wards of Alex McLeish (the new coach) did not show anything, except that his toothless attack. And you know what: it seems that the matter is in the coach ...

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Albania did not qualify for the 2018 World Cup, but nobody expected it from her (except for her own fans). In general, during the selection of the wards Christian Panucci did not shine, and after that, and at all "sad". In the current year, "mountain eagles" demonstrate only the fact that they are "dismantled" - they do not get anything in the attack, they also miss out on the defense in defense.



The fanfares of the home for the World Cup 2018 have died down, and the wards of Stanislav Cherchesov have started a new path for themselves, in a new tournament, in the League of Nations. In the starting round of the group stage, Russia beat Turkey (2: 1), and now will hold a friendly match with the Czech team. The rival is chosen very successfully, because Russia will have a duel with a fighting and unyielding team. As part of Russia there are personnel changes, which seriously changed the team.

Instead of Akinfeev at the gate we see Andrei Lunev, but in defense of Neuchstallt and Jikia. Such changes are dictated by a smooth change of generations, which has long been brewing in the Russian team, but it was delayed until the home World Cup, where the Russian team was to be filled with wise experiences of players. Dziuba, who returned to Zenit, and also Cheryshev, who signed a contract with Valencia in the summer off-season, are in good shape now.


In the League of Nations, in a match against the national team of Ukraine, the Czech Republic has very disappointed its fans with a faded and straightforward game. Wards Karel Yarolima played trivially, too often resorted to canopies and tried to squeeze the opponent at the expense of physical strength. The defeat (1: 2) looked natural and revealed a lot of problems in the national team of the Czech Republic. The defense team does not have sufficient mobility, and midfield does not give the creativity necessary on the football field, in order to regularly create dangerous moments at the gate of rivals.

It is worth noting that the current generation of players from the Czech team looks very modest, and even against the background of the generation Plashila, Rosický and Barosha, not to mention the generation of Koller and Nedved, this team looks much weaker. Potential leaders of the Czech national team can be considered such players as: Václick, Kalash, Kaderabek, Yankto and Shik. Among all the players named, only Schick has prospects for career growth, because the striker Roma is only 22 years old.

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Location: stadium "Rostov Arena" (Rostov)

Date: September 10, 2018 (Monday)

The beginning of the game: 19:00 (MSK)

Tournament: WORLD - International Friendly Matches

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The favorite of the match is the Russian national team, whose victory is estimated by bookmakers for 1.95. The odds are for the bookmakers and the Czech team, the success of which is quoted at 4.20, and the draw is estimated at 3.68. The quotes from the bookmakers were seriously affected by the home status of the match for Russia. Classic total bets on the match have the following quotes from the BC: "total more than 2.5" for 2.35, "total less than 2.5" for 1.66.


The Czech team failed the game against Ukraine, although it could eventually achieve an acceptable result for itself. But Russia famously played against Turkey and is now in excellent form. In this match, despite his control status, Russia is a big favorite and can count on winning.

Free fixed tips

Bet: the victory of Russia (P1) - 1.95.

Between games within the League of Nations will be a friendly match between the national teams of Russia and the Czech Republic, and the game will be held in Rostov-on-Don at the Rostov Arena. In all of history, only three fights took place between these teams and always hammered both teams.


The Russians became one of the main discoveries of the home World Championship, and after the success of Artem Dzyuba all the grandmothers of the country will know. In the first round of the League of Nations, the guys of Stanislav Cherchesov started very cheerfully and achieved victory over Turkey (2-1), but in the end the opponent had several opportunities to score.

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The Czechs lost the home team of Ukraine with a score of 1: 2, although from the third minute they were in the account. Guests completely owned the initiative and scored the winning goal at the end of the meeting. Football players Karel Yarolima spent a lot of energy in this game.


I think that both teams will be exhausted after the first round. Both head coaches can experiment and give practice to young players. The compositions are not balanced, which can lead to effective mistakes and goals in both directions.

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The coefficient for the fact that both teams score is 2.1



Last summer, the Russian team pleasantly surprised by their performance at the home world championship.


In the group stage, the wards of Stanislav Cherchesov, although lost to Uruguay (0: 3), but defeated Saudi Arabia (5: 0) and Egypt (3: 1), which was enough to go to the playoffs.

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In the 1/8 finals, the Russians beat Spain (1: 1, 4: 3 - on penalties), and in the quarter finals lost to Croatia (2: 2, 3: 4 - on penalties).


On the eve of the Russian team debuted in the League of Nations, winning a guest at Turkey (2-1) thanks to the goals of Denis Cheryshev and Artem Dzyuba.


Cheryshev and Dzyube were not told that the World Cup was over

Press Review for Turkey vs. Russia Evening

By the way, Dzyuba and Fedor Kudryashov were injured, so they can not play with the Czech Republic.

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Czech Republic

Team Czech Republic to break into the World Cup in 2018 failed. In her qualifying group, she skipped ahead of Germany and Northern Ireland.


This year, the Czechs held four friendly matches in which they beat China (4-1) and Nigeria (1-0), and also lost to Uruguay (0: 2) and Australia (0: 4).

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Earlier Karel Yarolim's wards also started in the League of Nations, but not as successfully as the Russians, because they were defeated in Ukraine at home (1: 2).


Having scored a goal already in the opening game, the Czechs gave the initiative to the opponent, for which they paid. In general, the game the Czech team disappointed.



In the upcoming match, bookmakers give the advantage to the hosts: the victory of the Russian national team - 1.88, the victory of the Czech national team - 4.90, the draw - 3.50.

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Judging by the last meeting, the Czechs are far from the ideal state. They lost all of Andrey Shevchenko's charges for all components, so we would not wait for them to suddenly take off.


But the team of Stanislav Cherchesov played well in Turkey, so he has every chance to please the Rostov fans even without Dzyuba in the lineup. Our forecast is the victory of the Russian team.


Another option is "the victory of the Russian national team and the total is less than 3.5" for 2.17. We believe that the meeting will not be too effective, as the Czechs pay special attention to the defense, while the Russians, after a difficult trip to Turkey, are unlikely to tear the veins

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On Monday, we will be waiting for a rather exciting meeting, in which Russia will fight the Czech Republic. The last match between them is the 2016 game, in which the victory went to the Czechs - 1: 2. What will Russians respond? See the forecast.


The "Red Machine" simply struck me with my game at the last mundiale. Team Cherchesova managed to get to one of the fourth tournament, and on penalties rebounded from the Croats. But now the team does not look the best way, which we saw in the recent match with the Turks. But now the team will perform at the home arena, which will add strength.


"People's Team" did not qualify for the World Cup, and in general they are now in a difficult period. Football players Yarolima are a change of generations, so they are extremely boring. The team has problems with the attack, and are defended weakly.

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Forecast for the match Russia - Czech Republic, F1 (0). After playing with the Turks, the Russians must prove themselves in the home game. We put on the fact that it is most likely that the master side will succeed.On Monday, we will witness the meeting of two teams, which absolutely differently held the first round of the League of Nations. Yes, and after a successful World Cup, the status of Russians in the football world has increased significantly.


The last match for Russia was very successful - she won on the departure of Turkey with a score of 2: 1. Thus Cherchesov's wards made a confident step towards the victory in the League of Nations. But now they will fill the pause in that tournament with friendly sparring, in which an experienced mentor will certainly check the players of the nearest reserve.

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But the Czech team failed from Ukraine - 1: 2. This again underscored the rather low status of Yarolim's wards. If at the beginning of the zero Czech Republic claimed to win in the Euro-tournament, now it does not always pass qualification selection.


In this match on the first plan will not result, but naygrovka new schemes and players. So from both teams we should not expect a sparkling and productive game.


Total is less than 2.5 at 1.664

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