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Rotor - Tom 18.11 Free fixed tips



Free fixed tips


On Sunday afternoon in Volgograd, the match of the 23rd round of the FNL will take place, in which the Rotor will play against Tom.


At the start of the season, the "green-and-white” houses beat the "blue and blue” - 2: 0. I wonder what awaits us in the return match?


After 22 rounds, the Rotor is located on the 15th line of the tournament table, having obtained only 27 points. So, the wards of Robert Evdokimov managed to win 6 times, tied 9 times and lost 7 times, having played with a total score of 18:24. In fact, the "blue-blue" playing neat football with an emphasis on defense, but on Wednesday they just fell out - an away defeat from Sochi with a score of 4: 0.

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In turn, Tom escaped to the leading position of the FNL, having already gained 45 points. That is, in the course of the new season, the wards of Vasily Baskakov managed to win 13 times, 6 draws and lost three times, and the total score was 30:13. However, almost all of their misfires "green-white" allowed on the road - 3 wins, 4 draws and 2 losses. Yes, on Wednesday, the team on the road got such a long-awaited victory, but there was a weak opponent - 0: 1 with Zenit-2.


On the eve of the fight bookmakers almost do not single out anyone, which is not entirely reasonable. In fact, Tom is in excellent shape, which is not the case with the Rotor. After a misfire with Sochi, the hosts will be "below the grass,” so it’s better to bet against them ...

Free fixed tips

Free prediction for the match Rotor - Tom: "Tom's victory or a draw." At this outcome, the bookmaker Pari-Match offers a coefficient of 1.49.

Free fixed predictions

Football. Championship of Russia. National Football League - First Division.

Typical draw match. "Tom” plays well even without a salary. On the road, mostly drawn. While the "Rotor” will train the choker Evdokimov nothing good shines this team.


Forecast: X with a factor of 2.95


"Rotor”, hosting the leader "Tom”, wants to correct an unsuccessful series of matches. Wait for a productive match? - Learn from our forecast.

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"Rotor" for the last four rounds was able to score points only in the game with the Kursk Avangard (1: 0). The last trip to "Sochi” (2: 4) ended in defeat, and the Sochi residents led with a difference of four goals, but Myazin cursed the meeting with a little bit of failure in unequal compositions. The club occupies the 14th line.


The forward who scored a double in the last meeting is the top scorer in Volgograd - five goals scored.

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"Tom” takes the intermediate first place in the FNL, overtaking Tambov in the final game with a double of St. Petersburg "Zenith” (1: 0). The gap is only one point. On the road, Tomsk citizens play poorly - only three wins from nine games, which is a depressing indicator for the favorite.


Kuzmichev in the last round scored his fourth goal of the season. Better result only Kuharchuk - eight goals.

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"Tom" won only one match away from the last six.

"Tom" on the road never scored in full-time confrontations.

In the last three full-time games, the stunner total never broke through.

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We assume that once again success will be on the side of the hosts. Nominee guests have never scored points in face-to-face meetings, so many goals in Volgograd should not be expected. The host side will also not be revealed, but may try to score one or two goals.

Our forecasts are total less (2) for 1.76


One of the central matches of the sixth round of the League of Nations will be a duel between England and Croatia. In group 4 there was an interesting situation in which the winner of the upcoming meeting will continue to fight for the League of Nations trophy in the playoffs, while the loser will leave Division A and fall into Division B. in the match against the Spaniards, in addition, the British probably did not forget who beat them at the World Championships and did not let them go to the final of the World Championship.

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Important to win

England squad has a very high motivation for the upcoming fight, "three lions" lost the last official match at Wembley, will try to fix it with a victory over "checkered". It is worth noting that on November 15 the English team held a friendly match against the US team, won the Americans 3-0, the rehearsal before the Croats was a success.


There are chances

After 0: 6 from Spain in the first round of the League of Nations, it seemed that the Balkans would not have a chance to catch on even in second place in group 4, but before the reporting duel the "checkers” could even take the first position in the peloton. True, for this squad Dalic needed only victory in the upcoming game.

Free fixed tips


The first match between England and Croatia in the League of Nations ended with a score of 0: 0, in the upcoming meeting also not worth waiting for high performance from the teams. England has one of the best defenses in the world, and scoring three goals in every match for the Croats is unlikely to succeed. This pair looks good combo rate on the hosts. Our free prediction for the game: England will not lose + TM 4.5


Sunday will delight us with the opposition of the FNL, in which "Rotor” and "Tom” will fight for 3 points. At the beginning of the game year, the teams overlapped, and then the current guests managed to win - 2: 0. Will they be able to win in the away tour? Let's figure it out.


"Blue-blue" are in the fifteenth position, because it turned out to earn 27 points. Team Evdokimova pleased win in six games, even in nine was a draw and 7 fiasco under a total score of 20:24. The team likes to speak openly, so it’s not often that they think about defense.

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Green-and-White earned 45 points. Footballers Baskakov won 13 times, 6 more were draws and three losses with a total score of 31:13. It is important to note that most often the club failed on the road.


The forecast for the match "Rotor" - "Tom", X2. If you look at the situation as a whole, then the guests look more powerful. Most likely, they will earn at least 1 point.


Experts of the information and analytical website Bookmakers.rf gave a forecast for the match of the 23rd round of the Russian Championship (FNL) Rotor - Tom, which will be held at the Volgograd Arena stadium on Sunday, November 18, beginning at 13:00 (MSK).

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In this game, bookmakers rate Rotor's chances a little more highly, but the most popular prediction for a match is a draw. After 22 days of play, the rotor shares 13th place with Khimki, gaining 27 points and being four points from the relegation zone. This week, the Volzhans lost on the road to Sochi with a score of 2: 4. And in the course of the match, the Rotor conceded 0-4 and only at the end of the meeting scored two goals - a double was awarded by Andrei Myazin. This was the third defeat of Volgograd in the last four rounds. They won only two of the last six fights in the FNL and both victories were 1: 0. By the way, before the match with Sochi, the Rotor could not score more than one ball per game in seven fights in a row. In his field, he plays better than on the road, and lost only one of the six previous matches of the championship, winning half the meetings. At the same time, Rotor scored in the last ten home games of the FNL.

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Tom is one of the leaders of the championship of the second Russian division. This week, she beat Zenit-2 away with a minimum score of 1: 0 - Ilya Kuzmichyov scored the only goal, and went out to a clear first place, one point ahead of Tambov. It was the fourth victory of Siberians for the last seven rounds. And for these seven meetings, they missed only two goals and in five fights kept their own gates intact. However, until the victory over the outsider of the championship Zenit-2 Tom could not win on foreign field in five games in a row, gaining only three points.



Five previous matches between Rotor and Tomyu ended in victory for the team that played in their field. And the winner each time kept his goal intact. In particular, in the first round of the current championship of the FNL, Tom beat Rotor in his field with a score of 2: 0. By the way, only in one of these five matches, the performance exceeded two goals. And six of the nine goals scored in five fights, fell on the last 30 minutes of matches.

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Experts of the site Bookmakers.rf believe that Tom’s chances in this game are underestimated and she should win in Volgograd. In this case, it would be advantageous to bet that at least one team will not score. In the bookmaker's 1xStavka predict a 1: 1 draw (coefficient 5.00). The second most popular win is Rotor 1: 0 (odds 5.50). Bets on the fact that at least one team will not score, are accepted with a coefficient of 1.70.



Rotor's victory - 2.48, a draw - 2.87, Tomi's victory – 2.92.

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Volgograd residents before the 23 round of the FNL settled on the 14th position in the FNL standings, having 27 points and are ahead of the relegation zone by four points.


In November, "Rotor" had three fights. At the beginning of the month, the "blue-blue" lost in Vladivostok to "Ray" with a score of 0: 1. Then, in their field, defeated the Kursk Avangard with the same result.


In the last round, the squad of Robert Evdokimov returned with nothing from the away match. This time she lost in Sochi to the team of the same name - 2: 4.

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The club from Volgograd rather well performs in their own arena. He won four victories in nine home matches this season, tied three times and lost two matches, the goal difference was 10: 8.



"Siberians” are currently the leaders of the first league. In 22 matches of the championship, they put 45 points in their piggy bank and one point ahead of the second Tambov.


Over the last 10 matches in the FNL, Tom has lost only once. Within the framework of the 21st round, Vasily Baskakov's team lost to Baltika in Kaliningrad with a score of 0: 1.


In addition to this defeat, the Tomsk citizens also had two fights in November, in which they won. At first they beat Khimki (2: 0) at home, and in the last round in the guest game they beat Zenit-2 to a minimum of 1: 0.

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Nine away matches of this first league draw brought Tom three victories, four draws and two losses, the difference between those scored and missed was 7: 8.


In the first round, the club from Tomsk in the home game took over the "Rotor” (2: 0). Fights last season ended with home victories of opponents (1: 0 and 0: 2).



In the upcoming match, bookmakers give a slight preference to the hosts: the victory of "Rotor” - 2.60, the victory of "Tom” - 2.95, a draw - 3.00.

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Tomic, very carefully playing on the road and often these fights end ineffectively. We predict that this meeting will not be an exception. We offer to put - TM 2.0 or goals in both halves: no.

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