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Russia - Croatia 07.07 Free fixed tips

Free fixed tips

The Olympic stadium in Sochi will be filled with enthusiastic Russian fans who are looking forward to a new success from "Sbornaya". To the surprise of the football community, the hosts came to the quarterfinals after defeating Spain.

Now Russia has yet another difficult task that Stanislav Chercsevov and his alumni have to undergo. So far, contrary to expectations, Russia has shown a good game in the offensive, and the criticism that Critschev took for his job proved to be unjustified. Currently, Russian selection is playing fought football, but it uses its position in the attack. Alan Dzagoev and Yuri Zirkov are injured and will probably miss the quarterfinals.
Croatia are in an incredible form, and their game captured thousands of neutral supporters. "The Chess players" have won all their matches so far, with only the clash with Denmark finishing in a draw at regular time. Zlatko Daliich has built a great team that trusts his leaders in the center of the pitch - Ivan Rakitic and Luka Modric. Their creativity brings speed and idea into every single Croatian attack. In the front row there are athletes, such as Manjukic, Perisic, Rebich, who can make the task of the enemy as much as possible.

Although many claim that this quarterfinals will be the most uninteresting, we are at a radically opposite view. The two teams will play 100% of their capabilities. The hosts will not defend themselves in all 90 minutes, but will look naked in different situations in the Croatian penal field. This will lead to goals that are never missing from the matches of Russia and Croatia so far.

Forecast Russia - Croatia: Both teams to score goals - YES @ 2.10 at Bet365 *



Uruguay: Elderson Cavani has got his own command over Portugal, but how do you get it, the attacking. Krome Togo, Luis Suarez suffered a training injury, but he did not know how much he was in the upcoming match. Esli Elderson Cavani did not smoke in the field, it did, all the time, ego was replaced by Libor Cristian Stuani, Libo Maxi Gomez. Rodrigo Bentankour missed the semi-final CM-2018, the esters got a mustard.

Free fixed tips

France: Bruce Matthew disqualified due to pereboara of yellow cards. In addition to replacing this player, the benefit of Didier Deschamps will make some changes to the composition. By the end of the course. Oliviu Girush, Torentsian, Polj Pogba and Benjamin Pavar have missed a post-communist victory, they have worked for a mustard in an ithommatche.

Free fixed tips


Uruguay shook up the pleasure of inviolability in the last six years against Francia all over the country. His chances of winning or tipping are estimated at 1.83;

Free fixed picks

Uruguay in the last game of football. His chances for victory are estimated by a coefficient of 4.50;


In the last six years, Uruguay against France has a total of 2.5% (Coefficient 1.47);

Free fixed tips

Uruguay has played a perfect time and a game in the last round of the Champions League football. Takim edsimo, for Uruguay / Uruguay variant coefficient proposed 7.50;


France took part in the sixth European Championship Peace Championship. His chances of winning are estimated at 2.00;

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Uruguay did not show up in the last few weeks against France;

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France took a long shot in a single game in the last sixth of the Champions League Peace Championship. Ee chances to win with a footer -0.5 rating 2.01.

Free fixed tips


Wards Oscar Tabaresa did not play any of our games at 2018, and they smoked the pleasure of the castle in the past. How did you talk, in your participation in Mattza ─donsona Cavani. France had a 4: 3 draw, but Anthuana Grizzmanna had a good start. Thus, educatively, the expert does not exclude the probability of a tie in the regular time.


Prediction of Matches Uruguay - France by expert WhoScored Josha Wright: draw.

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